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Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo
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Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo

- Bianco 258134301

Apparecchi di Climatizzazione a Capacità a 4L per Casa ed Ufficio
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Questo è un tipo di Xiaomi smartmi umidificatore dell'aria pura con il serbatoio di grande capacità 4L. Applica il naturale principio di evaporazione all'umidificazione. L'aria umida vaporizzata non trasporta impurità. Ti porta un ambiente di lavoro e di vita confortevole. 

Caratteristiche principali:

● Serbatoio di grande capacità da 4L, idratare tutta la notte anche in caso di marcia in alto 

● Silenzioso, protezione sonno da 34,3 dB 

● Conveniente sistema d'irrigazione 

● Evaporazione automatica dell'acqua, evita l'odore 

● Serbatoio aperto, facile da lavare 

● Operato da Xiaomi APP 

● Tensione: 220V


Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 5,1700 kg
Taglia del Prodotto: 35.00 x 35.00 x 70.00 cm / 13.78 x 13.78 x 27.56 inches
Peso di Pacchetto: 5,3700 kg
Formato del Pacchetto: 40.00 x 40.00 x 75.00 cm / 15.75 x 15.75 x 29.53 inches

Package Contents

Materiale principale: 1 x Umidificatore d'aria, 1 x Manuale Inglese

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

Smartmi Umidificatore Purificatore d'aria Purissimo- Bianco

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  • Radek
    sì (2) Colore: White
    Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier
    Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Evaporative Humidifier is an evaporative humidifier. Evaporation is considered the most natural and safest method of air humidification, so that is one of its advantages. Inside this humidifier, there is a rotary discs, which unlike filters, do not have to be changed.
    The Xiaomi humidifier is controlled using the Xiaomi Mi Home mobile app. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can enable and disable humidification, set its intensity (three levels of humidification and automatic mode) and determine the level of humidity to be sought by Xiaomi. The device will automatically stop operation if the relative humidity reaches 70% or the water tank is empty, so there is no need to worry about significant air humidity or damage to the device. The device can also be controlled using the buttons on the housing. However, they only allow you to turn on, turn off and set the degree of intensity.
    Humidifier by Xiaomi is characterized by a minimalist design and a white color of the casing, which refers to other products of Xiaomi. Thanks to this equipment does not disfigure the room and fits almost anywhere. The big advantage is the fact that it is suitable for humidifying large surfaces. At the same time its dimensions are not excessively large (35 x 35 x 70 cm) and the weight is 5.17 kg. There are two buttons on the casing: one allows you to turn the humidifier on and off, and the second to set the degree of button illumination. In addition, there is an indicator of the amount of water in the tank and the indicator of the operating mode. It is worth adding that this humidifier has a built-in bluetooth gateway. Thanks to this, it will connect to it other Xiaomi products using this technology, eg Mi Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Monitor or Mi Plant Flowers Tester Light Monitor.
    Unfortunately, at this moment in my room the humidity exceeds 50% so a real test of this device will be after the start of the heating season.

    * The safest type of humidifier
    * Mobile control
    * No interchangeable filters
    * Low power consumption (only 8W)
    * Silent work
    * The humidifier is a BLE bluetooth gateway
    * High efficiency thanks to a 4 liters container

    * Quite high price

    Oct 14,2018

  • Olaf
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Very good humidifier
    I am very happy with thus humidifier.
    I used an ultrasonic humidifier the last years and changed to this one.
    It's much quieter, easy to clean, and purify the air.
    Such humidifiers are normally more expensive and this has has smart functions for a lower price, looks better, and feels like higher quality.
    There is just one think that disappointed me a little bit.
    The Automation rules allows only 10% steps for the humidity. For me that is a bit strange because it is nearly impossible to Programm a automation for a good indoor humidity with just 10% Steps.
    But it is normal that intern humidity sensors are not very accurate. So I ordered an MI Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor for this humidifier. With this extern sensor wich is Bluetooth connected to the humidifier, you have 1% Steps for the Automation, and the sensor is much more accurate than the intern one.

