Strumento di Misurazione Strumento Righello a Quattro Lati
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Strumento di Misurazione Strumento Righello a Quattro Lati

- GIALLO 245985101

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Uno strumento essenziale per qualsiasi casella degli strumenti 

È un pratico strumento di misurazione che può essere regolato in modo rapido e semplice a qualsiasi forma e angolazione desiderata. Non c'è bisogno di rimisurare gli stessi angoli più e più volte, o creare un nuovo modello per ogni obiezione, perfetto per risparmiare tempo e fatica. Può essere ampiamente utilizzato su vari materiali, rendere qualsiasi misurazione dell'angolo facile.

Facile da usare in 3 modi semplici:

● Posizionare lo strumento modello nell'area di lavoro

● Far scorrere i righelli nella forma desiderata

● Stringere le viti

Applicazione senza fine:

● Per l'uso quotidiano, ri-piastrellare il pavimento del bagno, creare un arco in pietra o persino per giochi per bambini, fai-da-te allo stesso modo

● Per uso professionale, adatto per costruttori, tuttofare, artigiani, ingegneri e così via

Altre caratteristiche:

● Strumento di misurazione multi-angolo: può essere regolato su qualsiasi strumento e angolo di cui hai bisogno per misurare diversi oggetti

● Strumento modello preciso: per creare layout professionali in mattoni, pietre per pavimentazione, ardesia, lombari, piastrelle, laminati ecc.

● Misure sia in pollici che in CM: 2 unità di misurazione per la massima praticità

● Pieghevole e portatile: design pieghevole per una facile conservazione; portatile e leggero, facile da trasportare in qualsiasi luogo di lavoro

● Materiale plastico duttile e resistente: non facile da rompere con alta tenacità, uso duraturo assicurato

● Righello lungo è 31 cm, righello corto è 17,5 cm


Dettagli di prodotto

Meteriale: Plastica
Funzioni: Rispettoso dell'ambiente

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,0650 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,0800 kg
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 32.00 x 8.00 x 5.00 cm / 12.6 x 3.15 x 1.97 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Strumento di righello

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  • Michael Jones
    Rulers! Nice toy for killing time
    Measurement is not so important after I graduated from high school. I have not used rulers, triangles, compasses for about ten years. With this mechanism slide, which consists of four rulers, two shorter ones, two longer ones, I can draw a perfect circle, an angle without knowing the degrees and many lines. Through drawing, I can get rid of bad feelings. In a word, I've got an awesome stress relief tool.
    None. The quality and the cost are very reasonable for me.

    Feb 24,2018 06:43:00

  • Alex
    Measuring Template Tool
    Заказывал 2 штуки,одну для дома,вторую на работу. Доставка 2 недели. Курьер доставил к двери. Пришла без повреждений, хотя упаковка опасная, просто пакетик в пузырчатом конверте. Для подрезки ламината или плитки самое то.Качество нормальное, пластик ровный,немного хлипковатая линейка, работать нужно осторожно.В целом- нормальная штука, в хозяйстве пригодится.
    Немного тугая резьба на зажимах,но не критично

    Aug 06,2018 23:19:11

  • Leia Beson
    For the little pupil in our family
    My daughter learned about measurement two weeks ago. But she complained that her tools were not long enough for the most objects in our daily life. As she got this Four-sided Ruler Mechanism Slide, she was excited and claimed that she was going to measure everything in our house.The rulers are very thick, of high quality. It is also very easy to adjust the shapes to fit different things.
    Up till now, there is nothing to complain about.

    Feb 12,2018 06:30:42

  • Erik
    Nice useful gadget
    Measuring Template Tool - YellowItem perfectly match the description from text and photos (thumbs up). Order date: 01/09/2018Shipping Date: 09/09/2018Receiving Date: 20/09/2018Days (Order-Receive): 20 days (to Europe - thumbs up)As always, also this time the item arrived in well packaged good protection envelope with air bubbles (thumbs up).

    Oct 12,2018 09:42:25

  • ElliottSw
    Nice quality. With clever portable design
    My nephew likes learning from me and building wooden toys and furniture. This tool helps a lot. At first, we measures the dimensions and angles, then, we can cut from the crude materials precisely, at last, all the pieces can be perfectly connected. E.g., the diameter of a cylinder can be measured more precisely. You do not have to hold a triangle and two ruler. It is a good tool for those who love carpentry and handicraft!
    None at all. It is very useful.

    Mar 09,2018 03:25:39

  • Brooke
    Put things inside or out to measure
    Put things inside or out to measure. Both will do. My birthday was coming, and my sister did not know what to buy. She thought the rulers might be interested. Yeah! I was lucky enough to have this tool. With it, making handicrafts will be easier. It is easier for me to use one tool instead of four ones which are too short.
    I don't think it has any drawbacks.

    Feb 01,2018 06:49:24

  • Macaron
    It makes my diary more interesting
    If there are only words, it will be too boring. I am not good at writing, but I fancy the shapes. With the four-sided slide, I several shapes on each page and then mark the blocks with numbers and colors. So, journal looks different each day. Easier to use than my own rulers. I also like playing with the knobs.Maybe, next time, I can use it to cut out some extraordinary shapes.
    A little too expensive for me.

    Mar 05,2018 07:04:40

  • George
    Good quality. Nice tool for drawing
    Most of the time, I don't use two or more rulers, because I do need to know the length accurately. However, being precise is a great thing I am trying my best to learn. So I buy this to for drawing, although I am an amateur. The proportion of the characters is much better now compared with my last drawings.
    No defects. Everything is fine.

    Dec 26,2017 06:24:00

  • Derek
    A helpful tool. Easy to know the length and angle
    Nearly every shape is based on length and angle. This is the professional tool that helps you to measure precisely. Things can be clamped, and you can read the measurement at once. Although you don't know what the angle is, at least, drawing the lines becomes faster. More importantly, it is easier to take with, the rulers can be gathered in a bunch, and you're ready to go.
    A metal one may be more durable, although the plastic rulers are of good quality.

    Mar 05,2018 03:34:08

  • Кирилл
    Инструмент измерительного шаблона Четырехсторонний механизм управления.
    Инструмент для разметки плитки или листового материала (ДСП;фанера:оргалит;текстолит и т.п.)Этот инструмент позволяет делать сразу четыре измерения.Переносить копию измерения на другой кусок материала. Сравнивать не с чем.Аналогичного инструмента я не знаю.Устроила низкая цена.Товар соответствует описанию!Рекомендую товар и магазин!

    Oct 25,2018 23:11:17

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