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  • Un Usuario
    El problema siempre es entrando al país.
    En general, fue una buena experiencia con Gearbest, el producto es excelente, uno de los mejores telefonos en el 2019, excelente Hardware y geniales prestaciones sin que se desorbite el precio, es un telefono verdaderamente de gama alta, obviamente al ser enfocado al videojuego, es natural que haya apartados en los que se les resto calidad, el cual en este caso son las camaras, no me mal entiendan son buenas camaras, pero respecto a todos los demas apartados si se queda muy corta, simplemente se puede tomar como una fotografia correcta, si tu interes esta en este apartado es muy recomendable que veas por otros dispositivos, en cuanto a lo demás, el mejor procesador 2019, excelente memoria RAM e interna (incluso su version mas reducida), la pantalla ya era necesaria que se manejen mas de este tipo, sobretodo por el refresco que es de lo mejor.
    Repito en terminos generales el telefono es excelente, ahora en cuanto a mi experiencia personal, fue grata respecto a la tienda, donde siempre hay pegas y no solo para este caso es cuando el paquete entra al pais, se retrasó una semana, le hicieron que pasara por triple vez en aduana, se cobraron impuestos (esto no es queja), la caja si llego algo maltratada de las esquinas y algunas orillas, en fin, la experiencia con la paqueteria puede mejorar y mucho.
    Telefono recomendado para los que quieren un gran Hardware y excelentes prestaciones, ademas de que no mencione que el sistema operativo esta bastante bien, es un Android bastante puro, pequeños toques que le da la marca pero en general lo mejoran, sobretodo las herramientas para el videojugador.

    Dec 16,2019

  • エクレール
    購入から到着まで「7日」 ※ネット上の情報では早い方らしい

    1/30 2:00頃に購入、同日5:00頃にはGEARBEST側の対応が入り配送準備完了
    2/3~2/4 香港→香港という謎移動発生


    ROG phone2に関しては、tencent版(テンセント版)ということでネット上に情報が少なく、
    Black Shark 2やRed Magic3などと迷っていましたが、懸念していた回線にも問題はなく、
    若干重いものの(比較すると気になる程度)、ROG phone2を選んでよかったと思います。

    サイズが気になる人はRed Magic3の方がおすすめです。

    Feb 11,2020

  • Brute Oni
    Almost perfect
    it comes with the firmware pre installed so you don't have to worry about anything, just put your sim card and go!
    If your phone won't connect to your router, go in your router settings and find "enable special characters" checkbox and your phone will work fine.
    This is a great buy to be honest. i configured my phone's CPU and GPU settings to low frequencies so it never gets hot. heat will prevent your phone from charging especially while gaming.

    To take good pictures you will have to be with the camera. The software it comes with is the best from any other in the playstore.
    This can be easily be better than flagship phones for this price.

    Jan 24,2020

  • freakniik
    Best gaming smart phone PERIOD
    I bought this phone with the intent of just using the phone for gaming, now with that in mind i have my daily driver which is the s10+. when i first switched on the device i was amazed on who clear and crisp the screen is. days go on and little do i know its becoming my main phone. with a huge battery and loud speakers. i'm not really into social media and stuff so i really didnt care much about the camera. but when you get a solid 2 days (power use) of battery now thats really amazing, one thing i should point out is that the charger that comes with the phone support 18w charge, but if you want to go beyond that i would recommend getting the official hyper charger from asus which supper 30w charge and thats one fast charger.

    Dec 10,2019

  • Sayed
    Imaginary phone!
    The phone is very strong . Many popular games and games have been tried, such as pubg Mobile and call of duty , The phone also does not heat up while playing and works smoothly during game mode with high accuracy and does not consume a lot of battery . It can last up to two days to play for continuous and up to approximately a week in normal use . It is for fans of games and for those who want to buy a strong phone better than those in global markets such as Samsung and Apple, very beautiful , I am happy to buy the phone Thank you gerbest

    Dec 16,2019

  • Gassano



    Oct 04,2019

  • Sheru
    Amazing performance, but note!
    I ordered it on 24th Jan and received it on 5 Feb. Was a little impatient, as it took me ages to save money from my little job. Raw performance is the best of what I've ever seen so far. It even beats my i5 8250u laptop in Dolphin emulation. Triggers are also really neat touch for PUBG and COD Mobile. Please note that shipping takes a while and I recommend DHL(It's faster but you might end up paying customs depending on your country) And this version is the Tencent version, thus no cooler included.

    Feb 06,2020

  • Mike Toby Meyer
    hi the phone is in top condition the only thing is you need to wait longer than normal, so patience is key I kinda lost my cool at some point but I worried for nothing , so when you have this issue too just relax drink something and be happy when it's there , because i sure am happy about this phone!

    Nov 28,2019

  • Joseph Podkalicki
    Best deal on Android
    Greatest phone deal. For $500 dollars you can't lose. The phone has everything a nerd would want. You can change the font, and the phone is fast. I was able to convert my CN to a WW with the assistance of XDA forums. It even did an OTA update to the latest WW firmware. Just the best phone, really.

    Jan 20,2020

  • Sekularac
    Great phone
    Well, I only have it for a day, but I already love it. Fast phone, excellent display, speakers loud and clear. It's very tall thou, so one-handed operation isn't easy. Only remark to the seller is that they shipped it with US plug instead of EU. It was packed securely.

    Mar 05,2020