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  • RoniL
    exceeded my expectations
    I am very happy to find this very convenient small portable flashlight. This flashlight is very small and can be used in case of power failure. It has the ability to illuminate an entire room or focus on a small area. This flashlight is better than any ordinary old flashlight I have used. This LED flashlight emits a huge bright light. This flashlight completely exceeded my expectations. It is very bright, but small and compact, and can fit in most spaces.

    Oct 29,2020

  • Techi
    highly recommend
    The flashlight is awesome! It is very bright and much better than my friend's police flashlight. It will illuminate a large area. I was surprised how bright these flashlights were. We bought this flashlight a few weeks ago and use it almost every night because my boyfriend is working in a dark place at night, and so far there has been no problem. I highly recommend these flashlights.

    Oct 24,2020

  • Rich57
    everything is alright,
    received today, everything is alright, small enough to fit into small storage places like glove compartments, pockets, bags

    Oct 23,2020

  • guGez
    small but strong
    It is small enough to fit into the small space I need, and powerful enough to illuminate anything I need to see.

    Oct 26,2020

  • David
    Great product
    I live in a rural area without street lights, and it’s dark at night. These provide a good beam of light so that I can walk safely

    Oct 17,2020

  • Tales
    like it very much
    I like it very much. Originally bought for Hurricane as a spare, but later decided to make them outdoor emergency lights.

    Oct 16,2020

  • haus
    look sturdy
    I like this flashlights, especially for their beaming ability and bright LEDs. They look sturdy.

    Oct 11,2020

  • Matthew
    worth buying
    Very worth buying. I am very happy with my purchase and so will you.

    Oct 31,2020

  • Vivian
    good quality
    Easy to carry because of the size,good quality

    Nov 01,2020

  • Taul
    does a great job
    A small hand holding lamp, it does a great job

    Oct 09,2020