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  • Javier Espada
    IT Technician
    If you own an eachine, furibee or jjrc mini quad and want to add fpv camera to them this is one awesome mount. Make sure to cover electronics on the board so you don't fry it as this are metal and use some tape on the back to prevent it from falling back if your camera is not big enough for the back space. comes with all missing screws for the sides and makes your quad look awesome!!!

    Feb 17,2017

  • Javier Espada
    IT Technician
    got them for friends, they are very happy with them. easy to put on furibee, eachine or jjrc mini quads. make sure to cover the electronics to prevent shorts and if your camera is smaller you can simply put a piece of tape on the back to keep the camera in place. they are lightweight and have a nice angle for the camera.

    Feb 17,2017

  • okey
    F001 Camera Fixing Mount for JJRC H36 Inductrix BLH8700
    perfectly mounts on furibee36
    it is large compared to the cameras on the market. but you can still use it with 2 rubber bands. what you put on the frame folds the media remains rigid

    Jan 10,2019

  • dj_napster
    metal and light
    small etal element and very useful. Earlier I used it to mount the camera on the drone and now it has found its application on a small rc car. I recommend it because it helps in the assembly of a small camera.

    Jun 09,2019

  • Rudi
    FPV-Cam mount
    I've ordered these cam-mounts to compare with my own 3D-printed ones.
    These have the advantage that they can be bent to the right angle.
    I do think they are twice as heavy as my 3D-printed mounts, so they win.

    Mar 29,2017

  • fethullah
    F001 Camera Fixing Mount
    ağır değil hafif bi materyal
    vidaları 2 tane avantajlı
    şekli güzel görünüyor
    tam uyumlu
    furibee f36 ye uyumlu
    kurulumu basiçe
    eksisi yok

    Mar 11,2018

  • Rachel
    Most excellent.
    Light weight, unbreakable, looks awesome and fits perfectly.
    Highly recommended.

    Feb 17,2017

  • Bastian
    F001 Camera Fixing Mount
    Item fix to the E010/F36 frame. Parcel arrived in time and in a good condition. Thx to Gearbest and the shipping service. Best regards from Germany
    In my opinion the price is to high for such a simple product and in this quality. Under 1 Euro is okay, everything above to much.

    Aug 29,2017

  • Mr Parkinson
    Nice camera mount
    Does exactly what it's needed for and holds the camera nice and firmly do when you do crash it stays attached. The finish is nice and the metal is sturdy when you crash.
    It could do with being a little lighter as the camera and mount seem to be just a little heavier than the drones I've tried it with can carry, even with a 220mah 50c battery. I think it's because the camera consumes to much current and shortens the flight time by 3-4 minutes.

    It would be better if it came with two screws to mount it to the drone chassis, as I had to find my own which ment stripping an old mobile phone just to find two that would fit.

    Jan 08,2017

  • F001
    F001 Camera Fixing Mount
    - fast shipping
    - nice colour
    - good looking
    - small weight
    - two screw in box
    - I have no idea what write next
    - it doesnt suitable to my camera TX02
    - there is no screws to camera
    - Does not fit everythng AIO camera outthere
    - I dont know how to mount it to furibee f36 or jjrc h67

    Apr 10,2018