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  • Virginia Terry
    I'd definitely buy again!
    One of the reasons I prefer this dock over some of the other dongles on the market is that it props the phone up in such a position that if it goes to sleep and I want to wake it up, I just have to glance over to my phone to unlock vs picking up to phone or tilting it up so it can recognize my face. I also don't like random cords on my desk. I prefer the way it looks in the dock. This charges your phone at the same time and I've had dongles that do not charge so you have to have a wireless charger as well which caused my phone to get hot. Because the dongles are essentially a cord that gets wear and tear everytime you plug it in or pick it up to unlock, the dongles Ive had also didn't last very long before the wires inside would get fragile and you'd have to jiggle the cord to make a connection. With the dock you aren't touching the cords so they last much longer.

    Dec 26,2019

  • Maureen Cook
    I connect this on my Huawei P30 Pro and never had any problem so far. All ports are working and I usually charge my p30 here and so far never had a problem with overheating. It charges fast enough. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. The product itself looks like it’s made of high quality materials and has sleek design. The price is also reasonable when compared to other products available here. I highly recommend it.

    Dec 26,2019

  • Armstrong Baldwin
    Absolutely AMAZING
    Everything you could want in a hub. I often use mine to play games on my TV. Emulators and so forth. The moment you dock it,it pops up. Also, if you plug in a USB or memory card it'll read it on your phone just an amazing price of tech and the material and sizd perfect as well

    Dec 27,2019

  • Levi Maggie
    Great device.
    Very good build quality, design and functionality. Very useful for storage and travel. Would buy more from here.It is very useful.

    Dec 28,2019

  • Sherry Tuttle
    Very convenient, charging speed is also very fast.It can also be used as a phone holder.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Joyce Vaughan
    Workstation Phone Dock
    This is a really nice dock station for the DeX app on my Samsung, not merely a phone.

    Dec 29,2019

  • Aldrich Jim
    I bought it to use with my S9 Plus and it works perfectly, I loved it

    Dec 30,2019

  • cnacache
    Baseus The Best
    I am so happy with this device. I am still proving but so far so good. Love it... I felt the cellphone conector (type c) is a litter unestable.

    Sep 09,2020

  • Antanas
    скачать быстро все работает очень хорошо, как я ожидал. Что вам нужно, я рекомендую, очень рекомендую.

    Feb 07,2020