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  • Harsh Mehta
    Bright USB LED Lamp
    1. Very easy to use.
    2. Useful during power cuts and night time.
    3. Hard to find such a good product at this price point
    4. Extremely flexible, can be set at any angle.
    5. Very low power consumption.
    6. Can be connected to smartphones using OTG cable.
    7. Very bright, it can be used to read books in dark.
    8. Fast shipping and amazing service provided by Gearbest.
    MUST BUY!!!
    None whatsoever.

    PS: I have added a small unpacking video.

    Jun 22,2016

  • lamp
    good item
    I thins the item is very nice and really helpful for the people who are looking for something to light the keyboard of the computer especially in the dark but WHAT can say about this lamp is that it is a little bit small than what I expected to be
    I suggest everyone to buy it because the price is very encouraging and also the quality is perfect for this cheap price is very satisfying

    Nov 01,2017

  • Andriy
    Flexible Mini USB Lamp Gearbest
    Удобная USB лампа. Компактный размер. Гибкость (очень удобно выбирать направление луча света). Низкое энергопотребление. Очень удобна в использовании в связке с павербанком, в качестве настольной (прикроватной) лампы. Использую в основном для чтения эл. книги и для подсветки клавиатуры ноутбука. Соотношение цена качество просто отличное!!!
    Проигрывает в качестве аналогичной лампе от Xiaomi. Но и цена почти в 3 раза меньше.

    Jul 09,2016

  • Giovanni
    1.5W DC 5V USB LED Light
    small and pocket usb light can be used in many different ways, for PC, for car, for television, as a spotlight in a camping, wherever there is a usb socket, it is a good light.
    nessuno, nada!

    Nov 18,2017

  • DannyJ
    Flexible Mini USB Lamp WHITE 5V 1.5W from Gearbest for 1.39 USD
    1) It's made from a good material.
    2) I have compared this lamp with two others more expensive and the same construction.This cheaper LED lamp is really, more bright.
    3) Length: 165 mm
    4) Good quality thick cable: 10 mm
    In general this is good product for 1.39 USD
    After 2 hours lamp became warm.

    May 24,2017

  • Leonard
    Fun little trinket
    Light is comparable to an average mid-end , high-end smart-phone led light.
    Pretty convenient when repairing/building stuff in small/dark spaces such as car repairs, pc upgrades.
    Works with pretty much any power-bank.
    For the price and unexpected convenience (I really saw little to no use but bought it just because) I can't really fault it much.
    I would appreciate a bit brighter led light but it's fairly bright for the use-case I previously described and it would drive the price up, probably not by much tough.

    Jun 14,2016

  • Pedro
    muy buena calidad USB Led PC
    Economica, precio/calidad insuperable
    materiales solidos y de calidad
    superficie engomada
    puerto USB metalico
    ilumina un monton mas de lo que se espera
    no haber comprado mas, lol

    Aug 13,2016

  • Vadim
    Flexible Mini USB Lamp
    Лампа хорошего качества, хорошая цена. Если сравнивать с оригиналом от Xiaomi то цвет самой лампы более насыщенный, светит слабее чем Xiaomi, температура света - холодно белый (6500)

    Mar 21,2016

  • Dborg56
    Fantastic, we have 4
    I use these when power outages happen. They give off enough light and can be directed away from eyes so not to blind anyone. I use them with battery banks or connect them to surge protectors with a USB port to provide a "night-light" for company that aren't familiar with house layout.
    No cons, these have so many uses

    Oct 09,2017

  • Dmitrii
    1.5W DC 5V USB LED Light
    Got goods in 30 days! The goods are satisfied, convenient universal device! Convenient for reading and for a weekend at night! I recommend to everyone the goods and the seller!
    I did not observe

    Jun 19,2017