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  • istickland
    Perfect blend of functionality / battery life and style
    This watch is great and battery life is just amazing. Had the watch just a couple of days now, but it's performed perfectly. Watch shows 3% of battery used in the first 24 hours after playing with it quite a bit on the first day. Interface is responsive and lag-free, screen is very good, it's also surprisingly light compared to my other smart watches, even though the screen is a bit bigger. Bluetooth connection seems solid and notifications come through immediately. I was able to easily swap the band from my old watch. There are a few nice watch faces I like, hopefully more will come. No always on display is the only negative, but I guess it would drain the battery too much. Assuming battery life really is as good as it appears then I finally found my perfect smart watch at the 3rd attempt.

    Aug 16,2019

  • Vali
    Great smartwatch
    Been waiting for this for a while now.
    Pre-ordered it in late July, got it on 19 August. Not bad for a hit like this.

    The watch looks gorgeous. Got the aluminum alloy version and I must say it is very nice.
    The strap looks nice, not a fan of the brown color, but it is easy changeable.

    The battery looks very promising: got it with 65%, set it up(pair, update etc.), handled it for a while, trying different watch faces, bluetooth on with
    notifications, haven't tried the GPS so far, heart rate set at 1 minute. 4 days later I'm on 54%.

    Greatly recommend it!

    Aug 23,2019

  • Nick Saunders
    In the basic watch mode, for example, with Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring and other functions disabled, Amazfit GTR 47mm can last 74 days even if the screen is turned on 100 times. In the sports mode, "Marathon" with GPS enabled, Amazfit GTR 47mm provides users with 40 hours of long-lasting battery life.

    Aug 22,2019

  • Norbi
    My first smartwatch... Amazfit Gtr 47mm
    When the Amazfit Pace released i wanted to buy one, but i didn't. When Stratos released, that was the same thing, but now, when GTR released, i know i must buy it.
    The price was so good at the Gearbest, much better than Hungarian price.
    I paid for it when it was on pre-sale, 10.08.2019 and the postman bring me the watch today(26.08.2019...to Hungary)
    The manufacturer say, its a sport/smartwatch, with GPS+GLONASS, long battery life and heart rate measure.
    My choice's first reason is the long battery life, than the sport functions with GPS and after that the heart rate measure.
    Today when i get the watch i tested some function of the GTR.
    The watch setting up was easy(if you can't pair with your phone, when it want read the watch's QR code and the watch don't show QR code, press on the ,, No QR on the watch...'' description and they will paired).
    I set up the watch face what i want, that test timer, count down, flash light, screen lighting, etc. So some basic and simple functions, the i went out the house and calibrate gps. When the calibration done(about half minute), i went for a short ride with bike.
    The ride datas are looks like awesome on the watch. Under the ride the watch draw my route, measured my heart rate, speed, time, altitude, etc. ,and the datas shown in diagrams when ride ends.
    So its an awesome watch.
    With the GPS positioning was a little '' problem''. When it shows my position in coordinates, it shows a city's coordinates what is 15km from my village, BUT the ride's tracking-route was good. So i dont know why the watch show other coordinates(and the weather location cant find my village... Ok its a very small hungarian village, i think its the reason) and the ride tracking is good.
    But the watch still is awesome. Good quality in materials and size and usage.
    I make a short video about the watch's interface.
    I bought another watch, a 42mm white GTR for my girlfriend 10.08.2019...but it isn't in stock, so i and my girlfriend must wait for that.
    The Gearbest Costumer Service is so helpful, and they ask my question in 1-2 hours. So guys ask them if you've got questions or waiting for a product like me.
    Thanks Gearbest Team.

    Aug 26,2019

  • Pedro
    AMAZFIT GTR 47mm Smart Watch
    - My order was made during pre-sales, when several websites, including Gearbest Blog posts and even Huami pages (apart from all the tech sites that share the usual companies press releases without testing the products beforehand) said that this device did have NFC support, well... it depends, until today the Chinese version firmware does have NFC BUT the international firmware does NOT have it enabled. That, for me, is a major drawback. I do expect Xiaomi/Huami does upgrade the firmware in the near future to allow the support of NFC and allow other apps to interact with the device NFC for the non-Chinese firmware. I have made a complaint about that and requested Huami to please enable NFC on all Amazfit GTR firmwares -> support@amazfit.com
    - sleep detection is not that accurate, even more erratic if you take a power nap or a longer nap or change your sleep pattern if you have a shift work.
    - If you want to use it with Google Fit the recommended app (Huami) does not allows that (via Strava app there are some data shared with Google Fit). It does however work with Mi Fit app and that has direct data sharing with Google Fit, but you may experience some conflicting settings or behavior if you leave both Huami and Mi Fit apps running at the same time.
    - Watch faces aren't that much.

