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Xiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico
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Xiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico

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4.68 257 Recensioni dei clienti | Vedi la descrizione in inglese
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MJTXD01XM Recensioni di Youtube Video

MJTXD01XM Descrizioni

Caratteristiche principali:
● Realizzato in acciaio giapponese 60HRC ad alta durezza, preciso e resistente
● La costruzione geometrica Voronoi unica ispirata all'ala della libellula ti offre un tocco e un'angolazione estremamente confortevoli per adattarsi al contorno del viso
● Potente rasatura di 7800rpm, facile da radere la barba
● L'interruttore nascosto impedisce il funzionamento errato accidentale, facile da usare con una sola mano
● Interfaccia USB Type-C, molto comoda per caricarla con il tuo power bank compatto
● Design staccabile senza necessità di lavaggio, detergente per uso esterno
● Batteria integrata agli ioni di litio ad alta densità, di lunga durata per 30 giorni che utilizzano ogni 3 minuti ogni giorno
● Indicatore di batteria scarica, ricorda di rimanere più basso
● Bassa rumorosità, solo 65 dB durante il funzionamento
● Dimensioni compatte e leggere, perfette per viaggi o viaggi di lavoro



Marca: Xiaomi
Modello: MJTXD01XM
Materiale: Metallo
Tipo di Operazione: Elettrico
Lineamenti: Indicatore di Carica,Design Ergonomico,Low Noise
Altre Funzioni: Design Sottile e Sicuro

Dettagli di prodotto

Condizioni d'uso: Secco
Pulizia: Lavare a Secco
Rumorosità (dB): 65

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0,1040 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0,2270 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 5,50 x 1,32 x 9,20 cm / 2,17 x 0,52 x 3,62 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 8,50 x 4,20 x 13,60 cm / 3,35 x 1,65 x 5,35 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x Rasoio

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico - NeroXiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico - NeroXiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico - NeroXiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico - NeroXiaomi Mi Home USB Ricaricabile Rasoio Elettrico - Nero

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Recensioni dei clienti

4.68 su 5
  • 193
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  • Fabio
    Great Product
    I bought this product because I wanted to try using an electric shaving razor, after having always used the razor blade. I found a discount that allowed me to take it home at a great price and above all it is a razor by Xiaomi, a brand that I love.
    This was what motivated me to buy this razor.
    It really arrived in a short time (I'm talking about a couple of weeks) and at the opening it was immediately perceived the quality of the product.
    It is built entirely of aluminum and above all it is very small, so very comfortable to keep in the bag when traveling.
    the upper part, where there is the blade, is covered by a shiny plastic cover that makes a good impression with the rest of the product.
    a particularity that struck me a lot, was the presence of a c-type door at the bottom, which allows a quick recharge of the device.
    inside the package we also find a small brush for cleaning the blade when it is full of hairs.
    Speaking instead of the quality of the cut, I must say that I am quite satisfied: the razor glides well on the skin of the face, without leaving irritation and cuts the beard very well. Even if we talk, however, a beard of one or two days maximum, while if we wait a few more days, then the razor will make a little effort to cut the beard.
    However, a product that really struck me, both for the materials it is made of, and for the safety it transmits when you pick it up.
    Surely it is a product that I recommend for those who do not want to spend a lot and looking for something that does his job well, after all we are talking about xiaomi, a brand that is growing very much from all points of view

    Nov 17,2018

  • Elena
    Обзор на бритву Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver
    Долго думала, чем бы порадовать мужа. И увидила как загорелись его глаза когда сказала, что Ксиоми выпускает бритву. Заказала. На этот раз службой доставки ))) не очень наша почта работает. Принес курьер на дом. И вот распаковка!! А распаковкой занимается муж, я на заденем плане. Что удивило? Она и вправду как пол смартфона!!! Вот если сломать смарт пополам и сложить половинки вместе, то это и есть размеры бритвы. Заряжается от любой USB розетки. Кабель тип С идет в комплекте. На фотографии все видно.
    В комплекте щеточка для удаления волос, инструкция, кабель для зарядки и сама бритва. Все упаковано в восхитительную коробочку, как будто телефон.
    Отзывы мужа после 10 дневного использования - уже забыл, что бриться это так просто. Волосы не падают, можно бриться хоть посередине комнаты. 3-4 дневную щетину сбривает легко, а волосы у мужа жесткие. От себя - давно не ощущала такую гладкость кожи. Если она прослужит хотя бы год, то ей цены нет. Берите своим любимым - он будет в восторге, как и я.

    Jan 24,2018

  • Andrii
    Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver
    Компактная, легкая, легко находится в руке. Внимание, это машина сеточного типа, с вытекающими достоинствами и недостатками. К достоинствам можно также отнести то, что не травмирует кожу. А недостаток как и у всех машин подобного рода, так как волоски должны попасть в сетку бритвенной машины, они должны быть длинной до 2мм. Если щетина отросла длиннее, то волосок не пройдет в отверстие для сбривания, машинка будет по щетине просто кататься, гладя ее. Поэтому только для ежедневного применения.
    Не смог найти сменных лезвий.

    Aug 14,2018

  • dayanrapha
    I am always pleased to test Xiaomi products, and with this one it could not be different. Excellent product with a very neat and clean surface. It does not even seem like a shaver.
    The product holds its battery pretty well -- I am getting one hour to one and a half hour of discharging it until I need to charge again. The charging time is ok also, around a hour.
    I would highly recommend this product if you want something cheap and with a good quality. The hair needs to be very small though -- otherwise the product cannot shave very well.

    Oct 20,2018

  • thodoris
    Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver
    Compact, light, easy to hold in the hand. Attention, this machine is a grid type, with consequent advantages and disadvantages. The merits can also be attributed to what does not hurt the skin. A disadvantage like all machines of this kind, t to the hairs must get into the net of the shaving machine, they must be up to 2 mm long. If the bristles are longer, the hair will not pass into the shaving hole, the machine will simply roll on the shetiny, stroking it. Therefore, only for daily use.
    Not for large bristles

    Apr 24,2018


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