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  • Becer
    clearer on the screen.
    I ordered this camera because I noticed that my images were not clear during my zoom meeting. Once I installed the camera and switched from my laptop to this camera, I saw the difference! I was surprised. The previous images taken with my laptop camera were grainy and cloudy. With this camera, the image is clear and bright. It would be nice if I had bought this camera earlier, and now I do look much clearer on the screen.

    Dec 09,2020

  • Moni
    1080p image quality
    I need a good webcam to hold a video conference. After doing some research, I passed this webcam and commented really well, so I want to give it a chance. It turns out that this is exactly what I wanted, the picture quality is good, and the wide angle is super impressive. I can also use this camera in the conference room, it can take pictures of everyone in that big room. The 1080p image quality makes it more satisfying.

    Dec 14,2020

  • Mark
    5 thumbs up
    A nice webcam. I met problems with my integrated one which is built into my laptop but this one was a suitable replacement. Essentially plug and play. Quick setup and the picture quality is great. You can place on the top of the monitor or just stand it on the desk and adjust the camera angle to suit. But sometimes the connection is a little delayed. Overall, it's a great product.

    Oct 08,2020

  • Luke
    Qualità discreta ma non ottima
    Webcam di discreta qualità ma non al livello di prodotti di fascia alta.
    Necessita di qualche secondo, in fase di avvio, per mettere a fuoco il soggetto poi l'immagine si stabilizza e risulta buona.
    Il contrasto rimane adeguato anche se si attiva la sfocatura dello sfondo (come consente ad esempio Skype).
    Sulle lenti degli occhiali appare qualche artefatto di colore blu a seconda di come è inclinato il viso.
    Dal punto di vista del rapporto prezzo/qualità rappresentano un ottimo acquisto.

    Mar 16,2021

  • Cindy
    Arrived on time
    Easy to set up and does what I needed. I'm a teacher. I bought this camera for distance learning during the COVID quarantine. This product arrived after a few days. Easy to set up and connect. High-quality picture and worked on a Zoom and MS Teams call immediately. Perfect for what I need. My wife is going to buy another one. This is a great deal.

    Oct 20,2020

  • William
    Amazing webcam
    Just plug it in and it works. Small and simple to set up. It can sit on a desk or attach to a screen. The excellent video and sound of the camera have made me more focused on the course. A useful tool for my study. I will 100% recommend this webcam to all my friends and family especially now due to the shift towards online learning. Great value.

    Oct 20,2020

  • David
    Highly recommend
    I purchased this for my kids' online schooling and Zoom meetings. Streamlined, low profile design, nothing fancy. The picture quality is great. 1080P Full HD Resolution! The cam also has a great grip. The quality is amazing for the price. Logitech webcam is more expensive than this cam. I would recommend it to my friends. 4 thumps up

    Sep 15,2020

  • SK-818
    I do not like the built-in camera on my surface book and I have already gone through two other webcams but I just don't like their limitations and performance. Super easy to set up just plug it in. The image on the video conference is clear and decent. 1080P Full HD! I got many compliments. I'm going to buy another one for home. Hahaha.

    Nov 09,2020

  • Luisa
    Really well made
    The video is great and my colleagues say that the audio is also clear. I am very pleased with the performance! It could also be easily mounted on top of a monitor or computer. The video is clear and sharp with excellent color reproduction, the best I’ve seen on a webcam. The size, weight, and grip all worked fine for me.

    Nov 19,2020

  • Dara
    highly recommend
    This is a high-quality camera, and it is easy to install. Picture quality and built-in microphone are also good features. It is difficult for me to find a good quality camera, so when we found a 1080P camera with a microphone, we bought two. I highly recommend this product.

    Dec 01,2020