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  • triante
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Cheerlux CL760
    The projector package includes: a power cable with euro plug (of very doubtful quality, immediately changed to your own), instruction manual, cloth napkin for wiping the lens, remote control, 3.5 mm jack adapter - 3 tulips, two screw stepsThe projector has an unusual shape of the halves of the cheese head, the body is made of matte black plastic.Behind are all communication connectors. Among them, 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, VGA input, headphone output, AV output.From a distance of 2.5 meters, the screen diagonal was 85 inches. The fan makes a lot of noise, but if the film is interesting, you don’t notice it. The brightness is enough with the head, but the clarity is not enough. Sharpness is adjusted poorly, either in the center or in the ghouls, you need to disassemble and adjust the Fresnel lens, until you did. In general, the product is satisfied

    May 30,2019

  • Marius
    sì (9) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Cheerlux CL760
    Native 720p quality is quite good for watching movies when projecting a screen size of about 1.5 meter. You can adjust the focus and the keystone for adjusting the projecting the desired screen. It isn't very noisy for a projector and the cooling system is great, it doesn't get hot. The design and build quality is one of the best when comparing to other chinese models in the similar price range. And I really like the sliding lenses protector. If you are looking for a cheap home theater, than this is one is one of the best choices. I have searched for a while, and concluded that this is the best one for the price. Also, I didn't get any customs, but I guess that's a little bit of luck involved there.
    No video cable out of the box (VGA or HDMI). Sometimes it's difficult to see words when you are surfing on you computer. The shipping took one month to Europe, because it got stuck for a while at the customs.

    Oct 07,2017

  • Konstantin
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    good for this price
    The package arrived quickly. Packed well. Pros: it looks good, the control is simple, there are all the necessary connectors. The picture in the dark is clear, it is pleasant to watch. Minuses: you can hear the fan making noises, and most importantly, there is no zoom in it! For my distance to the screen is too large diagonal. Can not be adjusted. Only focus and trapezoid. In general, for this price with HD resolution is unlikely to be better. It is a pity that you have to sell and look for a model with adjustable zoom.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Cardoso
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Interessante tendo em conta o valor
    Para já com um dia de testes estou satisfeito com o que vi.Estou com uma tela de 118 Polegadas / 3m o que me parece muito bem e com uma boa qualidade.O som dá perfeitamente para começar, irei agora começar a fazer testes com uma coluna BT que tenho que acredito vai melhorar a qualidade do mesmo.Em termos de configurações tem várias opções incluindo a possibilidade de personalizar o que me agrada bastante.Nota negativa para o firmware do aparelho que numa leitura directa duma USB não consegue ler ficheiros MKV e não consigo encontrar modo de o actualizar, se é que isso é possível.

    Dec 20,2018

  • NAS
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    I am Amazed and Happy...
    This is for first time when I ordered any thing from abroad. I was worried about many things... BUT as soon I opened the box I kissed Cheerlux Projector I received. When I connected it to power and switched it on for first time my full wall was filled with colorful moving images but with little blur ... I adjusted the focus and it was clear and sharp... amazed ! You will love it man. Only cons is its sound quality. You will need a quality speakers which can complement the fabulous moving visuals.

    Nov 14,2018

  • Daniel Rema
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Best quality at this price range
    I was a bit nervous before ordering this product from China.I have seen several reviews online before considering it.Following are the pros1. Bright display, can be viewed with lights on.2. Picture quality is really very good.3. Fan noise is also not audible.4. sound quality is also good, but of course you will need speakers for best quality.cons1. No Android2. A bit bulkyoverall I would recommend it to by it as the picture quality it provides can be compared with high end projectors.

    Sep 01,2018

  • Dmitriy
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Проектор Cheerlux CL760
    Недорогой проектор, который стоит своих денег. Это мой первый проектор. Интересный внешний вид, легкий, светодиодный, имеет аналоговый и HDMI разъемы. Разрешение 1280 x 800. Яркость достаточная, динамик встроенный. В комплекте пульт дистанционного управления и шнуры. Шум вентилятора низкий. Качество изображения понравилось. Считаю хорошей покупкой.

    Apr 25,2019

  • Jakub
    sì (1) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Best thing I bought
    -decent quality (build and projection) -very cheap -great price/quality ratio -works great with google chromecast I gotta say, that I have seen a lot of reviews prior buying this projector. In a lot of videos people will tell you, that the projection quality is better in real then on camera. I have to say, that this is 100% true. The real life experience with this projector is simply awesome.
    -fan: this is one downside of the projector. It is not so loud, I personally wont mind it after 5 minutes of watching anything, because I will just get used to it and filter the sound of the fan out. But maybe for some people this could be a problem. From time to time, the fan is making like HUGE noises. I am personally thinking about exchanging it for some silent fan for computer. If possible, not sure. -contrast: cannot really say its a con in this price rance, but you have to be ready for the fact, that if you want to watch anything on this through the day (daylight), you will have to get yourself some courtains to cover up the windows. Your room does not really have to be DARK when watching on it, but the light simply kills it. So definetelly courtains.

    Mar 20,2018

  • Champ
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Best Quality/Price
    Good quality item. Looks fine. It works very well. True 1280x800 resolution, pretty quiet, usable in the day light for PowerPoint...(I tried it at for a 3m screen diagonal at 3m of distance). Remote include(need cells) but no HDMI cable. Fast sheeping(5 days). Now, just to see if the system's lifespan will be like the Led lamp Lifespan (up to 50000 hours)Protective glass cover very useful.
    None for the price

    Aug 13,2018

  • NatJanSoa
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: Without OS ( EU Plug )
    Brought the cinema to my house.
    It was shipped fast, and arrived very well packaged, the material seems to be sturdy, the cable is almost bad I threw it out because it is not going anywhere, the remote control has a great reach no matter the direction you tighten it works.The light is enough to see by day and the qualities of the videos is very good, the sound is very loud, I had a problem with the government because the gearbest stated a different value than I paid so I was fined, but Gearbest offered to pay the greater part of the fine, I found it very praiseworthy.

    Jan 29,2019