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  • Karine
    Very happy to receive the product. In the box, there are two mini walkie-talkie, perfect size for the pockets. They are both light in the hand, well-made. I bought this pair for my kids to play. They really love them. After loading the battery, I tried for a while, many tones are available. The sound is nice, and I am looking forward to camping with them as communication tools.

    Dec 05,2018

  • Spencer
    No problem with the signals in the range of 2km
    They had not been used after a while since I received the two walkie-talkies. Two days ago, our family went camping in the countryside where the mobile network signals were poor. Luckily, I took them there, and they worked well 2km away from each other. The sound was clear.
    Other advantages: lightweight, durable, affordable.

    Nov 28,2018

  • oizes
    Walkie Talkie
    Ottimo giocattolo per bambini; facile da utilizzare con pochi comandi e la possibilità di bloccare i tasti.
    La voce si sente forte e chiara; da verificare la distanza di copertura.
    Unica pecca, le batterie si scaricano dopo un paio di settimane anche se non vengono utilizzate.

    Apr 21,2019

  • Buarunas
    gocomma 8 chanel
    Hi, The Gocomma 8-channel 2-way Radio Walkie Talkie package is delivered quickly, the package is intact and the 2-way walkie talkie works great. The voice is great, it is about 3 km outside. I tried it in the forest for about 2 km. I say a really good inexpensive item.

    Jan 17,2019

  • Tiffany MM
    Wonderful shopping experience!
    Wonderful shopping experience! I took them out to go shopping last time, and they worked nicely! The signals were stable within 2km. My kid enjoyed playing, and we could call each other freely at any time. Honestly, I feel them great.

    Dec 08,2018

  • Brian Lyton
    Very Good product
    The price is good , The build quality is really good thought its gonna look and feel cheap but its great material, easy to setup and use, shipping took 2 weeks but I understand it was due to holiday, i really like it


    Jan 19,2019

  • Md. Roknuzzaman
    Everything Okay
    Product reached fast. Can easily talk from 3rd floor of my apartment with my kid playing at the ground floor. Only negative thing is, it consumes a lot of battery charge. I thing I should use rechargeable bayteries.

    Jan 23,2019

  • Marco Moura
    nice experience
    Arrived safely and in time, well packed, good material, works well, tested a few times , so far I'm satisfied.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Dan
    Walkie Talkie
    This walkie talkie are very good . both works just fine . i didn't tested in open file to see the range , but indoors are good. i recommend.

    May 07,2019

  • Naveen
    Worth it
    I am satisfied with the quality and price of the product. It needs a total of 8 batteries and it drains very fast, that's the only worrying thing. Rest everything is fine

    Apr 05,2019