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Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica 
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Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica 

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4.59 71 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
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Caratteristiche Principali:
● Il motore da 350 w offre la massima velocità di 35 km/h e una pendenza massima di 30 gradi
● Batteria agli ioni di litio 10Ah / 48V (inclusa nel prodotto) per un chilometraggio massimo di 40 km con modalità elettrica pura e chilometraggio con modalità ciclomotore
● pneumatico gonfiabile in gomma da 20 pollici per terreni diversi
● Disegno pieghevole (formato pieghevole: 80 x 48 x 68 cm) per un comodo trasporto
● Altezza regolabile della sella e del manubrio per diverse altezze di persone
● Modalità pedale, modalità ciclomotore e modalità elettrica pura per scegliere
● Luce anteriore a LED per viaggiare di notte in sicurezza
● Scocca in lega di alluminio per un carico utile massimo di 120 kg
● Adatto per adulti e adolescenti

- Dimensioni della ruota: 20 pollici
- Potenza nominale del motore: 350W
- Potenza nominale della batteria: 480W
- Batteria: batteria agli ioni di litio da 10 mAh
- Tempo di ricarica: 4 ore
- Velocità massima: 35 km/h
- Carico massimo: 120 kg
- Tensione di ingresso: 110 - 240 V
- Modalità freno: freno a disco anteriore / posteriore
- Trasmissione: Shimano 7 velocità
- Maniglia di tiro: impugnare la metà
- Cerchio: ruota a raggi in lega di alluminio
- Parafango: parafango in acciaio



Marca: Samebike
Tipo di Sciarba: Bicicletta elettrica,bicicletta pieghevole
Sistema di Frenata: Doppio Disco freno

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 28,0000 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 31,0000 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 153,00 x 58,00 x 112,00 cm / 60,24 x 22,83 x 44,09 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 91,00 x 38,00 x 71,00 cm / 35,83 x 14,96 x 27,95 pollici

Contenuto della confezione

Contenuto Della Confezione: 1 x Bicicletta Elettrica, 1 x Manuale Inglese, 1 x Strumento, 1 x Caricabatterie

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

Samebike 20LVXD30 Smart Bicicletta Pieghevole Bicicletta Elettrica - Nero EU Spina

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  • Michal
    sì (22) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: EU Plug
    nice bike
    -bike manufacturing looks sturdy and good quality, I was impressed.
    -bike came with a cool remote control with motion alarm included with the bike! You may use the RC to arm or disarm the bike, to start the siren, to switch on the bike power or to switch it off. The bike came with two sets of keys and two RCs. There is an “ignition” key to turn the bike power on (which can be done alternatively by the RC) and a battery key.
    -practical handle on the frame just in front of the seat to lift the bike to train, staircase etc.
    -the Li-Ion battery is really big and heavy (3 kg), which promises a good range
    -actual bike weight with battery is 26,5 kg, not 28
    -the battery can be locked to the frame in a really robust way
    -you can take the battery out to charge it (contrary to what Gearbest says about the bike)
    -you may use throttle to accelerate instantly, or use pedal assistant (which has a little delay)
    -cool phone holder with really strong grip and easy release, with USB charger port

    Just really minor things, but I list all I discovered.
    -it took more than 7 weeks for the bike to be delivered. Out of that, more than 4 weeks it was stuck with a message “ready for UPS in Germany”. I contacted Gearbest and they replied it was delayed for customs procedure.
    -there was a little damage to the bike during transport, which fortunately did not influence the function. The front toothwheel is a bit bent and I had to bend the derailleur protector to give it the full range.There were no scratches or no other damage, the bike was packed really well.
    -in the first week, the speed was limited to some 23 km/h measured with GPS (28 on the display). I started communicating with Gearbest about that, but suddenly (after third battery charge), the speed limit increased to 29 km/h (35 on the bike screen). Now works well.
    -brakes make squeaking noise (but this improves with time)
    -the tachometer display shows about +5 km/h difference, 28 km/h means 23 measured with GPS. When you release the accelerator, the speed on display drops to 0 althogh bike moves on.
    -the trip meter resets to zero every time you switch off the power of the bike. There is odometer which seems to reset if you switch bike on/off in a row without riding. The distance is measured in whole kilometers (at least 100m accuracy would be better) and it shows more kilometers than you rode, just like with speed.
    -the frame folding point lock is really tough to close. There is an adjustment screw, which I could not move by any means.
    -missing tail light
    -the battery back cover broke during my first removal of the battery. But this is just a piece of plastic at the back of the battery, which does not really matter.
    -the pedal assistant has a 1-2 second delay when you start pedalling and when you cease as well. The pedal assistant is either full power until 29 km/h, or nothing if you switch power off.

    Oct 31,2018

  • Sam
    sì (0) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: EU Plug
    Top Preis-Leistungsverhältnis
    Ein tolles Gadget und unbedingt zu empfehlen!

