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Originale SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps WiFi Fotocamera Sportiva
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Originale SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps WiFi Fotocamera Sportiva

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Doppio Schermo Tattile / Ambarella H22 Chipset / IP68 Impermeabile / Stabilizzazione EIS
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Equipaggiato con un potente chipset Ambarella e un sensore da 12MP, l'SJ8 Pro può registrare 4K nativi a 60fps. Touch screen da 2,33 pollici, obiettivo 7G, controllo vocale, stabilizzazione giroscopica, zoom digitale 8X, supporto per microfono esterno e telecomando, perfetto per il servizio fotografico, gli sport all'aria aperta, la sicurezza domestica, il sondaggio in acque profonde, ecc.

Caratteristiche principali:

● Custodia impermeabile da 30 m IP68

● Doppio schermo: touch screen da 2,33 pollici (posteriore) e schermo anteriore da 0,96 pollici

● Supporta la connessione WiFi

● Ti permette di catturare il meraviglioso mondo sott'acqua

● Perfetto per chi ama il nuoto e le immersioni

● Super leggero, facile da trasportare


● La funzione linguistica della Corea e del Thai è temporaneamente fuori servizio a causa della sola agenzia



Marca: SJCAM
Modello: SJ8 Pro
Tipo di Sciarba: Macchina Fotografica Sport
Tipo di Macchina Fotografica: 4K
Applicazione: Fotografia aerea,Bicicletta,Sport estremi,Motociclo,Sciare,Sott'acqua
Chipset: Ambarella H22
Nome Chipset: Ambarella
Lineamenti: Senza Fili


MAX Scheda Esterna Supportata: TF 128G (non incluso)


Dimensione dello Schermo: 2.33 inch


Capacità della Batteria (mAh): 3.8V 1200mAh Batteria agli Ioni di Litio
Tipo di Batteria: Integrato
Modo di Ricarica: Carica USB da PC
Tempo di Ricarica: 2.5ore
Tempo di Standby: 3ore
Orario Lavorativo: 90 minuti (a 4K 30fps)

Informazioni Base

Diametro Lente: 2,8 millimetri


Formato Immagine: JPG
Formato Video: MP4
Risoluzione Video: 1080P (50 fps),1080p (30fps),4K (60 fps),720p (240fps)


Resistente all'acqua: 30m sott'acqua (con custodia impermeabile)
Valutazione Impermeabilita': IP68
WI-FI: sì
WiFi Distanza: 10m
immagini tempo prendendo: sì
Messa a fuoco automatica: No
Anti-scuotere: sì
Fotografia aerea: sì

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,0850 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,6500 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 6,25 x 4,10 x 2,88 cm / 2,46 x 1,61 x 1,13 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 25,50 x 13,50 x 7,00 cm / 10,04 x 5,31 x 2,76 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x SJ8 Pro Videocamera Sportiva, 1 x Custodia Impermeabile con Supporto e Vite, 4 x Base, 1 x Adesivo, 2 x Supporto, 1 x Supporto per Manubrio, 1 x Adattatore per Treppiede e Adattatore per Treppiede, 1 x Cavo USB

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  • Robert
    sjcam SJ8 Pro
    Very good quality, easy to use and configure, many options allow choose best settings for you. Mode 4K resent is amazing - but you have to got TV 4K or laptop to see difference in quality. FHD in 60k looks like professional view. Recommended higher memory card than 64GB and of course class10 minimum!
    Shipping in 4 days :) Best
    Only could be even small hard case for cam. I can recomend

    in comparing GoPro 5 - i don't see difference which could be explain 3 times more expensive cost.

    Dec 05,2018

  • sjcam SJ8
    Best price per quality action cam
    very nice cam with great picture quality. shoots 4k without any problem. I didn't experience any of the issues mentioned in you tube reviews. It might get hot while inside the waterproof case other than that all OK. Pretty quick shipping too.

    Jan 07,2019

  • SJCAM SJ8Pro
    Уже имел опыт, относительно удачный и не очень, по покупке экшн камер. Начал с дешёвой, потом дороже. Пришёл к выводу что экономить надо не везде. Эту камеру выбрал после прочтения кучи отзывов и просмотра массы обзоров и отчётов. После первого включения и просмотра первых видео понял , что она мне нравится. Качественная, приятная упаковка. Много крепежа в комплекте. Дополнительная крышка на аквабокс. Инструкция без русского языка и шнурок юсб. Порадовал удобностью 2-ой дисплей и сенсорный экран. Меню может выглядеть стандартно списком или фирменными "плитками". Много режимов записи. Правда 720р 240к/с открывает далеко не каждый проигрыватель. Из тех что были установлены справился только KMPlayer . В остальных режимах проблем нет. Качество изображения порадовало (протестировал по быстрому самые основные с просмотром на ПК). Понравилось качество замедленной съёмки. Таймлапс ещё не тестировал. Удобно наличие wifi на борту. Видео в приложение "долетает" с задержкой, но для меня не сильно критично. Все крепления и аквабокс сделаны очень хорошо. К качеству корпуса и материалам камеры претензий тоже нет. Приятное на ощупь покрытие. Единственное, это очень быстро покрывается следами от пальцев. Сразу заказал для камеры рамку для крепления, пару запасных аккумуляторов с зарядником и кейс. Как дальше себя покажет камера - посмотрим. Ещё предстоит тест продолжительности работы и соответствие заявленным 90 минутам. На данном этапе к покупке могу смело рекомендовать.
    За эти деньги вы получите хорошую презентабельную упаковку, большой набор крепежа, отличное качество материалов и изготовления, логичное управление с настройкой интерфей

