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  • !ZEbulon!
    Great and works well
    This is the tool you don't know how much you need it until you have it. Instant measurements over large distances makes it a breath of fresh air over the tape measure. I can't say enough about it. It's so easy to use and it's accurate exactly the same as my measuring tape and now i can measure much easier. Nor much to say about the pointer. Ours well made as well but since the laser measure has its own build in laser pointer i don't see the need for the extra pointer.

    Nov 27,2019

  • Fareez M.
    Works great
    I had low expectation for this but i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Item works great. Anytime you need to change a setting it's done by holding the one and only button for 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds and then pressing it to change the setting. The addition of one more button that would get rid of the hold for x seconds would make it 5* but it does work perfect. Defineately perfect if you always use same unit of measure.

    Nov 27,2019

  • osborn
    Great time and energy saver
    This is the best purchase that I made recently! It has good casing, easy to carry, user-friendly. The quality maybe color are totally different with description. But this one is absolutely fancy as the picture shows. I'm not really a review writing person, but this product really helps me a! lot! If you have any request to measure short/mid distance, it's a perfect item you need to buy!

    Dec 01,2019

  • Biker
    Tiny little comfortable great tool!!
    My husband is a real estate agent so I bought this cute tool for him , to measure the interior and exterior of houses easy , fast and no too long time! He sad it does work perfectly all the time! So far so good! The accuracy of the measurements is very good though. If you need to do some light measuring without buying a high end tool, this is a great options !! Very satisfied so far!

    Nov 27,2019

  • Darryl Felder
    Accurate and perfect size
    I have a TON of regular tape measures but I saw this and I decided to give it a try. This worked great and no have to holding a tape measure steady, point and measure! This is a great item to have. I compared about the first 100 measurements to my tape while measuring for blinds and crown molding ranging from about 2 to 20 feet. Fits nicely in my pocket. By another as a gift.

    Nov 30,2019

  • ,quinndy
    DUKA LS-1
    Piccolo leggero agevole da portare, sta comodamente nel taschino della camicia, è pratico preciso quanto basta. Per misurazioni veloci e impreviste è imbattibile. Dotato di braccialetto per trasporto e cavetto di ricarica USB. Istruzioni in cinese ma l'uso è sufficientemente intuitivo. E occhio al prezzo !

    Oct 01,2020

  • nuch83
    prodotto geniale
    Ero alla ricerca di un distanziometro laser dal basso prezzo per misurazioni semplici e veloci
    Questo è fatto apposta per me, facile da trasportare ci sta ovunque e con batteria integrata ricaricabile
    In più l ho confrontato con altri laser più costosi e blasonati ed è risultato molto preciso

    Apr 16,2020

  • John Cain
    Cool laser measurement
    This actually works! I was skeptical even though the science is sound. I compared the reading against the regular measuring tape and it's the same! Nifty little tool!

    Dec 02,2019

  • João
    ATuMan DUKA LS-1
    Demorou um pouco a receber mas é compreensível devido à Covid-19. Muito bom artigo. Estou bastante satisfeito com a minha compra. Recomendo a todos aqueles que precisam de medir vários tipos de superfícies. Obrigado, Gearbest!

    Jul 27,2020

  • Dane
    Convenience size, relatively easy to use and accurate

    Dec 03,2019