9892A 20X Binoculare Ingrandimento Occhiali Magnifier con LED Luce per Watch Riparazione
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9892A 20X Binoculare Ingrandimento Occhiali Magnifier con LED Luce per Watch Riparazione


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Caratteristica principale:
È molto scomodo usare i magnifiers di orologio tradizionali che devono essere bloccati dalla palpebra e possono influenzare la qualità di riparazione di strumenti e orologi di precisione
Questo magnifier di riparazione della vigilanza a LED è costruito con telaio in metallo e telaio in maglia di plastica
Il magnifier di riparazione della vigilanza dei vetri specialmente progettati può risolvere questo problema per rendere più facile e più preciso riparare gli strumenti e gli orologi di precisione
L'angolo della luce del LED è regolabile



Tipo di Sciarba: Multitools
Per: utilizzo
Meteriale: Plastica

Dettagli di prodotto

potere vicino: 4 x batterie del pulsante CR1620 (incluso)
Colori: Nero

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Pacchetto: 0.112KG
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 15.500 x 5.000 x 5.000 cm / 6.09 x1.97 x1.97 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Magnifier di riparazione della vigilanza

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  • User
    Отличные очки
    Брал для дома для всяких мелочей ремонта и т.д. Все пишут что короткое фокусное расстояние, да действительно меньше 1 сантимметра. Проблему решил по своему. Каждый глаз имеет по 2 линзы, я с правого глаза убрал маленькую линзу. На нем фокус расстояние увеличилось до комфортного. В общем стало намного удобнее. В основном работаю т смотрю правым глазом через правый глазок. Если нужно максимальное увеличение то смотрю левым глазом через левый глазок. Свет приятный и его вполне достаточно. Кто хочет смотреть сразу 2мя глазами, сдвиньте глазки очков как можно ближе к друг другу. Отличный инструмент после небольшой модернизации которую я описал выше. Однозначно покупать и именно с 2мя глазками а не с одним.
    Минусов нет

    Jun 03,2016 17:14:53

  • Waleed
    Not Satisfied
    I have received this item finally after 39 days .Unfortunately, It's received with the right LED light adjustment broken .You are able to viewing subjects in only one eye , with tow eyes opened you will not be able to read or viewing anything.Don't know if it's useful for price or not , maybe I'm disappointed because of the adjustment broken , but it's bad quality .... You can just add few dollars and take a good quality .

    Sep 30,2018 12:28:21

  • Dejan Pajić
    Great thing
    This is just great thing! Even smallest thing became clearly visible. It really magnifies greatly, first time I saw skin of my palm - could not belive how rough it is :) Also there are two LEDs by both sides and they give very strong and bright light. This item is delivered even with batteries pre installed, so it is really good deal. Very satisfied with this purchase.
    The only con could actualy became pro for this thing - best magnifying distance is just 2 cm or below, so it is impossible to wach something with both eyes. Anyway, one can easily disassemble one glass and keep it in reserve. Watching objects that magnified with one eye is just good enough. So, there is no con for this item!

    Apr 05,2016 01:27:45

  • Michal Milner
    Cheap and very efficient
    The package already contains batteries so you don't need to buy them. LED lights are pretty awesome and help you to see in the dark area. Using only one len at a time is also very useful. To sum up, the product is very, VERY useful at work!
    None, it has everything that I expected.

    May 06,2016 21:29:00

  • pc
    Watch Repair Binocular
    - reasonable price, quite good quality - average materials, but acceptable for the froce - very useful at precision work, comfortable to wear
    none for the price

    Mar 09,2018 00:14:00

  • Dan Gardner
    These are cool to look at in a Mad Max kinda way. But they are way to bulky and feel awkward on the face. It's hard to get the two lenses focused together. I spent more time fussing with these. Than I did on the project.
    It was worth a try for the money. If I had a do over. I wouldn't do over.

    Jul 06,2017 19:38:19

  • Dave
    Really Cool!
    I'm not a watch maker, nor do I play one on TV, but I do fix things all the time. My eyes aren't good enough to do fine detail work easily. These special magnifiers are simply awesome! I can get right in and do extremely detailed work as if it was all on a larger scale. I don't know how I survived before!
    It takes a little time to get used to going from regular view to looking at something through these. it's not really the product's fault. It's just an adjustment you have to get used to.

    Jan 18,2016 01:10:59

  • Vladimir Evgenievich
    20X Binocular Magnifying Glasses Magnifier with LED Light
    Not expensive and comfortable glasses with 20x magnification, and LED illumination for studying, repair, restoration. Feature - considered the subject to be close to the points.
    Not found.

    Jan 05,2017 20:49:35

    Just the job
    I have loads of watches plus silver chains and took a chance thinking at such a low price i wouldn't be getting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised as these glasses made the job of working on watch and chain links much better and all for a few pounds. Fantastic stuff.

    Sep 20,2018 13:35:16

  • Hicham
    Good Item
    This is a very good Magnifying Glasses for those who work with tiny staff. It help you see things bigger not only during the day light but also at night thanks to its LED Light. It can help in when working with tiny staff like Watch Repair and others
    Frankly I see no drawbacks up to now

    Mar 05,2016 21:18:09

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