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  • Mini PC Beelink no audio no wifi
    Mini PC Beelink no audio no wifi
    I received the mini pc from Beelink BT3 Pro with Linux operating system, tried to start the mini pc, it presented problems like lack of wifi / wireless network recognition, and lack of audio / sound.
    I did a search on the Beelink site to find the solution to the problems, the Beelink site does not support drivers and Linux installation.
    I followed the installation tutorial of windows 10, I downloaded all files suggested by the Beelink technician on the site as attached picture, had to pay for the server megadownloads to be able to download all files, I tried numerous times install windows 10 , but the message was always the same at the start of the ACPI_BIOS_ERROR installation as shown in the appendix.
    I like to buy in GearBest, I liked the finish of the product of the package, however it does not have any support for windows or linux drivers, it will simply be a useless mini pc here.
    I ask for GearBest help with Beelink support, I want to keep the product but I need all the drivers to work and install Linux or Windows.
    The product does not work sound and wifi, without driver support for linux / win10.

    Jun 26,2018

  • Иван
    Super PC
    Недорогой ультра-компактный производительный мини-компьютер.

    То, что раньше занимало много места и издавало раздражающий шум вентиляторов - теперь в крохотном бесшумном корпусе.
    Если вы не ставите перед своим домашним компьютером сложных задач, требующих больших вычислительных мощностей - данный компьютер создан для вас!

    Занимает минимум места, не содержит активной системы охлаждения, имеет набор необходимых портов для подключения всех ваших устройств.

    Кроме того, на компьютер уже предустановлена лицензионная версия Windows 10!

    Данный ПК с легкостью справится с повседневными задачами, такими как браузинг интернета, редактирование офисных документов, работа с электронной почтой.
    Кроме того, мощности железа хватит для просмотра высококачественного видео, редактирования фото, и даже запуска простых игр.
    Хотелось бы видеть слот расширения SATA.

    May 14,2018

  • Dan from France
    A new generation of PC!
    Hello, I bought 11 BT3 pro and I'm very happy. The basic installation was quick and went well. On the other hand, Windows update tried to install the 1803 version of windows without success. This procedure took a few hours to finally return to the previous version. And this has been repeated several times.
    After 3 days the updates to version 1803 were successful. For other PCs I just installed the problem seems to have been fixed by Microsoft. All PCs update without problems. We must think about removing the old version of Windows to reduce the occupation of the SSD to 20GB.
    The machines are meant for training and are perfect for that. The fluidity of 4K videos is excellent.
    At this price it is useless to look for used machines.
    I did not notice a negative point.

    Jun 19,2018

  • Betsis
    Καλό μηχάνημα!!!
    Το αγόρασα με κάθε επιφύλαξη. Όταν έφτασε και άνοιξα τη συσκευασία είδα μια πολύ καλό σκληρό κουτί με διάσταση 12,5x13,5x9εκ η συσκευασία προσεγμένη και περιείχε τον υπολογιστή, 2 καλώδια hdmi, το τροφοδοτικό και το μεταλλικό για να το βιδώσεις στο vesa της οθόνης. Έκανα το πρώτο boot στα windows χωρίς καμία δυσκολία, δουλεύει αρκετά ικανοποιητικά, δεν κάνει κανένα θόρυβο είναι πάρα πολύ μικρό και πρακτικό με τρεις θύρες usb2 και μια usb3 μπορείς να συνδέσεις 2 οθόνες μαζί, μια με hdmi και μια με vga. Σύνδεσα ασύρματο πληκτρολόγιο και ποντίκι, τα σύνδεσε τόσο γρήγορα λες και τα είχα ξανασυνδέσει. Για δουλειά γραφείου με έχει βολέψει τρελά, του έχω βάλει και μια κάρτα sd 64gb και είναι για μένα ότι καλύτερο. Είμαι πολύ ικανοποιημένος.

    May 28,2019

  • Ford Prefect
    A nice device
    Tient tout a fait ses promesses.
    Supporte assez bien Linux Ubuntu en dual boot.
    W10 est activé
    Accurate description.
    Linux Ubuntu can be used in dual boot but reserves a 4 GB swap partition.
    Is helpful.
    12V power supply is not critical and I use an unregulated one for EMC reasons.
    Cooling seems OK at last on this type of device.
    W10 keeps updating itself taking lot of space on the limited storage.Time lost too.
    Using NTFS compression is not a bad idea on such devices.
    W10 doesn't like running programs stored on a local network but allows
    viruses from all over the world :-)

    Feb 17,2018

  • Lodius
    Great pc for simple use
    I've bought this pc with Windows 10 primarely for my parents.
    Both ethernet and wifi work pretty well.
    It's solid and well made, that surprised me.
    Hard disk space isn't much and Windows takes up to 20/30gb.
    But it runs smoothly and I had no problems.
    Only problems I had were at Italian custom's control because the package was labelled as "TV box". But I suppose it's far better than writing "pc box" .

    Feb 02,2019

  • Luca
    BT3 Pro
    Ottimo Mini Pc con prestazione basilari per un uso modesto di ufficio.
    Pc molto versatile e facile da installare con possibilità di posizionarlo sul retro del monitor.
    I lati negativi del prodotto sono:
    - A pieno regime arriva spesso in throttling e si consiglia l'uso di una base di raffreddamento per evitare il fenomeno;
    - Se staccato dalla presa elettrica non manitene l'orario del bios.
    In conclusione consiglio l'acquisto per un risparmio energetico e dello spazio.

    Sep 25,2018

  • Stanisław
    Beelink BT3 Pro Mini PC
    Excellent mini PC, well packaged, very fast shipment from warehouse in Poland (2 days). It's perfect for my needs, I use it to view websites, watch movies and use Microsoft Office. The mini PC warms up moderately. It works very well. Generally, I am pleasantly surprised by its high quality.

    May 27,2018

  • Roman
    Beelink BT3 Pro Mini PC
    Оригинальный миникомпьтер. Благодаря 4 Гб оперативной памяти работает стабильно. Очевидный плюс - наличие двух выходов.Нагрев умеренный. Описанию соответствует.
    Не обнаружено.

    Feb 20,2018

  • Jorge Queiroz
    Bom para o preço
    memória ROM e RAM superior a outros do mesmo preço.
    Windows original.

    preço bom mas porque estava em promoção.

    ideal para e-mails, words, internet, YouTube e afins.

    uma boa solução para quem não necessita de puxar muito pela máquina.
    apesar de ser superior aos demais, a ROM interna quase se vai com o sistema operativo e restantes actualizações.

    Não tem Office instalado, apenas o online, como se podia esperar.

    poderia ter mais uma entrada USB. duas vão para o rato e teclado. sobre uma para o disco externo

    May 18,2018