TangsFire 18650 Caricabatterie di Viaggio
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TangsFire 18650 Caricabatterie di Viaggio

- NERO 224466901

110 - 240V
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Caratteristiche principali:
● Compatto e portatile, molto adatto per viaggiare
● L'indicatore di alimentazione lampeggia in rosso quando la batteria è carica, girare a verde quando è completamente carica
● Protezione da cortocircuito, protezione contro sovraccarichi, protezione contro la scarica



Marca: TangsFire
Tipo di Sciarba: Caricabatterie
Spina: adattatore USA
Ricarica tipo cellulare: Ioni di litio
Compatibile: 18650
Tensione di ingresso: AC 110-240V
Tensione d'uscita: 4,2V DC
corrente di ingresso: 0,2A
corrente di uscita: 900mA

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,0540 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,0610 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 8,60 x 4,50 x 3,80 cm / 3,39 x 1,77 x 1,5 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 10,00 x 6,00 x 5,00 cm / 3,94 x 2,36 x 1,97 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Caricabatterie

TangsFire 18650 Caricabatterie di Viaggio- Black

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  • Cadre
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    These chords are very great highly recommended but I seen a lot of bad reviews about some of them burning up and catching on fire so buyer beware and read the reviews before purchasing and I guess just take your chance LOL other than that I really don't know what to say it charges my iPhone in my iPad extremely fast but the other reviews and pictures that people had showed looked pretty terrible and almost scared me away from buying this product but I bought it in mine is working perfect and I've had no issues with it whatsoever

    May 17,2018 06:26:48

  • Tilly
    sì (7) Colore: Black
    Shrink tubing has prevented damage to the braided cable so far, or I just haven't been able to catch it yet as often as I have with other offbrand cables, this occurred after only having used the reinforced new cable for a few days, I still like the braided reinforced cables because they do not curl and wear out as fast as the others, plus I bought the shorter cable which obviously doesn't have as much to curl up and kink

    Jul 10,2018 17:50:40

  • Dave Byers
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    This is a nylon braided USB to lightening cord that is silver in color, the cable is very strong and has exceeded my expectations as it relates to the life of these types of cables, this is not my first braided cable ; however, this is the first one that has NOT come unraveled at the connection points

    May 06,2018 20:41:36

  • Cas Walker
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    For everyone who wants a durable cable that won't fray and tear at the usual places, the cable itself is thicker and stiffer that what you get in most cables, with other cables I've had to trim out the connector hole in the case to make the connector head fit

    Jun 30,2018 05:17:58

  • jorge
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    This cord has held up better than any other replacements I have bought, the nylon covering of the cord is pretty sturdy so that it protects the wires inside and the rubber that meets the connector is strong as well

    Apr 16,2018 19:09:13

  • Denise Cortelyou
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    This is the only lightning cable I've ever used that hasn't worn down and continues to work, this will be the only lightning cable I purchase from now on, some people just break and wear them out faster than others

    Jan 03,2018 01:39:53

  • john borchelt
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    It's durable and tough enough to survive a mechanic head doing work on engines and using the cable like its security blanket aka the normal wear and tear of being moved around a lot

    Aug 05,2018 08:58:17

  • Martin B. Haub
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    This charger however appears to be sturdier as it has a braided sheeth and where it meets the plastic it is thicker and has more rubber surrounding where it meets the male end

    Nov 01,2017 07:03:47

  • zennon
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    Dual 18650 Travel charger
    has a decent build quality and comes with an EU to USA adapter in the box, charging times are consistent with other generic chargers.
    cons- the charging light doesn't indicate battery status, it has to be plugged in first and power switched on to show the red led charging status and green led fully charged status, if the power is switched off, the led status light goes off too

    Jul 13,2018 19:27:48

  • BlueBird
    sì (0) Colore: Black
    This is a very good cable and I use it as my main charger for my phone, it is great because I no longer have to huddle near the wall as I had to with my older shorter chargers

    Oct 27,2017 19:35:12

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Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

Sii il primo a fare una domanda. Vuoi punti GB? Basta Scrivere una recensione!

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