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  • Evgeny Zachary
    High quality.
    What a great product and such a fantastic price! Been using these for more than one week now and I have to say I'm thrilled I found a low priced high quality product like this. The design is elegant and modern, the material of the case is sturdy and of good quality. Great sound quality, very very long battery life, very quick to charge, looks elegant and being black it is easy to hide with my dark hair. I'm very happy and I ordered a second pair just in case I'd forget this over at home, I'll have that pair in my travel bag. Thank you for producing such a great product! I would highly recommend these to anyone.

    Aug 04,2019

  • Gioia
    Balanced Wireless Earbuds
    I have been going on a streak of trying many different brands of wireless earphones. This particular pair is quite balanced. What I mean by this is that this pair is not too good in any department but doesn't blatantly fall short in any department either. Bass isn't too heavy while mids and highs are acceptable. After the first pairing, once out of the case the earbuds connect right away with your source. I have to say they do feel a bit bulky, but does not affect the comfort. Pretty good!

    Sep 02,2019

  • Lee Bracken
    Great value
    The size and shape of the buds is probably one of the best I’ve had as well - they fit small ears really well. I do want to mention that the battery life could be a bit better in a long session but I did not have an issue with this. I prefer to switch over to headphones during long listening sessions anyways. I am quite happy with the build quality, so they’re a good bet if you’re planning on getting these for a friend.

    Sep 03,2019

  • T. Lyssy
    So far so GOOD!!!
    I thought I would make the transition to wireless because I mainly use these for working out. They stay in place for every workout I've done so far and the sound is great. The battery life is good and very easy to pair, The left ear automatically pairs with the right ear..Sound quality is really nice..definitely loud enough. I only have used them a couple days so if I have any problems I will update this review..For now I like em!!

    Aug 10,2019

  • Timothy G.
    Great for the price
    I like these earbuds. They are sturdy and very stylish. The sound quality is great and they are easy to charge. So far, they seem to hold a charge well. Automatically match connections at startup, import silicon, FPC antenna, clear call and voice. I wish the ear piece was a little more flexible to make them more comfortable. If you are looking less than $50 earbuds this would be good choice. Overall, a great product.

    Aug 11,2019

  • Jack Gladstone
    Best for the price
    One of the biggest advantages of these earbuds is that the case is so small and compact. It’s so easy to carry around compared to some of the other earbuds that I’ve tried. The earbuds are really nice to carry around and use all day. These pair really easily, and they’re probably the most straightforward set of earbuds I’ve used till date. Would highly recommend!

    Sep 02,2019

  • Hi there
    I am very satisfied from this Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone ear hook 950mah charging case.
    I am very satisfied from this Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0. This item is perfect. Very recommended seller and product! :):):).!!!

    Nov 28,2019

  • hooah
    Good Earbuds
    Bought this for my 11 year old. Helped my son set it up with his ipad. It was easy enough. The sound quality was good for him with his games and watching youtube. He was sooo happy, and I’m happy!!

    Jul 26,2019

  • Barnett Hornby
    Would recommend!
    They are sweat resistance. Battery life is very decent, and the functions are pretty much straight forward. You can manage calls, music and volume with one simple touch.

    Sep 01,2019

  • inra
    Jó ár/érték arány. Megvagyak elégedve vele. Könnyű a használata. Jó, hogy a tokjába tőlthető és mutatja a tőltést.

    Nov 29,2019