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KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo
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KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo

- Porpora Viola con Mic 311015108

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Con la soluzione di trazione ibrida su ferro ring di seconda generazione, migliora ancora le prestazioni dei dettagli audio
Design ergonomico per i tuoi comfort
Musica stereo ad alta definizione, più chiara
Intelligente cancellazione del rumore, godimento ad alta definizione
Jack audio da 3,5 mm, compatibile con la maggior parte dei telefoni, computer e dispositivi multimediali portatili
Struttura plug-in a 2pin dorata da 0,75 mm migliorata


Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0.0250 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0.0850 kg
Formato del Pacchetto: 10.20 x 7.20 x 3.20 cm / 4.02 x 2.83 x 1.26 pollici

Package Contents

Materiale principale: 1 x Paio di Auricolari, 1 x Cavo di Ricarica

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

KZ ZSN Auricolari In Ear con Cancellazione del Rumore Via Cavo- Porpora  Viola con Mic

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  • EmanRiddle
    KZ ZSN
    Really good quality for the price. The case is nice and comfortable even after longer periods of use. Fit in the ear quite nicely.Overall good sound quality. Lower ends are rich and the bass is strong. Higher sounds are also nice and crisp.The cable doesn't get tangled easily and seems sturdy and made to last. Overall a good buy and would definitely recommend

    Mar 02,2019

  • Super Grover
    KZ ZSN Solid Performer
    These are a dual driver IEM with one Dynamic and one BA driver in each side.Detachable CableThe unit I received came with 4 sets of eartips; what I believe to be two variants of the Medium and a S,M,L eartipConstruction The finish is smooth with no hard or sharp edges. A combination of plastics and metal. Plastic for the chamber, and metal for the outside of the chamber and the nozzle. KZ is finally putting a lip around the nozzle, this is something I felt was missing from previous models. Pleasantly enough the units are smaller than I expected. I was anticipating them to be a bit bulky and this was not the case.The cable is flexible, attractive and does not seem to tangle. I also don't seem to pick up cable noise or anything in the way of microphonics. FitThe fit is always a personal experience, but for my small to medium ears these are comfortable and do not fall out. The over the ear cable does not have a wire and works well for me.SoundTo give some perspective I'm almost 50, and don't hear much beyond 14K anymore, and I tend to like a brighter headphone/IEM over a bassy or more neutral one. I was using a non EQ'd Galaxy S8 for listening, and local 320 MP3 as well as Spotify Premium.MidrangeI find these a bit forward in the mids and lower treble, but not unpleasantBass I haven't needed to try multiple tips, and can easily feel like I can achieve a good seal. Bass seems to be well represented and there are even hints of sub bass. The bass good without being overwhelming.TrebleI'm finding that the treble is competent, but doesn't have the extensive sparkle I'm used to hearing in the KZ ZS6.SoundstageI find the soundstage quite enjoyable with these and would say they outshine some of KZ's other offerings in that respect.SummaryI plan to use these at my desk at work and may pick up a spare to have on standby.The KZ ZSN seem like a great value, and I would recommend them

    Dec 21,2018

  • Ediz A.
    KZ kalitesi,muhteşem rahatlık ve tasarım
    öncelikle ürün daha önce KZ kullananlara yabancı gelmeyecek .örgü kablosu dayanıklılık açısından gayet iyi fakat mikrofon ve ikiye ayrım noktalarındaki gerilimi rahatlatacağını sanmıyorum yani bir problem çıkarsa kablo açısından kesinlikle problem o noktalardan olacaktır.bu problemlerin önüne geçmek amaçlı değiştirilebilir kablo desteği çok ucuz olmasalar da mevcut.bunun dışında konforu çok iyi en ufak bir ağrı acı yok ,kulaktan düşme gibi bir problemi de yok çünkü kancalar mevcut.ses kalitesi 5 üzerinden 4,5 puan tizler bazen fazla gelebiliyor bunun da ayarını papuçlarını değiştirerek kendinize uygun hale getirebiliyorsunuz ben bu konuda problemimi bu şekilde çözdüm. 6 adet hibrit sürücüsü mevcut bu ses kalitesini arttırıyor ama daha bu özelliği teste tabi tutmadım yani 5+1 bir sesi denemedim .kesinlikle sizi tatmin edecektir.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Ed-W
    Aplausos enormes para la marca KZ
    Ya con este son tres KZ que he adquirido y pienso adquirir más. Tuve los ATE que son muy buenos, yo no conocía la marca y por mera apariencia quise probar esos ATE, la calidad por el precio pagado me encantó!, esos los regalé y compre otros más y así sucesivamente y ahora probe con estos ZSN, a mi parecer están muy balanceados, yo no necesito equalizar con el movil el sonido que estos excelentes audifonos dan, no son nada incomodos pese a su tamaño, la verdad la apariencia termina rematando la experiencia auditiva pues es exquisita la forma en como están terminados, genial, son una barbaridad por el precio, ya que esta calidad de audio si no sabes de esta marca ni de nicechk* puedes llegar a pensar con son audifonos de varios CIENTOS DE DOLARES! pero no!!! por ello y varias cosas más que ahora mismo se me escapa KZ ES AMPLIAMENTE RECOMENDABLE!!