    Apr 18,2019

  • Subhamoy Saha
    My SJCAM SJ8 Pro short review.
    Let me sum up some points for this camera:-
    1. The camera is well built and i have received all the accessories with the box.Very good delivery.
    2. The pictures taken by this cam are very noisy.Completely dissatisfied with it.At this price tag it is better to purchase a good camera phone.
    3.Video is good.But audio recording will get lost if the camera is inside the case.
    4. Battery backup is fine. But i really expected to hold a little further.
    5. The most irritating stuff is that the RAW picture files after conversion to JPEG gives bluish or greenish picture.It means that the RAW files are purely useless.
    6.Last but not the least,at this price tag,u cant expect heavenly.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Noam
    Great value for money !!
    The SJCam SJ8 Pro is an excellent product, especially for this amazing price. Value for money ratio is amazing.

    It's body feels professional, has a convenient touch-screen, and respected specifications.
    It comes with 1 removable battery, supplied already inserted into the camera - and can be charged via the camera itself using the supplied USB type-C cable.

    1. For your comfort I highly advise on purchasing an external charger with an extra replaceable battery - so you always prepared to use it.
    2. The camera does get slightly hot under stress operation that might affect underwater videos if the inner housing becomes foggy...

    Mar 03,2019

  • lehella
    SJCAM SJ8 Pro review
    I ordered it as my first action camera, and the highest price i've ever paid in overseas. The tracking and delivery was perfect and also it arrived very fast. The box contained everything as i wanted. The camera is great for create fun videos, tracking, hiking, skiing and for diving. You can record videos in different resolution and quality, make photos or both of them in one mode. The original battery doesn't ensure enough power in winter conditions. You can buy also every additional tools in great price for it at GB.

    Apr 10,2019

  • Павел
    SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps WiFi Action Camera
    После установки приложения, прилетела прошивка 1.3.0, которой нет на оф. сайте, камера начала виснуть, откатился на 1.2.9. проблема пропала.
    Отличное качество сборки, возможность одновременно использовать коррекцию дисторсии и гироскопическую стабилизацию, хорошее качество фото и видео, наличие стандартной 1/4" дюймовой резьбы, качественный дисплей с возможностью регулировки яркости и температуры.
    Прошивка ещё сыровата, проблемы с RAW.

    Feb 08,2019

  • JRebelo
    SJCAM SJ8 Pro
    Comprei a máquina numa sexta feira e na segunda foi entregue, proveniente dos armazéns em Espanha, não tendo assim problemas com alfandegas, a entrega foi rapidíssima.
    Desde há vários anos que sou aficionado da SJCAM, pela relação preço qualidade, Já tive outros modelos da SJcam desde a 4000 Wifi, passando pela 5000 Wifi e por uma SJ7 Star e agora esta SJ8 Pro, até agora os modelos anteriores estiveram sempre à altura com boa qualidade de imagem e sem darem qualquer problema.
    Agora com este último modelo também espero que tudo corra bem, a máquina já vem com o último firmware instalado 1.2.9 e efectuei também a verificação no site oficial da SJCam do número de série da máquina e é genuína.

    Feb 04,2019

  • Ivan
    Good product not perfect condition
    Unbeatable price! Perfect deal! Absolutely great action camera, looks great, feels expesive, really cool cam. Delivery amazing fast. came to Moldova in 8 days! so product is great, well can not say same things about its accesories, Waterproof case has a ment (scratch), batterry has signs of use, it came with fully charged battery, this is disappinting, I would like GB to fix this unpleasent moment, not with GB points, I never used them.

    Mar 29,2019

  • Quasy
    Original SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps
    I am very satisfied with the product. It can do wonderful pictures and exteriors. Samsung uses a 64Gb EVO card, perfect for handling it. Finally, it does not heat up as much as the SJ7 Action Camera. I think quality progress.

    One negative comment. It is not compatible with the SJ7 case. The buttons and the size are not right.

    Aug 28,2018

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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