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  • domy
    High quality / glass / lightning port
    It's very noble.

    It looks so good, works very well, and is connected via a lightning cable (which is also included). So it's compatible to other cables you already use for your iPhone.

    The bottom part is aluminium and the top is glass, which makes this super nice to look at.

    It's also satisfying to lay your phone on, cause the glass sounds, you know :D

    I can only recommend it!

    Feb 10,2020

  • Blaise
    Fonctionne parfaitement bien en charge sans fil
    Je suis assez content de mon achat qui semble être un bon compromis entre la qualité et le prix. Il est apparemment correct reste à voir si il donne satisfaction à l'usage et dans la durée.
    L'aspect à l'air simple et solide, avec une forme d'élégance.
    Dommage que le branchement ne soit pas en type C : je ne suis pas sûr que le type Apple apporte un bénéfice.
    Je recommande fortement cette acquisition

    Jan 07,2020

  • Matos
    Very good!
    It charges my iPhone perfectly and reasonably fast when connected to a USB hub. I did'nt try with direct connection to wall plug. The phone must be out of the case for it to work OK.

    Jan 11,2020

  • hooah
    Love this charger!
    I use this charger every night and have had no problems. I ordered another one for the office.

    Dec 12,2019

  • Dadof7
    As advertised.
    I've been using it for a little over a week and it works exactly as advertised.

    Dec 09,2019

  • c
    For winter
    This charger is super easy to use and great quality for an ideal price.

    Dec 10,2019

  • Raimiks5
    Good wireless charger
    It works very well with Samsung Buds, but not as well with devices like Galaxy watch since there is no control over how much current it sends to the device dough it might just be the watch.

    May 01,2020

  • Valbert Chagas Vaz
    Great Wireless Charging!
    Great Wireless Charging! Bonito, de ótima qualidade de construção, digna da já conhecida qualidade dos produtos Baseus. Parabéns!! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Mar 14,2020

  • Evgeny Zachary
    Great product and worth the money
    The product feels great and is made out of great material.

    Dec 11,2019

  • Cesar P.
    Good charger for the price
    For the price this items is good.

    Dec 08,2019