MH-Serie Scala di Tasche Digitali 200g / 0.01g - Argento
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MH-Serie Scala di Tasche Digitali 200g / 0.01g - Argento


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    Main Feature:
  • Calibration: auto calibration
  • Tare range: tare full capacity
  • Auto off(default): 30 second off
  • Operation temperature: 10 - 30 deg.c
  • Product dimension: 12*6*2 cm
  • Product weight: 0.090 kg

  • Package weight: 0.115 kg
  • Package size: 13*7*2.5 cm

  • 1 x Digital Scale
  • 1 x Manual

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  • Igor (Dnepr007)
    Бруто Нетто - весы нннадо?
    Весы С измерением до 500 грамм. Были уже откалиброваны и показывали точно, тем не менее, на всякий случай сделал калибровку ещё раз.

    Порядок действий для калибровки

    1. Включить весы.
    2. Дождаться когда на дисплее будет указано 0.0, затем нажать и удерживать 3 секунды кнопку UNITS. После этого на экране появится надпись CAL, надо нажать на кнопку UNITS
    3. Ещё раз нажать на кнопку UNITS, на экране будет написан калибровочный вес, который необходимо положить на весы. Обычно в этой роли выступает специальная калибровочная гиря
    4. На весах будет написано PASS, вес принят за эталонный.
    5. Снять калибровочный груз с весов, выключить и включить весы. Калибровка завершена.
    за такую цену какие могут быть недостатки ) девайс работает.

    Nov 16,2014

  • BestCat
    Accurate to at least one decimal place
    - Accurate to at least one decimal place. Small variation in the second decimal place, but I would expect this for inexpensive scales.

    - Nice to look at, nice colour back light.

    - Compact, could be carried easily and have a lid which closes to protect them.

    - Very affordable.
    - Small weighing platform

    Mar 08,2016

  • sg
    guter Preis-Leistungs-Verhältniss
    Ich habe die Waage als ein Teil einer grösseren Bestellung gekauft. Die Bestellung war ohne LI-Ion Akkus und kam mit "germany express" (DPD) sehr schnell und unkompliziert (ohne Zoll oder sonstiges) direkt zu mir nach Hause.
    Das Teil ist dem Preis entsprechend sehr gutund sieht so aus als ob lange Zeit halten wird. Ich habe versucht etwas zu wiegen und es sieht so aus, daß die Waage auch ziemlich genau ist.

    Mar 31,2016

  • Nurzh
    Perfect Balance
    Compact and highly accurate digital scale at 40 kg at an affordable price have the typical characteristics of high-end products. A lot of useful features for the angler. Easy to hold in the accessory box or pocket. Hang your trophy on the hook - and the balance will instantly show you the exact weight. Durable stainless steel hook will last for years.

    Mar 14,2014

  • davidsalvadorbar2
    Ideal weighing tool - Had three already
    Ideal for precision weighing and extremely lightweight object measurements. If you intend to calculate sugar, liquid, etc. weights it is the tool for you.
    It won't weigh a three pound turkey or a sixty ounce gold bar, but it works for small little things you often see on jewelry/kitchen environments.
    Beware not to drop liquid on it (not waterproof!) My last one broke after some milk entered the circuits, but I understand that for the price you can't have everything!

    Sep 01,2015

  • Alexander
    Excellent scale
    Very accurate down to.01g, and light enough to carry around in your pocket (unlike other 'pocket' scales) Backlight is a cool blue and makes the LCD incredibly easy to read. Transparent lid casing swings fully open to allow a jar or plasic lid to be placed on it when turned on to weigh things like liquids.

    Jun 01,2014

  • magdyshedid
    Good value for moeny
    * Stylish
    * protected with it's plastic cover
    * accurate
    * well lit display
    * widely available batteries to replace
    * good capacity of 200g , "you must not overload it"
    * PRICE
    * excellent for most vaping applications, Gold, silver, coins , ETC......
    * A Bit to sensitive, but definitely "NOT" a deal breaker

    Apr 18,2015

  • HHCC
    Excellent Scale
    Does its job as advertised. Multi function.

    Auto calibration function is a bonus.

    Beautiful blue backlight makes reading very easy.

    User manual written in readable English for once.

    Sep 02,2014

  • Nigel
    Super little set of scales
    Small size, the backlight on the screen is a great idea, easy to use and quick to calculate the weight, the tare feature is very handy, and it only uses two AAA batteries
    The cover can be a bit difficult to lift off the scales

    Jun 24,2016

  • Beba
    Scales for the kitchen
    These scales I ordered a month ago. Came in excellent condition have their cardboard box. Also in the kit includes two batteries. Measurement precision has a few readings. Can be adjusted for any containers kitchen. Purchase pleased.

    Apr 15,2014

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