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  • p.fulwider
    My first fidget spinner so not a lot to compare to, the bearings are of high quality and the overall housing is very rigid and sturdy, a little on the smaller side but perfect for one handed operation and fits in any small pocket easily

    Oct 02,2017

  • Tim P.
    His anxiety can be high and this spinner is a wonderful fidget for him, it not only keeps his hands busy but allows him to focus his energy and breathing onto something other than the triggers of his fears and triggers

    Sep 21,2018

  • Kevin King
    These were a great value, it doesn't have the spinning endurance of the others probably because the weight different, but it makes up for it with the cool lights

    Feb 20,2018

  • L. Moore
    I bought this spinner as a gift and it's neat, the only down side is that it makes just a little bit of noise as it spins, but that's not a big deal at all

    Oct 22,2017

  • Luann Kleemeyer
    I'm not much of a Fidget spinner kind of guy, but the overall spinning is good smooth and friction free, kids loves it so you can't go wrong

    Feb 08,2018

  • Wizardi
    Got this as a gift for a adult friend that has busy hands and they love it, it's a great `` toy'' for anyone !! Way better than a boring stress ball

    Feb 14,2018

  • josh46
    Not really a smooth spinner, its all plastic so it doesnt have any weight behind it and the outside bearings are rough and grindy

    Jul 31,2017

  • Uros Lazar
    New level of sninning
    - Obviously text and animation of LED
    - batteries included
    - cheap
    - none

    Aug 26,2017

  • Nava Raj Bogatee
    He really enjoys these fidget spinners, I would recommend these fidget spinners to anyone because it even calms me down ...

    Jul 21,2018

  • PRO 2
    Tho only down side to this is that it is pretty loud, but if your in a room with just a little bit of noise you won't hear it

    Feb 16,2018