Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta
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Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta

- NERO OM0038701

per il Campeggio all'aperto
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Portacartuccia portatile portatile per la frutta, realizzata in acciaio inossidabile di alta qualità, ruvida e resistente. Adotta la maniglia di progettazione tecnica del corpo umano, comoda da tenere. Adatto per campeggio all'aperto o uso quotidiano al coperto.

Caratteristiche principali:
● Design raffinato, realizzato in acciaio inossidabile di alta qualità, resistenza al calore, resistenza alle basse temperature, resistenza all'ossidazione e alla corrosione
● Maniglia di progettazione ingegneristica per il corpo umano, comoda da impugnare
● Design multiuso per soddisfare le tue esigenze di attività all'aria aperta
● Nota: il righello nella descrizione dell'immagine non è incluso



Per: Campeggio,Escursionismo,utilizzo
Tipo di Sciarba: Lama fissa

Dettagli di prodotto

Lama Tipo Bordo: bene
Lunghezza della Lama: 8 cm
Gamma Lunghezza Lama: 5cm-10 centimetri
Materiale Lama: Acciaio inossidabile
Materiale della Maniglia: Acciaio inossidabile
Gamma di Peso: 51g-100g

Informazioni Base

Dimensioni Pacchetto: 20.00 x 5.00 x 1.50 cm / 7.87 x 1.97 x 0.59 pollici
Peso di Pacchetto: 0.1000 kg
Dimensione del Prodotto: 18.20 x 4.00 x 0.30 cm / 7.17 x 1.57 x 0.12 pollici
Peso di Prodotto: 0.0550 kg


Materiale principale: 1 x Coltello, 1 x Borsa per Coltelli

Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta- Nero

Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta- Nero

Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta- Nero

Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta- Nero

Strumento di Sopravvivenza Portatile di Coltelli da Frutta- Nero

Disclaimer Sicurezza del prodotto:
Non accettiamo alcuna responsabilità per l'uso improprio di questo o di qualsiasi altro prodotto. Tutti i nostri prodotti sono ampiamente testati per rispondere alle norme di controllo di qualità rigorosi e severi. Per alcuni prodotti (ad esempio giocattoli, coltelli, ecc), si raccomanda una corretta vigilanza come non possiamo essere ritenuti responsabili per l'uso improprio o incidenti.

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    Удобный ножик на природу
    Доставка в Украину 4 недели с учётом процессинга (на камеру сказал: «больше месяца», поэтому уточняю). Трек номер отслеживался до таможни (бесплатна доставка).
    Фото и описание (в т.ч. размеры), указанные на сайте, полностью соответствует полученному товару.
    Упаковано в пупырчатый пакет (обычно для этого магазина; распространяется даже на потребительскую электронику).
    На самом деле, интересный ножик - крепко сделанный, увесистый, как для такого скромного размера, в приличном капроновом чехле.
    - негнущееся, в меру широкое 8-ми сантиметровое лезвие;
    - интересные рёбра жесткости на лезвие;
    - чехол с липучкой и креплением на брючный ремень.
    На природу – самое оно.
    В общем – магазину gearbest респект и всем рекомендую!
    за эту цену - их нет!

    May 10,2016

  • nutsoboy
    good knife for the price!
    This knife with “Harry” branding is great value. It has a good solid weight to it and is symmetrically ground. The black coating is very hard - I couldn’t scratch it with a hardened needle file (not some cheap paint).
    Comes pretty sharp - good for general purpose use
    Nice they included a short length of paracord
    Thickness of metal: 3.91mm
    Length of blade: 80mm
    Length of knife: 184mm
    Sheath included
    Weight of knife without sheath: 78gm
    Sheath is very light material, the blade could easily cut through
    I don’t expect it to hold a brilliant edge at this price

    Jul 01,2015

  • Alejandro
    Excellent performance for the price
    First of all, when I received this knife, I did not expect it to be of good quality. However, I was surprised. The build quality is not the best, but for the price is unbeatable. I think it´s a perfect tool to carry with you when going camping or any other kind of outdoor activity. Can also be used as a throwing knife, although I would not recommend hitting it too hard.
    Honestly I cant find any cons. If anything, I wish it was a tiny bit harder, but otherwise it´s just perfect for the price

