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Tronxy Grandi Dimensioni X5SA 24V 3D Stampante Esora di Ducker Prezzo Desktop Educativo a Mano Più Veloce Industriale Core XYZ AU/US/EU Spina
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Tronxy Grandi Dimensioni X5SA 24V 3D Stampante Esora di Ducker Prezzo Desktop Educativo a Mano Più Veloce Industriale Core XYZ AU/US/EU Spina

- X5SA 24v DE

Nella Pagina Principale, Garantendo Più Prodotti Scoperti e Stampanti 3D a Buon Mercato.
4.96 27 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
289.99 $468.99 38% SCONTO
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accedere alla pagina principale, garantendo più prodotti scoperti e stampanti 3D a buon mercato.
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D01 serie è oltre US$ 350 minus US\ '36; 50.
https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-Stampante-Kit 3d-kit/pp_3008227925854778.html?wid=2000001#goodsdetail
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Comprare X5SA, XY-2PRO, D01 e altri modelli, che è dare lontano la estremità calda 16 dollari US 16.
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X5SA, XY-2PRO, D01 con estremità calda, filamenti, qualsiasi combinazione è più favorevole.
https://www.gearbest.com/3D-printers-Stampante-Kit 3d-kit/pp_3009656848488912.html?wid=2000001
https://www.gearbest.com/3d-Stampante-Kit 3D-kit per stampanti-pp/pp_3002823284920474.html?wid=2000001
https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-Stampante-Kit 3d-kit/pp_3008227925854778.html?wid=2000001#goodsdetail
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2040 Profilo in alluminio, 2020 Profilo in alluminio, Footlock, Trave, Vite guida, Asta scorrevole, Kit viti, Kit piccoli acrilici, Assemblaggio scorrevole, Estrusore, Kit puleggia cinghia, Asse X \ u0026 Motori asse Y (con puleggia), Z- motore asse (con accoppiamento), estrusore Bowden, sede del cuscinetto, cuscinetto della flangia, dado in rame, cuscinetto, scatola host, cinghia dentata, tubo di avvolgimento, fascette, coperchio terminale, materiali di consumo (Colore casuale), cavo di alimentazione, guarnizione profilata in alluminio, Adesivo piattaforma di stampa 330 * 330 M, scatola di alimentazione 12 V 30 A, pala, cavo USB, kit di strumenti, lettore di schede \ scheda SD u0026, X5SA Lo schema elettrico
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4.96 su 5
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  • vadim
    A very good 3D printer
    The printer is assembled, and even prints! Whether it is able to make directly out of the box-i think yes, but still, requires small improvements! As always bring little things, somewhere the bearing will lock, somewhere the thread is not cut, somewhere the plastic will crack... To this you need to be ready when ordering! The seller is in contact, everything was agreed, for this he thanks. Delivery from russia sdecom, to central siberia for 4 days. Profiles and shafts are smooth. Did not cause questions electronics, 32 bits, the board is assembled well, the touchscreen works perfectly, smartly, the wires are all included and sufficient length. The only thing is that the ends of some wires need to be shaken or desalinated. The table is smooth, but requires insulation (like replacement of wires and control through the mosfet). Auto level works, large parts lie perfectly (printed coil for plastic). After the assembly there were many metizes, everything was enough. In general, the purchase is very satisfied, the printer is a good basis for creativity, everything necessary for its modernization it itself and prints.

    Jun 18,2019

  • Harry Carnegie
    Phenomenal 3D printer
    I purchased this printer a few days ago. It has been a dream to use. I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for veterans that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.
    The setup was fairly straight forward. It took me about an hour to have it fully set up and powered on. All the tools needed are provided with the unit to complete the full setup.
    Very easy to use. As the video on the website, the printer has a clear screen and supports one-click start print, and the prints are dedicated to details, I am very impressed.
    The unit itself is very sturdy. The hardware used is of good quality. Everything aligns very well.
    You will not find a better printer for this price. This printer exceeded my expectations on every level.

    Jun 15,2019

  • Fitch Belle
    Great value, Good quality and Fast shipping!!!
    The box that this printer came in was in very good shape, formed to all of the parts of the printer and all of the parts were well protected. I am very impressed with how much thought was put into packaging this printer.
    The build quality for this printer is very nice, with all the parts put together everything is very solid. The print came out really well and I was very impressed for a first print. Everything goes smooth with the 3.5inch touch screen, the Bowden extruder provides high accuracy printing, feeding smoothly. And the heat dissipation effect is more perfect with the double fan design.
    I really was unsure what to expect with this printer with it being a new brand, but for the price for the build volume I really could just not pass it up. The quality is really good and the build time was super fast.

    Jun 18,2019

  • LivJo
    Tronxy X5SA
    Ich habe nun meinen Tronxy X5SA bekommen, also erst mal ausgepackt und gleich geschluckt. Der Drucker kommt komplett in Einzelteilen. Nachdem ich die Teile ( die übrigens sehr gut beschriftet sind ), sortiert hatte viel mein nächster Blick in die Aufbauanleitung. Und ich war überrascht, obwohl alles in Englisch sind sehr gute Bilder darin, die es leicht machen die einzelnen Schritte nachzuvollziehen. Nun obwohl ich Frau bin gelang mir der Aufbau, bis zum ersten Druck in ca 5 Stunden. Nicht wundern es bleiben jede Menge Schrauben übrig, aber sowas kann man ja immer mal gebrauchen. Mein Fazit ein sehr schöner stabil gefertigter 3D Drucker den ich jederzeit weiterempfehlen kann. Einziges Manko, ich wollte den Drucker in Repetier Server einbinden, aber das ist mir bislang nicht gelungen.

    May 22,2020

  • Suzanne Sidney
    Excellent low-cost 3D printer
    Hidden Gem! This is my fourth printer and my favorite so far. This package comes with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to assemble and use it long-term, it spends me a few time to assemble the unit, due to the completed mainboard box, saved a lot of time.
    The frame is of high quality and sturdy. Equipped with the automatic detection of filament usage, and will give a voice warning to notice me. The auto-leveling function makes it easy to adjust the platform, improves printing stability.
    I HIGHLY recommend this machine for people new to 3D printing and as a cost-effective addition to your printer farm. This is truly a hidden gem in the crowd!

    Jun 19,2019

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