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  • Michal K.
    Original Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller is a smart home control center. Match with Xiaomi multifunctional gateway to use, it will be a magic device for you. Equipped with 6 kinds of motion orbit modes, it can effectively adjust the other Mi products, everything is in your control.
    Note: Only working with multifunction Mi Gateway
    If you do not have a gateway , please choose Bundle Option that has Gateway
    Xiaomi multifunctional gateway
    • This is traditional design,edge length of 5cm square cube,
    • it is supports 6 type of actions are shake,nudge,rotate, 90 ° flip, 180 ° flip, double knock.
    • Mi Cube can be easily controlled in a variety of smart home devices,
    • convenient and magical.Compact size & accurate algorithm.
    • Mi Cube = Heart of Mi Smart Home Devices.
    • Connected with Mi Smart Home devices,Mi Cube can be controlled by six different movements smart devices
    • life is full of magic and fun.Shake Action,Push,Double tap,Rotation,Flip 90'Flip 180'.
    • Simple and easy to connect and use cube controller smart home App, open its amazing life
    Product size (L x W x H): 4.50 x 4.50 x 4.50 cm / 1.77 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches
    Package Contents: 1 x Original Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller, 1 x CR2450 Button Battery
    Connection: Wireless

    Oct 24,2018

  • Meller
    Produto incrivel
    PROS: É um equipamento incrível. Tenho todo o ecossistema mijia de automação residencial, e esse cubinho e muito divertido.
    Com ele criei cenas para minha sala de estar, girando para intensidade da luz, 90 graus para ligar e desligar, 180 para cena "filme", arrastar para ligar o ar.
    Pode nao ser o item mais util da gama, mas certamente e um dos que mais impressiona quem ve. Alem de muito facil, minha filha de 2 anos sabe usar todos os comandos. Por falar em crianças, o cubo é muito resistente, ja caiu inúmeras vezes e nada.

    CONTRA: Os comandos de empurrar/puxar, e o de rotacionar 180, nem sempre funciona, nao chega a incomodar, mas tem dias que sim.

    Obs: existem alguns comandos que nao funcionam em todos dispositivos, exemplo, tive que mudar as lampadas da sala para funcionar a função girar para regular a intensidade. Pois apesar de serem reguláveis as lampadas Xiaomi Philips Smart LED Ball Lamp, nao aceitam essa função.

    Feb 19,2019

  • Gabriel Domínguez A.
    un accesorio curioso para la domotica Xiaomi
    Vi vídeos en los que se veía el funcionamiento de este cubo Aqara y se me antojó.
    el envío ha sido espectacularmente rápido. El vendedor me facilitó número de seguimiento y pude saber en cada momento donde estaba el paquete hasta que llegó.
    venía bien protegido y aunque las instrucciones vienen en chino, ha sido muy fácil de configurar.
    Lo he configurado para manejar una lámpara a la que he puesto dos bombillas yeelight color. Volcando el cubo 90° enciendo o apago la lámpara y lo mejor es que girando en cubo sin levantarlo de la mesa aumentó p disminuyó el brillo de las bombilla, según en el sentido que lo gire.
    Si agitó el cubo enciendo y apago otra lámpara.
    Tiene tres funciones más que ya veré para quédate utilizo, que son volverlo 180°, realizarlo sobre la mesa o el doble golpe.
    Es un juguete muy divertido y que llama la atención.
    Sin duda lo recomiendo.

    Nov 16,2018

  • Louis
    This is one beautiful cube
    Such an beautiful and useful gadget, i give it 5 stars because it earns it.
    This is one very unusual and beautiful Xiaomi Aqara Cube Smart Home Controller remote.
    It works like magic within the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home system and i love it.
    Guests always notice this little gadget and are wondering what it can be.
    Answer: a smart controller for the lights and other Smart Home products in the house.
    Always funny to watch when guests can't stop fooling around with this little cube and are flabbergasted when they see when a movement an Smart Home product triggers.
    Only downside is that you will have to remember what movement is used for an light or other product and what this does :)

    Nov 21,2018

  • Olie
    Great for home automation!
    I don't use the Xiaomi Gateway so I don't know how well it functions with it. For my usage it works great with Home Assistant and NodeRed via zigbee2mqtt.

    -Nothing else quite like, it is a fun quality gadget
    -Clean minimalist design
    -With 3rd party automation software, the 6 possible actions open up triggers to do anything you want
    -Great price from one of the top companies in China

    -Not really a con, but requires Xiaomi gateway if you don't have an alternate way to connect to it (example: Zigbee dongle with zigbee2mqtt)
    -Takes about 5+ secs to wake up but after takes 2-3 seconds for actions to trigger until it goes to sleep (with DIY home automation). Wake up time may be different with Xiaomi Gateway

    Sep 15,2019

  • Erik
    Cube review
    The cube arrived fine and very fast. She was well packed. Through Dutch mail delivery about a week and a half. Package content is cube, opening aid and manual. Pairing with the devices was in perfect order. Connecting to Xiaomi light and air conditioning works surprisingly very well. You can set a lot of features such as brightness reduction, color change. With the air conditioner, moving the cube changes the temperature set to air conditioning. The texture is very smooth and durable. Very pleasant in hand. To conclude, I would say that for the price of this dice (it was in action) I could not ask for anything better. I highly recommend this product.

    May 24,2019

  • Yuriy
    Xiaomi AQara Cube Smart Home Controller
    Using the multifunction device Mi Magic Cube, you can easily manage every smart device "Smart Home". Six different activities will help you expand your possibilities.

    Mi Magic Cube has an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as Mi's unique algorithm that allows you to turn on the Mi TV, adjust the brightness and color of the Yeelight lamp, switch your favorite radios, all thanks to 6 simple movements.

    Aug 19,2018

  • Marius
    Cooler Schalter
    Der Würfel ist ideal zum schalten einer Gruppe von Yeelights. Mit dem drehen kann die Helligkeit von 0-100% gesteuert werden, über 90° kippen kann die Farbtemperatur angpasst werden usw... Ich habe es ja erst für ne Spielerei gehalten, aber tatsächlich nutze ich den Würfel am meisten um meine Beleuchtung zu steuern. Cooles Teil!
    Die "Schieben" und "Drehen" Funktionen bei mir nur auf einer glatten Fläche. Sobald der Würfel erkennt das er getragen wird, führt er die belegten Kommandos nicht mehr aus.
    Bis jetzt keine Nachteile bekannt

    Jul 26,2018

  • Great product
    Fantastic product - Xiaomi Aqara Smart Cube
    Amazing piece of versatile piece of smart gear to go with my suite of Xiaomi Mi products. The cube has so many uses to control my Yeelight bulb it can be hard remembering all the functions. You can flip the cube (on/off for my bulb), rotate the cube to alter brightness, shake the cube to reset the bulb or double flip to change colour. It's up to you which motion does which action .I would definitely recommend anyone who has the MiHome smart gear to add this to your set!!

    Oct 09,2018

  • mail
    Xiaomi AQara Cube
    Xiaomi AQara Cube, buen producto para el entorno de la domotica de Xiaomi, tiene buen tamaño y su funcionamiento es simple y fácil de configurar con la app.
    Buen producto.

    Xiaomi AQara Cube, good product for the Xiaomi home automation environment, has good size and its operation is simple and easy to configure with the application.
    Good product.
    nada de momento

    Jul 31,2018