    - Battery live.
    - Bluetooth signal quality and pairing.
    - Notifications work flawless.
    - the watch is sleek, well built and it does look like a premium product.

    Sep 09,2019

  • Jean Nomim
    Amazfit Gtr
    Montre reçue rapidement, et sans frais de douane supplémentaire (ouf j'avais peur...).
    Mise en route difficile car la première chose à faire est de créer un compte Mi dont le serveur vous renvoi un code d'activation du profil valable
    seulement 1 minute et que l'on reçoit du serveur de 3 à 5 fois mais après la fin du délai, ce qui fait que le code n'est déjà plus valide lorsqu'on le reçoit et renseigne...
    Bref, au bout de la 3° fois j'ai pu créer le profil, c'est un peu lourd (euphémisme) et je ne parle pas ensuite des vérifications et autres pages à visiter pour activer le profil...
    Procédure suivante d'après le manuel, télécharger l'application Amazfit puis dixit le manuel "Ne pas appairer la montre via le bluetooth du téléphone mais via
    l'application", ce que l'on tente et là, après avoir choisi dans l'application le type de montre il nous est demandé de flasher un QR Code pour appairer la montre Amazfit,
    QR Code que l'on ne trouve nulle part sur la boite, ni ailleurs... Pratique ;o), et on tourne en rond un peu plus.
    En fait il faut contrairement à ce qui est dit dans le manuel appairer la montre via le bluetooth du téléphone et ensuite tout se met à jour et en français, hormis quelques
    traductions oubliées ou erronées.
    Belle montre, très content de mon achat mais je ne parlerai pas encore des fonctions car je n'ai pas tout utilisé loin de là.
    Conclusion : La montre répond tout à fait à mes attentes aussi bien esthétiquement que fonctionnellement mais la procédure de mise en route est vraiment très (trop) lourde
    et mal conçue, je comprend qu'il faille apporter un peu de sécurité mais là c'est vraiment trop, sans parler de la demande de flashage bloquante d'un QR Code inexistant,
    ce n'est pas clair du tout et vous devriez faire de sérieux efforts là-dessus.

    Ps : Sur la demande inutile de QR Code inexistant, vous devriez modifier le texte car : "Numérisez le code QR sur la chaussure Montre" ne veut rien dire en français ;o)

    Aug 15,2019

  • Alan
    Better than I expected switching from the Bip
    I just received the watch and so far I love it. I was a bit scared when I decided to go for the 47mm version because I really wanted the longer lasting battery and i must say the watch fits perfectly. I don't have the biggest wrists. I am 1,80m tall (5"9) and the watch looks really good on me. It is still a little big but it just feels very nice on your wrist. It is lighter than I expected and there are no edges on the bottom what makes the watch very comfortable to wear.
    A lot of people have the amazfit app that you need to download a bad rating but I haven't experienced any issues so far. The app is also very similar to the Mi fit app and automatically adds all watches you paired through the mi fit app.
    I prefer this watch over any smartwatch any day because I really hate the idea on charging your watch every day. the amazfit bip was almost perfect for me but I really wanted a watch that looks and feels a bit more premium.
    It has all the features that the amazfit Bip had and more. it is also 50 meters water resistant.

    the only negative thing I can say is that there aren't as many watchfaces yet and that I dislike that you can only install a single custom watchfaces to choose from at once. you can install the watchfaces from app but it takes a bit and only the most recent watchface will be an option to choose from on the watch itself.
    I would really like a software update that allows the user to install maybe like 5 custom watchfaces at one since there are only two preinstalled watchfaces options on the watch.

    I am very happy with the watch and will update this review if there is anything new. I will probably get a new wristband since I prefer a black one over a brown but that is personal preference. The default wristband feels very good though.

    Aug 18,2019

  • Maryskiss
    Mis impresiones tras un mes de uso...