    Gute Verarbeitung allerdings kein Leichtgewicht, aber das wusste man ja bereits vor dem Kauf. Mit wenigen Handgriffen fahrbereit, intuitiver Aufbau ohne Anleitung war ein Kinderspiel, das Einstellen der Scheibenbremse hat hierbei am längsten gedauert.
    Wie auf anderen Foren beschrieben, beläuft sich die anfängliche Höchstgechwindigkeit auf 25km/h und die Trittfrequenz ist da schon ziemlich hoch, sobald der Controller dann die 35km/h freigibt (angeblich nach 2-3 Ladezyklen) wird man nicht mehr in der Lage sein die Frequenz auf die Pedale zu bringen. Umbau auf größeres Kettenblatt ist also schon eine beschlossene Sache.
    Das der Pedal-Assist-Modus nur alles oder nichts kennt konnte man ja ebenfalls in den Foren recherchieren, hier kann man hoffen das evtl. irgendwann eine kleine Änderung vorgenommen wird und man hier auf eine dosierbare Unterstützung wechselt damit man nicht ins leere tritt.

    Aber für kleines Geld (mehr habe ich bei der Regierung nicht durchbekommen) habe ich auch keinen Ferrari erwartet, sondern genau das, oder eher sogar weniger wie das, was ich bekommen habe.

    Das Tracking ist definitiv verbesserungsfähig und eher was für religiöse Menschen, wenn man den Glauben nicht verliert wird alles gut gehen.
    Am Anfang gab es eine Sendungsnummer, mit der man allerdings nichts anfangen konnte. Dann gab es eine UPS Nummer, die aber natürlich schon angelegt wurde, bevor sich das Paket überhaupt in Reichweite von UPS befunden hatte.
    Und dann plötzlich ging es von Heute auf Morgen und UPS hat das Paket geliefert.
    Hat etwas über einen Monat gedauert (35 Tage), davon konnte man die Sendung die letzten 3 Tage tracken. Ich habe ca. 20 mal darüber nachgedacht den Support zu kontaktieren, aber mich dann doch dagegen entschieden, da ja die maximalen 55 Tage noch längst nicht überschritten waren.

    Also Fazit: Wer weiß worauf er sich einlässt wird definitiv nicht entäuscht!

    Ich gebe dem Drahtesel 5 Sterne und bereue nichts!

    Aug 05,2019

  • Good quality for good price!
    sì (5) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: EU Plug
    In general it is a great bike
    The bikes shipping was bit log it was lost for a moment, but finally i got it! The box had damaged by transporting but no very serious hits just - one on the front wheel, it may bit hit brake system and i will need to adjust front brakes. It is quite heavy, but it is electric bike so i didn't expected very light bike it normal. Pluses:
    Good assembly, looks good quality for affordable price.
    The signalization is veeery noisy that is very nice :))) also i love the signal, its quite funny :)
    350 W motor is really good in motion, it rides about 25 km/h now but i hope after third charge it will boost more.
    If you turn ignition and fast push and hold the m button you can adjust the speed display accuracy, so you can set speed display by matching your phones GPS actual speed.
    it is foldable and yes it fits in my sedans trunk! nice :)

    My bike's seat don't have an amortization system as we see in video, you can see that in my photo.But why?
    The screen display shows only the speed of the motor, if you roll don't from a hill and don't push throthle and don't use pedals you will see zero in the screen, i was bit cunfused by that, but SAMEBIKE i hope you will see my comments and fix that in the future bikes.
    The battery was a bit loose in the inside and if you ride on some bumps it will make some noise, but i took tape, wrapped arround and the problem solved.

    So in general it is a great bike!

    Feb 12,2019

  • Mate
    sì (3) Colore: Black Dimenzione del prodotto: EU Plug
    Samebike 20LVXD30
    My first electric bicycle.
    The delivery lasted disappointing long time. 66 days.
    After being delivered one pedal was broken. I wrote to GearBest and they returned part of my money so I bought the other one.
    The bicycle looks very good. High quality.
    After my first ride I was very pleased with the performance of the bike. The speed was limited to 22 km / h.
    But immediately after the second charge the speed goes up to 35 km / h. I think the actual speed is about 2-3 less.
    It has 7 speeds. Shimano works great.
    It has a light just at the front side and its verry good..
    All the time I heard some weird sounds in the front end when I was crossing the gap on the road and could not figure out what it was doing until I had pulled out the battery. The lid was broken. I wrote GearBest again and they will sent another cover. I've covered it with a duck tape, there is still some noise but much less. This can be fixed with a little bit more ducktape.
    Aside from the pedal and battery cover beeing broken, noise that you can hear while riding on bumps (batteries hit the frame) is all great.
    An excellent bicycle, it has enough power and the range with just a battery is about 25-30 km. My weight is 95kg and the outside temperature is about 6 degrees Celsius.

    Feb 24,2019

  • Juan Francisco
    sì (4) Colore: White Dimenzione del prodotto: EU Plug
    Gran bicicleta eléctrica
    Después de una larga espera de unos 45 días, por fin llegó a Alicante (España). Se ve de buena calidad, probada tanto pedaleando como en modo eléctrico puro (acelerador en el puño derecho del manillar). Algo que no se especifica en las características y que si que tiene, es que lleva incorporada una alarma con sonido potente y mando a distancia. La Luz delantera es bastante luminosa de led, por contra en la parte trasera solo cuenta con un reflector. El cuenta kilómetros solo registra la actividad del recorrido en cada momento, reiniciándose a cero en cada nuevo uso. Posee también un timbre bastante sonoro para avisar de nuestra presencia en caso de necesidad a los demás usuarios de la vía o peatones. Trae doble juego de llaves tanto para la activación de la bicicleta en modo eléctrico y otras dos llaves para la extracción de la batería, así como dos mandos para la alarma. Muy contento en general, esperando disfrutarla muchos años.

    Dec 12,2018

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