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  • Nochez
    5 star recommendation
    It is great to receive this box remote control tonight. No problems have been found so far. The interface is very smooth and smooth without any lag. The picture is very clear when connected via HDMI for the first time. I have tried using it with 4K HD movies. The picture quality is very good! The round appearance and LED display make it very beautiful in the entertainment center . In general, I am satisfied with what I have purchased. 5 star recommendation.

    Sep 06,2020

  • Leo
    accomplishes the task well
    I decided to buy a mid-range product and a small second TV at home. I have everything I need, a small remote control and a remote control with a full keyboard with color-changing LEDs, HDMI cables, and a well-made Android TV set-top box.

    I launched it and followed the easy-to-follow installation wizard, and it was closed and running within a few minutes. There is no problem with updating the application, installing and testing. It accomplishes the task well

    Aug 27,2020

  • Floline
    No problems
    I have almost no problem getting this and running it. Setting up is easy for me. The picture is clear and the connection is good. I like this small keyboard and remote control. They do require some learning to figure out, but they are well worth a try. I like the fact that the box is small because I don’t like bulky things, so this is a great choice for me.

    Aug 27,2020

  • Murphree
    good mid-level devic
    This is a good mid-level entrance device and it performs very well. The image quality is top-notch

    The actual TV box itself is the perfect size and can be hidden in your entertainment center or show its pride on top of your entertainment center.

    Ease of use makes this box a must. This TV box is awesome! It really changed the way we watch TV.

    Aug 14,2020

  • Arnold
    Smooth running
    So far, this is the smoothest running Android TV set-top box I have used. And equipped with a touch keyboard remote control, making navigation and typing a breeze. The installation is simple and takes about 10 minutes. The money is absolutely worth it. This is one of the best purchases.

    Sep 03,2020

  • Cumberbatch
    perfect smart TV box
    The perfect smart TV box. I really like it. I tried it on my TV. It works very well. I can download and install so many apps. The price and quality are very good.

    Aug 21,2020

  • Trigg
    Easy to set up
    The delivery was faster than promised. Set up is very easy and intuitive and take only few minutes.

    would definitely recommend

    Sep 03,2020

  • Lyons
    worth every penny
    It is worth every penny. My husband and I really like our new TV box. No need to spend unnecessary money to subscribe!

    Aug 26,2020

  • Ainsley
    clear details
    The feature impressed me is the image quality, super clear and every details can be seen

    Aug 29,2020

  • Jonathan
    get all i need
    I'm using it mostly as a smart home control center. I was able to get all the apps I needed

    Aug 05,2020