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  • Hakuna
    Does not protect the whole display, Edges doesn't stick completely
    First of all, fast Delivery. Second, good packaging, was very secure, nice Casing.
    BUT it doesn't cover and protect the whole Display of my Honor 9!! On all sides there is about 1-2mm space, which is unprotected! On top of that the edges of the glass aren't sticking right, they stand out a little bit. Thus one gets stuck with the corners in the trouser pocket e.g.
    This is why it missed its function for me as a protective glass for the display completly, sorry :/ doesn't recommend it, at least not for Honor 9
    Glass itself feels very stable, would be a good product, if it would Cover the whole Display and stick right!

    Dec 25,2018

  • Bobbie Lee Hubbard
    the outside is a nice plastic that feels sturdy to the touch -LRB- The power button is a little hard to press -RRB- the LED indicator lights are very bright and simple to follow, after a device is fully charged the bank shuts off so constant power is not being supplied, if the device your trying to charge does not draw enough power from the Pack it will turn off leaving you with an uncharged device, This really is a great little device if you need extra power like I do during the day, it works wonderful for the price

    Sep 05,2018

  • Samuel
    The stand with phone in it stands up just fine I mean sure if you push it it will fall over but it's not like its randomly going to fall over I have to take off my case to put the phone on the charger but that was expected and I'm used to taking my case off as I have two batteries which I'm sure if you're buying this you do to, All and all great for the price I'll probably buy another for work

    Aug 08,2018

  • Claudio C.
    Vetro temperato trasparente Honor 9
    Ottimo vetro temperato per Honor 9, completamente trasparente.
    Purtroppo i bordi leggermente arrotondati dello smartphone favoriscono il formarsi di aloni nell'applicazione della pellicola.
    Non è però colpa della pellicola in vetro temperato.
    Per chi non ha problemi con gli aloni, consigliata !!!

    Mar 07,2018

  • Michael C. Bell
    The most useful aspect of this product is how long it holds its charge, Even when turned off many electronic products drain their batteries, This product still had charging power available after multiple uses over the last year

    Aug 28,2018

  • Bibliophile
    It had the largest capacity of all the packs I was considering along with the simplest design, It is the simplest device, the tablet still had a full charge and the pack was still not in need of a full recharge

    Sep 04,2018

  • Carlihle
    The actual phone case is great came with a stylus and screen protector ... couldn't get the bubbles outta the screen protector it was very bad so it went in the trash

    Oct 07,2018

  • Daedalus33
    Nice solid application and surface, until they saw the fine edge around the edge of the phone -LRB- which you have to look hard to see -RRB-

    Oct 22,2018

  • Quazzie
    From all the reviews I read this sounded like a perfect fit for me, It is amazing how much power is held in such a small device

    Sep 14,2018

  • Joe P.
    the capacity is excellent, I could probably use this as my only power source with a single charge for a week long trip

    Sep 24,2018