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  • Tommy
    Fantastic box
    Response speed: very fast, Dangbei has done this professionally for many years.
    Stability: it looks very good at the moment, but it is good for novices and seniors. Geeks may have some dissatisfaction, the forum explores new features.
    Difficult to operate: friendly to novices, the remote control can be operated by voice, easy to use when changing channels. Processing speed is very good
    Quality of workmanship: small, with a sense of technology
    Appearance: stylish, black and white suitable for young people.
    Other features: the remote control is simple and easy to use.

    Aug 18,2020

  • Rae Hobbes
    Fast to load. Good tv box!
    Powerful and high-grade than other TV boxes, no ads, fast running speed, 4K resolution looks good visually, it is very convenient to use for almost a week, you can directly cast screen. The appearance is elegant and generous, small and exquisite. The infrared remote control hidden behind the TV is as convenient and flexible to use. The interface is simple and smooth, no ads on boot. Good shopping! Comprehensive customer service knowledge and enthusiastic service

    Aug 22,2020

  • Mark Bruno
    TV box, great value.
    The exterior is strict and beautiful, the interior is exquisite and orderly, the box is small and exquisite, the workmanship is exquisite, the interface is complete, the installation is simple and practical, the system is stable and fast, the interface is simple and clear, the software is very practical, the TV channel is smoothly changed, supports local TV channels, and the remote control is creative Very practical.

    Aug 21,2020

  • Mark Lee
    Nice little android tv box
    The memory of the TV box is very large, don't worry about the memory being exhausted. The TV box runs fast, the image processing ability is strong, and the quality is also very good. You can also connect key board and mouse through usb connector or Bluetooth. It supports true 4K and Dolby sound for many applications. You also can download few games from AppStore which works perfect with keyboard and mouse. Overall amazing product

    Aug 24,2020

  • Fiona
    Great Android TV Box
    The appearance is small and exquisite, and high-grade, the installation is very simple, there is no advertisement when booting, the main interface is very concise, the channel change is very smooth, there is no freeze, the picture ratio, the definition is freely exchangeable, the remote control buttons are simple and direct, very suitable for the elderly and child. I do recommend this box. Great value.

    Aug 20,2020

  • Sigrid Rhys
    Product as described
    For using for couple of hours, it’s been flawless android Tv box. It has a new and fast user interface, is very easy to use, and has a very fast and up-to-date operating system. Wifi is very fast and stable. Very prestigious design. The viewing and audio quality is very good. I strongly recommend buying one, where children are at home all day and need to be busy all day.

    Aug 23,2020

  • Christine
    TV box, great value.
    I am very satisfied with the price, the TV box is running very well. The moment I opened the package, I was directly shocked. The appearance is small and exquisite. The voice recognition technology of the remote control is very user-friendly. I have used many boxes. This looks worthwhile and powerful. Brand incomparable

    Aug 19,2020

  • LFC
    You won't need to pay for cable anymore.
    Learning how to use all of the features, still. Requires lots of research online to figure out which programs to download. Well worth the investment. I'll never need a cable box again.

    Aug 16,2020

  • Tom Hoots
    Value for money
    Great value for money. The remote have a bit of trouble and the keyboard uses regular batteries, doesn't have a rechargeable one.

    Aug 08,2020

  • Geoffrey
    great product, excellent support
    great product! works out of the box. easy to set up. excellent product support. tv remote is also very easy to use.

    Aug 09,2020