    Dec 12,2018

  • KZ ZSN excelente producto
    Muy buen producto
    ● Estos audífonos son de muy buena calidad, el audio es excelente, quede satisfecho con el producto ● Elegí esta calificación porque en verdad cumple con las especificaciones marcadas .● Los materiales son muy buenos, no parece un producto de Hong Kong, elegí el color morado y no me arrepiento, esta muy bonito y al tacto es agradable .● Recomiendo completamente el producto porque su calidad es muy buena.● algo muy útil de estos audífonos es que su cable ya tiene marcado el tamaño de la oreja y así no batallas para adaptar los audífonos ● A diferencia de los otros productos Kz, este tiene el mejor material y su precio es accesible

    Jan 02,2019

  • Damian
    Great new IEM!
    Great new IEM! Fast shipping! Comfortable for long use with great sound quality (although I still like my ZS3 and ZST). Lightweight, high quality metal backed IEM with a nice fit and finish, with what I believe is KZs best tuning yet. Bass is fast and digs deep. Doesn't mud up or bleed into the mids, which are clear and a balanced. Treble is done right. Good details, without sibilance. Stage is good and imaging is fantastic. Everything sounds right with this IEM. All genres of music sound fantastic. It is absolutely mind-blowing what KZ has done here. How they can sell this at this price is beyond comprehension. Thanks.

    Dec 03,2018

  • JS
    A Most Excellent set of IEMs
    I would highly recommend these earphones. I have purchased several different KZ earphones and these are easily the best value for money. The sound quality is excellent with some of the best sounding base and very forward mids. The treble is not fatiguing but still resolves details well. The fit is excellent, both in terms of the shape and depth of the nozzle, as well as the new preformed pieces that go back around the ear - they are a huge improvement over the previous KZ memory wire. Since the earphones fit well in my ear, sound isolation is also great. Overall, a really excellent earphone, highly recommended, I am likely to buy more to give as gifts.

    Mar 10,2019

  • TonusBoy
    KZ ZSN
    Great headphones for your money.Incredibly comfortable fit, in the ears almost do not feel them.Appearance, above all praise.By sound: excellent mids, vocals in the foreground. The lower frequencies are well developed, there is a sub-bass. The upper frequencies do not drill the ear, but unfortunately I cannot call them crystal clear, on the whole they are at a very high level, but in some compositions you can hear insignificant problems of this frequency range.As for me, this is the most successful model of this brand. Taking into account the price, you need to buy immediately. I promise that they will surprise you))

    Nov 18,2018

  • pinoaffe
    KZ ZSN earphones
    I bought the grey variant without microphone, and they work a charm.Sound quality similar / superior to that of my stereo setup, and It does not keep the neighbours up at night :)I can definitely recommend these.They are rather loud when compared to other earphones I've used before, so I can set my phones volume lower, which probably saves battery.Before I bought these, I bought 5 cheaper earphones at a time, and they'd last me maybe two or three months.For about the same price, I bought these, which are more comfortable, have a better sound quality, and last at least as long as 5 cheaper ones combined.

    Feb 16,2019

  • C.R.
    Great Budget IEMs!
    I've seen these recommended on a couple of forums as some good budget good quality InEarMonitors. They came in a very pleasing package, with a few choices for rubber tip sizes. I got the Turquoise color and they look amazing! The cable insertion can be a little confusing (I only found out that there's was L and R written in the cable plugs after I messed up the connection, doh!) Just be sure you get the orientation right after you plug in. Now, I believe the earphones need a little burn in, because after a few hours of playing they sound better, and not as harsh and brittle as when I had just put them on.

    Dec 19,2018

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