    So if you want to use the smart functions acceptable, the extern sensor is necessary, but with the sensor all works very well.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Marko
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Best Humidifier I Ever Tried
    Finally a humidifier that delivers. I tried sonic humidifiers first, but you have to use demineralized water, or else they leave white dust and create smell. On the other hand, most evaporators are very slow in humidifying and require expensive filters (which last only few months at best). Smartmi works even for my extremely dry apartment, doesn't need filter replacements and it's very easy to clean. Also, through automation in Mi Home app I can set it up to start working or shuts down on certain humidity levels, so no interaction from me is needed. Filling it up with water is most practical that I ever experienced with any humidifier. You can take just the bottom part and fill it under the sink, or add some water through the big opening on top.
    Only thing I don't like about this device is high pitched sound fan makes at the lowest setting, but it's not that important, because I use it on mid almost all the time.

    Dec 18,2018

  • BG
    sì (0) Colore: White
    better than Venta Air

    I used some Venta Air models for about 10 years and Now I tried the SmartMi model and I find it better and with no need for any consumables.

    For Hygiene, you can add a few ml of biocide into the water.

    Anyway, I also have a Xiaomi Thermometer in the room and I can tell you that the SmartMi humidifier is much more efficacy than Venta air and is quieter!

    - it has a Chinese plug only (no adapter into the package). I've cut the cord and I had to add an EU plug.
    - It can only be added to Mi Home app if you chose Chin Mainland server.
    This is a hassle, as I have 2 vacuum cleaners added on the European server.

    Great product, I'll buy another one!

    Dec 20,2018

  • User
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Silent and efficient humidifier for dry winter days
    This is the best humidifier that I had so far. Ultrasound humidifiers cover the room with white dust, hot water humidifiers also raise the temperature and use a lot of electricity, cold water humidifiers are loud. This evaporative humidifier is silent, uses very little electricity and still does a good job. I use it on the first level, from morning to night in a 15 square meter room. It is not as fast as a warm water humidifier but since you can run it constantly, it keeps a constant degree of humidity. Refilling with water can be done without stopping te device, there is no scale buildup, cleaning is very easy. I can only recommend it.

    Jan 15,2019

  • Bieniu
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Ładny i cichy nawilżacz
    Nawilżacz wygląda bardzo ładnie, jest łatwy do czyszczenia i dość cichy na dwóch pierwszych biegach. Najwyższy bieg jak dla mnie jest za głośny. Jeśli chodzi o wydajność to przy 40m2 daje radę utrzymać wilgotność na poziomie 40-42% przy działających grzejnikach co moim zdaniem jest niezłym wynikiem jak za tak niewielkie urządzenie.
    Po wyciągnięciu tokenu urządzenia można nim sterować z Home Assistant'a.

    Dec 11,2018

  • Konstantin
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Отличный увлажнитель
    Взял на замену ультразвуковому другого производителя. В восторге от дизайна, материалов, качество изготовления и функций. Через встроенный блютуз-шлюз работает термометр/гигрометр с дисплеем. Настроил сценарии автоматического поддержания влажности. В текущей версии прошивки в сценариях можно использовать значения влажности и температуры датчиков самого увлажнителя, так что внешний гигрометр не нужен.

    Jan 11,2019

  • Ivan
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Увлажнитель отличный. Увлажняет значительно лучше чем обычный ультразвуковой. Выбросил свой старый и использую только этот так как воздух куда приятней в квартире стал. Из-за принципа работы получается что он работает и как очиститель воздуха(пыль задерживается в воде когда воздух проходит через него). Получается 2 в 1 так что он более чем стоит своих денег.

    Dec 08,2018

  • Papidemdem
    sì (0) Colore: White
    Tres Bien fini a voir a l usage son efficacite
    Comme d'habitude produit tres bien fini
    Facilement connectable avec l'application a voir comment le configurer
    Un leger souffle en mode automatique
    Comme un ventilateur en mode puissant
    Facilite de remplissage
    Comme d'habitude pour les francophone le manque de traduction de l'appli sous IOS
    Je doute de la rapidite de nettoyage du systeme quand il faut demonter tous les disques du systeme

    May 28,2018

  • Wum Tees
    sì (1) Colore: White
    i recommend
    quick shipment, all exact like description. I miss eu plug but it's cheap to get.

    minus is that You have to use China Midland in app to find humidifier.
    advantage is that You can easily set up rules and make it smarter.

    at I all I recommend that item.

    Sep 30,2018

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