    Mar 12,2016

  • DDees
    Worth every penny!
    Solid blade design (I believe a Chris Reeves inspired design) for a small EDC fixed blade. The spine has jimping that helps with a saber grip or for tip control for detail work and the 90 degree spine will allow for use with a ferro rod (tested and proven). Nearly a full hand grip and the use of a paracord tail makes it even easier to control. At the price, I ordered all they had left in stock and they are all going into prepacked bags for emergency use.
    The sheath is really the biggest weakness in this situation, it just isn't any good for the intended purpose I had for them. Will it hold the knife? Yes. Will it fit on multiple sizes of belts? Yes. The nylon sheath design is just too flimsy for what I wanted to do with them so I have made leather and kydex sheathes for my knives and even used a few as gifts.
    The only other weakness I can find is also one of it's strengths; how thin it is. I actually chose to make handles for a few of them from wood and then epoxied and pinned them on to make it a little more hand filling and that really changed the usefulness of the knife! I am now working on making some micarta scales to use on these with contrasting colors just to make them look nicer and looking forward to getting those done! The thin profile of the knife also makes it fit in small compartments for putting in emergency kits and with a decent leather or kydex pocket sheath it can be carried every day discretely if you are into fixed bladed EDCs.

    Jul 18,2017

  • joe_kane
    Nice blade but poor sheath
    Nicely made blade. Well designed with good balance. The blade has even grinds and consistent finish on the blade. It is even quite sharp. The sheath protects the blade in shipping and storage but that's about all it is good for. The sheath is useless for every day carry. I bought several knives. I intend to add handle scales to the blades. I will make new sheaths for them. The sheath not withstanding they are still a good buy.
    Very poor quality useless sheath.

    Aug 05,2015

  • Hans
    Fixed knife
    A simple, reliable and reliable knife. Good price. Convenient knife handle. It is necessary to sharpen the blade again (these are trifles). Pleased with the purchase. For such a price the knife is excellent! I like "gearbest"! When ordering goods, I'm sure that "gearbest" will not deceive. Reliable, professional shop. I love and respect the staff of this store.
    It is necessary to sharpen the blade again (these are trifles).

    Jun 19,2017

  • tovo
    Nice Knife, but not that sharp
    It Looks realy elegant, it is full made out of steel. It is realy stable.
    The wight is perfect, not to heavy but heavy enought that you can handel with it good.

    The knife also Comes with a cover, so you can store the knife in your pocets, without beeing in feer ;)
    Over all I think it is a good outdoor knife
    not so sharp

    Dec 30,2014

  • Константин
    Дешево и сердито
    Для технических нужд вполне удобный нержавеющий нож. Щепку отколоть, провода зачистить...
    Сведение толстое. Для технических нужд приемлемо. Но я переточил его в конвекс. Теперь им и картошку чистить удобно.
    Сталь получше, чем на дешевых кухонных ножах.
    Поставил бы 5 балов... Но знаю, что есть оригинал этого ножа, который значительно лучше. Хотя и в десяток раз дороже

    Nov 20,2018

  • Ciapa Flavius Alin
    RO:- foarte bun, foarte ieftin, foarte ușor, un cuțit utilitar sau de supraviețuire. Am atașat pe manelul lui cu ușurință 2 m de coardă.
    EN:- very cheap, very easy, good material, it's a utility knife and a survival knife. I attached on the handle easy 2m of cord.

    Apr 22,2017

  • gotgcoalman
    Good little knife.
    Arrived reasonably sharp.
    A couple of passes on a sharpening stone got it to it's true potential though.
    handy and lightweight for use when hunting/camping.
    Used it to remove the breast meat from some birds recently.
    The blade still had a very fine edge on it when I was finished and the cuts were very clean.

    Excellent value for money.

    Jan 02,2019

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