    El reloj es increíble. Me encanta el diseño, el color (rosa sakura) exactamente como en las imágenes. Las funciones son más que suficientes, el GPS funciona a la perfección. He calculado más de diez metros de distancia con el teléfono y me llegan las notificaciones. Si se le quiere poner alguna pega (que para mi no lo es) no se ven las horas de sueño en el reloj. Sí se ve en la app, que de hecho lo notifica cuando te despiertas.
    Lo que más me alucina es la batería, bueno me alucina a mi y a mis amigas forofas de los Samsung, mientras ellas los tienen que cargar cada dos, tres días, a mi me dura la batería 17 días!!! Sin apurar. He de decir que tengo todas las alertas activadas, correo, whatsapp, llamadas, mensajes... utilizo mucho la cuenta atrás, música, despertador... Lo único que he desactivado, pero porque a mi no me gusta, es que se encienda la pantalla con la rotación de muñeca.
    Hay un montón de esferas para elegir, yo las cambio cada semana, algunas súper elegantes y otras muy divertidas.
    La correa es muy fácil de cambiar, a mi este color me encanta y me parece elegante, resistente y el cierre muy seguro.
    Perfecta iluminación de la pantalla, se ve todo clarísimo incluso bajo la luz del sol. Otra cosa que me ha llamado la atención, me volví loca buscando protectores de pantalla, no me estoy abanicando todo el día, me muevo mucho, llevo pulseras, friego platos, me cuelgo bolsos en las muñecas... (soy madre, no digo más) y no tiene ni un arañazo ni huella marcada!!!!
    Es con diferencia la mejor compra del año para mi!!!
    Me llegó a tiempo, el último día en el rango de la previsión (cosa que me hizo sufrir) Pero dentro de plazo.
    Un 10 para el producto y un 10 para la empresa!!!
    Lo recomiendo sin duda!!!!

    Nov 01,2019

  • José Cláudio
    Elegância e Esportividade
    Os Smartwatchs estão revolucionando o conceito de interação entre seus consumidores. A ptoposta da plataforma tecnológica é o monitoramento da saude de seus usuários. Em alguns episódios, já há relatos de aparelhos que avisaram a tempo os seus usuários sobre possiveis descompaços nas funções cardiovasculares e isso lhes rendeu nada mais que a preservação da própria vida.
    A expectativa inicial sobre o caráter funcional de um smartwatch se confundia com as funções de um smartphone. Atualmente, já reconhecemos a relevância de suas funções no monitoramento da saúde e estamos evoluindo muito quando se trata de novas ferramentas e análises.
    A Amazfit Huami segue esta tendência e lançou o GTR, Smartwatch que une elegância e esportividade. É possivel personalizá-lo totalmente, com várias watch faces, pulseiras, habilitação de funções, etc.
    O aparelho é leve, bastante confortável e traz em seu sistema operacional próprio o monitoramento de várias atividades físicas, além de informações relevantes de desempenho, VO2MAX e Tempo de Recuperação. Resite a até 5ATM, 50mts de profundidade, possui excelente acabamento e é um forte aliado para as tarefas do dia a dia, já que possui notificações e alarmes.
    Detalhe importantíssimo é sua bateria de longuíssima duração, que deixa seus concorrentes desconfortáveis.
    Parabéns a Amazfit! Produto de capricho!

    Dec 12,2019

  • Ganni
    Xiaomi’s best smartwatch yet!
    When I had my Amazfit Pace I thought things could not get any better, but the Amazfit Gtr came to my home, thanks to Gearbest, and it changed everything. The screen of this watch is simply amazing, so bright and clear, even though I wear glasses for reading, I can still read text on my watch easily without them.
    I wanted the Amazfit Gtr mainly because, Besides running I do alot of swimming and the Gtr, gauges your swimming also and is waterproof up to 50m! One word of advice here, with open sea swimming, when the watch uses the gps, it is not so accurate, in fact I use pool swimming as a workout instead and is much more accurate. The first couple of days, the gps took very long to lock to a signal, but that was to be expected, till the watch gets proper info on your location, now it locks in not more the a few seconds.
    The leather strap is very nice, but not practical for swimming, I suggest a silicon one in this case.

    Nice watch design
    Great screen
    Battery life exceptional (I managed 20days and use gps daily)
    Very accurate except for open sea swimming
    Many features all work flawlessly.
    Very light & Comfortable
    Open sea swimming not accurate

    All in all I think it is a great watch which I highly recommend.

    Sep 25,2019