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  • burrko
    I continually have fish wrap me around pylons from the pier structures i fish and i always am able to pull fish after fish off the pylons with no problems what so ever, This line has changed my fishing life !! I rarely ever break any fish off anymore and the braid is extremely affordable, they have pink braid ... and its been tested, pink braid catches more fish

    Jun 12,2018

  • David Shindell
    Nice product that makes spooling reels much quicker, good price point for the product and now that I have it it would be hard to go back to spooling them via the old primitive methods

    Aug 29,2018

  • charmead
    Makes the job easier but it didn't adjust the tension with braided line quite enough on baitcaster or spinning reel so i had to still use my hands to get line tight enough on the reels

    May 31,2018

  • Lynn C
    Device seems to be made of a good quality material, It was very easy to set up and has variable tension as well as positions

    Jul 19,2018

  • Al Runser
    Great product, Just wish there was a better explanation of how to know what the proper tension is

    Apr 27,2018

  • Brett johnson
    It's just that I eventually found myself preferring to spool up my reels the old fashioned way

    Jul 12,2018

  • Juan Martinez
    Oh Yea this is the the way to go if you want your reels to have a perfect new line without tangles

    Jun 06,2018

  • Fourgifts
    nice to be able to spool up a reel without needing help holding the line spool with a pencil

    Jul 07,2018

  • D. Lehman
    great line for ocean fishing, this is for your main line, this line was fantastic

    Jun 18,2018

  • Kristiep1281
    Thank you for a fast shipment and my husband loves his new fishing accessory

    May 20,2018