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  • Gabriel
    Really good and most importantly, really cheap!!!
    First of all I must say that in Brazil, where I’m from, the flagship smartwatches are REALLY expansive, an Apple Watch series 3 is around 2000 (around 500 to 600 american dollars) bucks and I’ve paid only 100 (around 25-30 american dollars) for this one, which has been proving that budget smartwatches do the job really well even being more limited functionalities than the flagships like the apple watches or the Samsung models.

    I’ll point some pros and cons about it:

    • Comfortable
    • Elegant
    • The health functions like heart rate and blood pressure measuring work really well, but I must say that you shouldn’t take its results so serious if you’re doing some kind of heart treatment, as it says in the app, use this just for a reference ;)
    • It has good quality material, I’m not sure if you can buy extra bands for it but the PU band that comes with the watch is really good (and also fancy)
    • The vibration used for notifications and alarms is really good.
    • The battery life can make it for a long period of time and the charging is fast, considering that I put it to charge with 45% and reach the 97% in less than an hour
    • The screen is good, not so big resolution and you will see the pixels but considering the price I accept this.
    • It detect your moves really well, as you can see in he vídeo I uploaded

    • The screen isn’t the hole watch, is just a square in the middle (you can see it on the images I’ve uploaded) and again, for the price I’ve paid, can’t ask for too much.
    • The app translation to Portuguese isn’t that good, still has some errors but if you’re going to use it in English won’t have no problems about this.
    • You have only three options of watchfaces and I didn’t find any way of installing another.

    If you’re looking for a fancy smartwatch that does the job with a really low price point, I really recommend you to buy this one.

    Peace ✌

    Jan 29,2019

  • kansas_clay
    I have tried several fitness trackers, it doesn't have the heart rate feature which I really want since I've just started on a long term fitness regimen to lose weight and I really want to make sure that I'm working out within my optimal heart rate range for the best results, the heart rate seems to be mostly accurate but I do feel that sometimes it's not capturing the highest levels of heart rate when I'm doing my cardio workout, I think that may be just because it's on my right wrist and measuring from the top as well whereas the pulse is typically strongest on the inside of the wrist, the instructions are WAY better than most other affordable as in cheap fitness trackers, it's easy to get to the heart rate screen, I had to press or swipe the home screen many times just to get back to the heart rate screen to take another reading, I really like that I don't need a charging cord since the usb charger is right on the watch - you just have to remove it from the band which is easy to do

    Oct 08,2018

  • Nicholas Lane
    This fitness tracker is definitely a cute, i've had it for a week and I'm likely going to return for something of higher quality, the touch screen kinda works when it wants to - the entire screen is not touch activated only a small area, maybe half battery, the app also allows you to sync an alarm with the wristband a jolting vibration on your wrist that is terrifying enough to wake you up in the morning and was amusingly documented on the Heart rate monitor and a sedentary reminder also a vibration, it's a cute `` smart'' watch that vibrates if you have an incoming call or a message you can allow it to remind you of texts

    Sep 21,2018

  • Pawel
    All is well!
    Delivery by postNL. Can be followed.Delivery ok. Watch is very good looking and woks fine. Fantastic battery, After 2 days of hard use I have still 85%. . Application in mobile phone have to be restarted to connect after disconnect. not big deal. Blood pressure works good only after calibration. You need to calibrate, and to calibrate you need to have real blood pressure medical device. And mobile phone with app. I did this and now ok. see photo. Honest IP67. Was in shower with watch on. No problem. Thanks to seller. All as expected

    Dec 02,2018

  • Dani
    I ordered the smart watch on the 29/09 and it arrived on the 11/10. very fast delivery time. It came in excellent packaging and condition. It is easy to use and looks great, will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Minus one point for the touch display regarding incoming messages: it only notifies but does not let me read the messages. Other than that I'm very happy and satisfied.
    Please note, I have already been using the watch and packed it back into the box to make the video.

    Oct 14,2018

  • Vladimir
    Смарт-часы Diggro Q8
    Часы купил на подарок, сам пользуюсь Amazfit bip, но они по сравнению с Diggro Q8 не выглядят так красиво, хотя и Amazfit дороже.
    Часы купил в начале ноября 22 ноября их уже получил. За три дня сели только на 10%, так что заряд они держат хорошо. С телефоном синхронизируются, после установки и подключения к программе, обновилась прошивка. Шаги меряют нормально, правда, по сравнению с Amazfit bip показывают чуть меньше. Сердцебиение, так же сравнимо, насчет давления не знаю.

    Nov 25,2018

  • Griffin
    complete piece of
    worst purchase ever. I bought myself a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and it's miles better that this product. The touch screen hardly ever responds and the displayable part of the watch is a fraction of the total surface, the rest is just black. Do not buy, there are much better product in this price range out there.

    to be fair, charging port is magnetic convenient, see pic

    Nov 12,2018

  • Pedro Vítor
    Um SmartWatch Básico, mas cumpre o prometido
    Eu comprei esse SmartWatch para minha mãe só para ela usar diariamente na academia, já que ela não liga muito para essas coisas. Até que ela está gostando, o relógio visto de longe transparece algo luxuoso, mas de perto você ver um defeito dele, que é a tela pequena, mas nada que incomode. Eu recomendo vocês a comprarem, ele mede os batimentos, passos e outras coisas também. Sua pulseira é muito bonita, parece algo luxuoso, de ouro, só não sei ainda o desgaste com o tempo devido ao suor.

    Feb 19,2019

  • Darick Petrik
    This is the smart watch I've been waiting for, it was just too much for a tiny screen on my wrist and don't get me started on my dad's insistence on answering calls on his watch rather than pulling his phone out of his pocket, strikes the perfect balance for me ; it's got a heart rate monitor and basic sleep tracking and lets me know who is texting or calling

    Sep 22,2018

  • Alper Talha Orhan
    Not bad
    I give 4 star this product, if looking generally i like but ı dont like small square screen Day Light look not good but night its looking good this budget for good but if you want good some one you find a better options.

    Dec 24,2018