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  • Hey
    Impressed TV Box
    Standard Apps included, and ability to download more easily. purchase worth the money. It would be easy for beginner to operate and use. Seems to perfectly answer my needs for something simple. Playing games, watching Movies, all are barrier-free. Plus the price of this box is affordable for me. So I recommend it to you.

    Nov 13,2020

  • Quaea
    TV Box I like
    I set this box up in a few minutes. The Operation of the romote is easy. Easy to access networks & other channels I wanted, it is also simple to download the apps. This is my first TV box & it does what I expected. I am sure there are better ones that cost more, but this one serves my needs, plus I got a discount when I purchased it.

    Nov 18,2020

  • Kaje
    5 star product
    Excellent android tv box!we had been using this tv boxes for a while, I really like this little things this tv box is very convenient to watch many tv shows and movies, and let me enjoy the game in a large screen with my family and friends easily. In addition, it is easy to set up as well!

    Oct 09,2020

  • Icy1
    Watch and play in large screen
    With this box I can watch movies and play games in a large screen with clear picture

    Nov 11,2020

  • IKS
    Great for gamer
    I love play games and this box offer a good experience for me when playing game

    Dec 11,2020

  • Xyz123
    Top deal
    Top deal that I just want to recommend to you

    Nov 18,2020

  • Bea
    4k HD
    4k HD brings me amazing viewing experience

    Oct 23,2020

  • Jaak
    Nice TV box, easy to set up, excellent

    Nov 13,2020