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  • Jenny Back
    I love this foldable scooter!
    Great product for the price. the scooter looked like a well made, heavy duty machine that lasts a long time.
    I took it out early the next morning to get breakfast and it rode very smoothly. The scooter is also convenient to adjust the speed, the push-type speed control allows me to adjust my speed while keeping an eye on the road, provide safer using experience. The non-slip grip is so much better than my previous one, more comfortable to hold.
    I’ve been using this every day and love it. It’s really easy to use and cuts my commute time by a ton, its large battery can ride enough length for me.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Zora Jim
    This scooter is fun to ride!
    My package was shipped very quickly and arrived on time, the scooter was in good condition too.
    Once the scooter was fully charged, I was ready to ride, the ride was smooth and the vacuum tires performed well even on uneven pavements.
    pretty light for its size, easy to carry for me, that I can fold it up and take it into class, sometimes I finish classes late, which is when its super-bright headlights come in handy.
    And I can check the speed, battery and lots of information through the screen, convenient for using. Overall it is fun to ride and I love the scooter.

    Jun 23,2019

  • Byron Lucas
    Super sturdy and fast scooter!
    The wheels are sturdy, now I just scoot to work every day, and folds easily.
    The scooter can be useful and a lot of fun, happy with it!

    Jun 03,2019

  • Jesse Harte
    Good quality strong scooter you can trust
    I love this scooter, it's so sturdy and dependable.
    I also have a motorcycle helmet that I ride with it so I look futuristic dope.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Martina Buckle
    Great scooter for the money
    Love this scooter so far. It's fast and well built enough for my large frame.
    So far the scooter has been perfect and reliable.

    Jul 01,2019

  • Cyril Jasper
    It works well
    Put in about 20 miles on it so far.
    I needed this thing to get to work, to traverse long distances, and it delivers.

    Jun 30,2019

  • Lou Garden
    Very happy with the scooter
    This scooter rocks. It is very strong and very fast.

    Jun 13,2019