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  • Kauan
    olha eu amo a ideia por trás de um caderno reutilizável, as canetas que eram meu maior problema são super comuns, o caderno é lindo eu super recomendo.

    chegou super rápido e o único defeito é a ideia de acrescentar folhas, então o miolo dele vem "destacável como em um fichário" para adicionar novas folhas e isso deixa a utilização um pouco complicada fora isso é perfeito

    o app é ótimo e automaticamente ao comprar o caderno você ganha um acesso vip
    ele vem com folhas lisas para desenho e pautadas para escrita é simplesmente ótimo.

    Jul 20,2019

  • Martin V
    Not weird per say the author does a great job in creating unique voices for each of the characters ... but it did feel a little bit like `` The Host'' by Stephanie Meyer, the author does a fantastic of really setting up her world of Dragons and the hierarchy there was a lot of thought behind that, which meant that she really poured a lot into creating this world and that's amazing, because we have so much of the back story in place we more than likely won't have to go through that again

    Feb 23,2018

  • Filipe
    Decent reusable notepad
    This is a very above average notepad with the unusual trait that it can be reused. It took me a little bit to get used to the ink of the came it came with but after what was like 3 to 5 minutes i barely noticed the difference. It has a very decent size not to big nor small to make in unpractical. If you intend to reuse it, than it's worth the money, otherwise you can get quite a few of notebooks for the price of this one here.

    Bottom line is, in terms of build quality an reusability of this notebook, it is quite good.

    Oct 23,2018

  • Gussie
    Good writing experience, OK APP.
    Wonderful packaging, Book looks sturdy and premium. Everything explained well. App seems useful, relatively straight-forward to use (even on old Blackberry 10 OS!). I have not tried the erasing function in microwave, but will update my review when I do. Writing on the special paper is quite comfortable, no smudges. Handy elastic ring to keep pen securely in place.
    Paper is slightly rubbery, not like normal paper (still nice to write on). Pen ink is not very dark, but readible none the less. registering VIP account in app was slightly buggy, but got there in the end. Need to remind yourself not to use normal pen! paper and cover pick up fingerprints easily, but easy to clean with soft dry cloth.

    Mar 05,2018

  • Perfect notice book!
    Great technology
    I like this notice book.
    The writing on this new kind of paper feels very good! :) It makes a lot of fun.
    You can erase the written parts or you can clean the whole page with a hair dryer! That's really funny.

    Also you can use an app for saving your written data!

    It's better than any notice book I had before! :)
    I didn't find any!

    Mar 28,2018

  • Marcell H. K.
    The best notebook ever!
    Fantastic notebook for those who always need to annotate information and do not want to buy notebooks frequently
    It's a great way to preserve trees
    Ecologically sustainable
    Easy to use and erase
    Definitely no cons

    Jul 06,2018

  • Marco Loewe
    Pricey but useful
    - Nice Design

    - Due to the nature of this notebook, fixing a mistake or erasing entire pages to clear some space is very ease

    - Companion app that lets you save everything you wrote and export it as PDF
    - With this purchase you also get lifetime premium features for the app
    - The regular price of almost 30€ is a litte pricey considering it's a notebook we're talking about

    - Smaller than A4 paper size

    - App is only in Chinese and English, also the translation is sometimes questionable

    Dec 13,2017

  • George
    ELFIN Book
    Very good product, it really does what its description says. I am very pleased with the purchase and I recommend it to anyone.

    Apr 02,2018

  • Gustavo
    Muito bom!
    Caderno muito bom. Tamanho bom, numero de paginas bom para meu uso.
    Acompanha caneta que escreve e apaga. Pode ser apagado com a borracha que vem na caneta ou com papel úmido ou calor. Paguei R$53,69 na época. Pena que perdi o caderno na faculdade.

    Aug 06,2018

  • Vitor
    Produto muito bom e realmente funciona
    Eu estava com dúvida quanto à apagar o que já havia sido escrito, mas de fato funciona tanto com ar quente e até mesmo com um pouco de saliva no dedo. Realmente é muito bom. Usei o app (na Play Store tem a versão em inglês e é possível cadastrar um telefone do Brasil) e funcionou corretamente, mas não achei muita utilidade para ele.
    Possui apenas 40 páginas e não é de capa dura.

    Nov 27,2017