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  • Santi
    Breo iPal 520
    El envío ha tardado un poco pero dentro de lo aceptable. La caja venía en un sobre sin acolchar, un detalle a mejorar.

    El primer problema vino cuando la caja no tiene precinto, por tanto cualquier podría haberla abierto y vuelto a cerrar. Efectivamente, en el interior, tal como se ve en las fotos, faltaban las pilas (el hueco de las mismas venía vacío). Esto da a entender que el producto puede haber sido usado y no se supone esté comprando un producto de segunda mano.

    Tengo que probarlo más, de momento hice varios intentos y por un lado hace mucho ruido, quizá sea así, y por otro los controles no son muy intuitivos. Habrá que ver con el tiempo qué tal.

    Nov 29,2018

  • Nafiul
    Great Massager
    Really great massager. I bought it for USD 92, and it was worth the money. I saw that the sale came on for USD 75, and so its even more worth it. The massager allows you to really relax your hand, and there are plenty of settings like pressure as well as heat that allow you calibrate the massage to your liking.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. The only issue is that you need plastic gloves to do the massage, and its hard to know how you can find replacements for those gloves.

    Nov 29,2018

  • R. G.
    Nice buy
    Well made and works great! Had been looking for something that can relieve my hand pains. I had massive pains in my right hand. Holding or grabbing items was painful, so I tried this. It does not bring a miracle but it makes my hand more relaxed and less painful.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Sam E.
    Works well
    Works as expected. It massages every muscle in my hands especially the thumb area which is always sore from texting and playing games on my phone. It takes the pain away quickly and helps me relax my hands. Would recommend this product!

    Aug 22,2018

  • Kevin
    Works surprisingly well
    Works much better than expected. I am beginning to experience arthritis in my left hand so I bought this. Have been using it for several days. It helps a lot to relieve the pain. I'll keeping using it.

    Aug 25,2018

  • Brian
    So far so good
    My wife has been using the hand massager for 5 days... It works great so far... She was very happy with the device cause her hands felt good after using it...I've tried it out myself and am pleased as well...

    Aug 24,2018

  • Amy G.
    Excellent purchase
    It helps with the pains my husband has in his hands. He has been experiencing nerve pain in his hands for months, and it works a lot to sooth his hands. Sometimes I use it just because it feels good.

    Aug 19,2018

  • Jimmy
    Worth the money
    I gave this to someone as a birthday gift. He has arthritis in his hands. He says this hand massager has been a real help to him to relieve the pain, and he feels a big difference after using it.

    Aug 13,2018

  • C. M.
    Happy with it
    Bought this as a birthday gift for my hard working husband. My husband says his hands feel great all day long after using it. And now he enjoys using it after work. Happy with the product.

    Aug 17,2018

  • Heyhhh*
    Great device for sore hands
    Got it as a gift for my father but wanted to try it out first. My hands just get regular sore. I tried it for several times on different hands. It felt so good. Hope my father will love it.

    Aug 24,2018