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  • Elvis
    good but with a problem.
    I have tried it for about 2 weeks, it works very well, it has strength and it is capable of taking me to 28km / h with a weight of 70Kg. Although I have had a problem ... I have always used it on smooth floors without problems, but today when I was on the Longboard the cover that covers the batteries and the controller board was broken. I recommend it as an electric Longboard, but they need to reinforce more the area of the screws that are fastened with the wood.

    Nov 14,2018

  • Its is exactly what you pay for.
    It does almost everything is says it should.
    Its struggles to go up any hill and i cannot believe it has a 10miles range, however it only takes 60mins to charge and it does go 15mph. I really enjoy using it. Watch the video for review.

    Jan 18,2019

  • Timothy B
    Lighter, but more smooth ride
    This is my second electric long board, I and kids enjoy it. The board is wider and the ride is smoother than the one we got from Amazon at the same price range. The board is lighter, is easier to carry around. I am satisfied.

    Sep 29,2018