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  • Charles
    Não Recomendo
    O produto vem bem embalado e parece de boa qualidade, junto com a película vem um kit para instalação com lenço úmido e seco para limpar a tela.O ponto negativo fica para a borda preta da película, isso faz com que seja necessário uma instalação perfeita para não tampar a tela do aparelho. Outo ponto negativo é que a borda preta da película é um pouco menor que a tela do aparelho, fazendo que se perca alguns milímetros da tela, o notch da película é um pouco maior que o notch do aparelhos.

    Jan 08,2019


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  • Wellinton Teixeira
    Ainda não instalei a película, mas já a vi instalada e sei que é perfeita...pelo capricho da embalagem e qualidade dos materiais e componentes para instalá-la já nota-se que é um produto diferenciado!Podem comprar sem medo!I have not yet installed the film, but I have already seen it installed and I know it is perfect ... because of the caprice of the packaging and the quality of the materials and components to install it already it is noticed that it is a differentiated product! You can buy without fear!

    Oct 12,2018

  • Ashwin
    OnePlus 6 tempered glass screen protector
    The packaging came very neatly and safe.. thanks for that. 2 glass in each separate packing with 2 set of wipes are awesome. Got in flash deal for very less price. thanks gearbest for that. Company also looks premium seeing the box. comes with complete screen protection around the screen with proper machine cuts for each slot.

    Nov 15,2018

  • Jarrod
    Not the best tempered glass but it fits. If you are willing to spend $20 rather buy the original.This does not cover the entire screen but you need to understand that no glass does. The black frame and cut outs on top fit nicely. You tend to get dust after application because the glass lifts up slightly on the edge.But for the price, its a bargain. I bought 2.NB. I did not comment on if it works, I have yet to drop my phone.

    Nov 08,2018

  • Piotr
    I don't recommend
    Great quality of the glass, nice in touch, good price for 2 pieces. I have applied it very easy on the phone screen.But I was afraid of these black sides of glass. And I was right. There is problem with it. Black sides of glass are too big on every side. They cover the screen of One Plus 6 a little bit! It's too bad! This product could be great but design is poor.

    Oct 11,2018

  • RickBerech
    excelente producto
    Las micas tardaron 18 días naturales en llegar desde china hasta Mexico por priority line MX, lo mas tardado es en el aduana SLP que estuvo 1 semana completa sin dar señal de movimiento, llego por estafeta en buen estado, el material y la calidad del producto es de primera, 100% recomendado!!!!Si no te urge tener tu mica por ese precio vale la pena esperar.gracias gearbest!!

    Sep 25,2018

  • Valentine
    OnePlus6 glass
    Buyed from flash sale. 2 weeks and my tempered glass was delivered.Everything is nice. Package was not damage. Inside found special tool kit to do right.Tempered glass is good. No scratches, no dust. Fit perfect.My recommendations.
    No cons. I like this one.

    Aug 06,2018

  • DJ
    excellent tempered glass
    fit perfectly, very good dual pack value. Excellent quality for the price. have a layer that doesn't stick fingerprints at all. great transparency and always have a glossy look without any sticky fingerprint

    Jul 19,2018

  • Jonathan
    Fits well with the original One plus cases
    Fits the screen pretty well but there are bits around the edges where it has air bubbles which i cant get rid of. But this is barely noticeable when the screen is on and the feedback from the phone is not affected. You only notice it when the screen is off.

    Nov 18,2018

  • O.O
    As películas vieram muito bem embaladas e chegaram em 11 dias,muito bom(frete expresso) ficou um pouco de bolha na lateral provavelmente por que apliquei errado mas o produto é muito bom e vem com kit para aplicação.

    Jan 29,2019