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  • Amanda Church
    Working beautifully!
    These solar lights are just what I needed. I have a walkway that goes around the side of my house, and that's where I keep the recycling and trash cans. There is no light in this area at all, so obviously it's not fun heading out there at night.
    These lights worked right from the box. We mounted them right on the border of the walkway. They don't light up the area like a spot light, but they provide enough light to see where you're going. The one mounted above the receptacles offers enough light to see the lid and where everything is.
    Very pleased with these!

    Dec 10,2019

  • Venus Gilbert
    Nice quality
    I love solar product! It saves on electricity bill and gives our yard a fancy look! I don’t have deck in my back yard, so I use it as step light. We have steps at side door and front door.
    I love it... I feel like I don’t need my front door light anymore!
    The lights are bright enough for me to see everything & its has motion sensor function, so it lights up when i walk by!
    Overall, so far its great!

    Dec 11,2019

  • Robert B. Lindsay
    Very pleased
    I have only had the lights installed for a few days but have been very pleased so far.
    They promptly come on at dusk and stay almost til sunlight!! Lights up my yard and not only looks cozy but makes me feel safer seeing all around my yard. I used the self stick tape and holding up great even under some heavy downpours!!

    Dec 20,2019

  • Nai Len
    Very sophisticated
    I put the light on my fence in a very dark area of my backyard. It's not too bright but just enough light to be able to see the area. Also the light makes the area looks very stylish.
    Good and nice looking item.

    Dec 29,2019

  • Kerr Stilwell
    Great lights!
    I put them up in late afternoon and didn't expect them to light up very well as they hadn't been in the light very long. Surprisingly they all came on and stayed lit all night long. I'll remove my old landscape lighting now and not have the transformer and wiring to worry about.

    Dec 18,2019

  • Adan
    Outdoor solar led light
    Really hoping these last because it works great! Used the adhesive to install! Where I placed hard for me to use the screws! So this is very convenient for me!

    Mar 07,2020

  • HarryBright
    Brilliant for the price and very bright. Love it.
    Brilliant for the price and very bright. Love it.
    Fast delivery and well packaged.
    Brilliant for the price and very bright. Love it.
    Fast delivery and well packaged.

    Feb 18,2020

  • Rui
    It took almost two months to be delivered.
    I understand the problems you had due to the covid-19.
    I will order some more, but I hope that the delivery time will be reduced.
    best regards

    Mar 13,2020

  • Solar power ed
    Solar l’ex
    Ottimo è velocissima la spedizione sicuramente ne comprerò altri perché non credevo che fossero così

    Jan 29,2020

  • Dick Emily
    Does Exactly What I Wanted . . .
    The give everyone plenty of light to make their way along the fence, but do not distract from all the other solar lights.

    Dec 24,2019