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  • Paul Harvey
    Great Short Throw Projector
    So far it is a winner! Easy to set up, easy to control. The image quality is amazing. I dont know why anyone would spend thousands of dollars on a tv when you can get a 100+ screen at this price. Sound is great through the projector but it also hooks up easily through the sound system. Have not mounted it on the ceiling yet but using it on a table top has worked great for getting to know the capability of the unit. Good image quality during daylight hours at reasonable distances. The bigger you set your screen the less light it would need in the room.

    Aug 20,2019

  • L.S.C.
    Nice picture and easy to set up
    This projector shows a great HD picture. We use it to show HD videos and it looks awesome. The short throw is great since we can show a 120" picture from like 5 feet away. The built in speaker is good but we don't use that for our small group. Instead we run a small audio cable into the house system.We use this in a office setting with big windows. We show HD videos and have to cover up the windows. But for the most part it is a good projector. Way brighter and better then Optoma that we had purchased prior.

    Jul 20,2019

  • PortlandM
    Great for art/mural projection
    This is a nicer, newer version of the BenQ short throw projector I rented recently. The throw is shorter too, although not quite as short as the ultra-short throw. Still, this is great for using in small spaces. Super bright too! I use it to project images for painting and it is fantastic quality for the price.

    Aug 19,2019

  • James M. Taylor
    Probably the best projector for the money right now.
    Nice box, it is very bright and beats the 2K lumen projectors hands down. Great basic projector for when you need a bright image in a room with more ambient light. Iwish the zoom was longer, and that there were more positioning options, but this is a great basic projector!

    Aug 19,2019

  • Steven R. Newcomb
    Good product, good value, good customer service. Quiet. Almost too bright in a darkened room, even on lowest lamp setting, at which the lamp presumably lasts longest. At normal lamp setting, plenty bright enough in daylit room. We're all quite pleased. Hope it lasts!

    Aug 10,2019

  • David
    Awesome projector! I love everything about it
    Awesome projector! I love everything about it. The picture quality is amazing for 3200 lumens. I use this in a professional capacity & my clients are thrilled. It would make a perfect projector for home use too.

    Aug 14,2019

  • clyde betts
    great projector with great lensing
    bought 3 of these, and they are wonderful for meetings with their short throw lens, very bright and crisp image and very portable and lightweight. I am very happy with this and I will be buying more soon.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Lisamarie Benito
    Excellent for golf simulator
    Fantastic. Excellent picture quality.I am using this for a golf simulator in my garage. Picture is crisp and I was able to get the focus perfect. I have this setup with and IPad and a Skytrak.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Bret Robinson
    We use this to project slides for our church service ...
    We use this to project slides for our church service in an room that holds approx 225 people. The images are crisp and can be seen from any point in the room under any light conditions.

    Jun 29,2019

  • MikefromBXNY
    Very pleased with this projector for the price
    Very pleased with this projector for the price. Bright, clear picture. Using a ceiling mount to through to a screen that is about 10 feet away.

    Aug 17,2019