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  • Alen
    brelong colourfull light sky star lamp review
    lamp has arrived in good protecting package with no damages to product. lamp is smaller than expected and at the same moment very light which is good for children. I bought this lamp as a present and children loves it. They carry it around and take to bed before go to sleep. It is wrongly described that lamp can be operated by USB. There is no USB but port for standard 4.5v or you can put 3 AA batteries inside. stars projecting in ceiling are very blurred but it is not a problem for children. lamp has two modes: still white light or blinking 3 different colors. thus is a nice present and children will love it and I recommend it to everyone

    Jan 08,2020

  • Rashi B
    Relaxing. Decent Product for the Cost.
    It's a little flimsy as a product, but I guess you get what you are paying for. I like that it can be connected via electricity AND Battery. I have it connected via USB cord to my laptop when I am sitting at home and watching a movie. Just be careful not to drop it as it comes apart easily but it's easy to put back together too. I sleep with this on every night/

    Sep 29,2017

  • Alin
    Star Master
    First i bought this for myself but i will make it gift and probably i will buy anothers for me and friends. It has two buttons, works with 3 batteries AAA and with 4.5V DC cable [not included].

    Dec 03,2019

  • chrysostomidis isaac
    pretty nice
    pretty nice for the night in the room
    kids will love it
    can be used for night light,if you have new batteries it has pretty strong light
    no spinning
    poor quility of plastic

    Feb 18,2018

  • Shan
    I like the night light and the starry designs are nice ...
    I like the night light and the starry designs are nice but this specific one didn't come with an adapter or USB cable. The batteries were not lasting long and constantly changing them was expensive so I returned it.

    Nov 23,2017

  • Tracy L. Lepping
    its really awesome. I count the stars to help me sleep ...
    I have to admit, I expected this to be broke by now but its not. its really awesome. I count the stars to help me sleep and there are so many that I always fall asleep before I can count them all.

    Jan 15,2018

  • Vasconcelos
    a handy star lamp
    Very goood product for the price, nice lightning, excelent stars design, various months of the year/star position
    The package was a litle damaged but the product was intacted

    Jun 03,2018

  • Christoforos
    Great buy
    Very good quality, nice game, my children love it, even me, fast shipment from GearBest, the best internet shop

    Sep 28,2019

  • cole
    good cheap
    this works good for the price, casts stars for different months, you can teach kids about the sky. pretty cool

    Jan 14,2019

  • Stephanie ❤
    Good deal!
    "Not very bright as I would like but it is very pretty and it makes a good night light.
    My son loves it!"

    Mar 15,2017