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  • Not bone conducting but still great
    It's not bone conducting, just a little speaker, but still gets the job done
    First, this is advertised as bone conducting, and it's not, not at all, but that was expected for $17. There's just a little speaker that fires into your ear. That being said, it actually creates a very similar effect to bone conduction. I like them because you can still hear everything around you along with the music, it doesn't block out any sound. Now, since it's just a little speaker and not right in your ear, the quality isn't great. In fact, the quality is quite bad, but that's ok and expected and I still really like them and use it every day. There isn't much sound bleed unless you're on max volume, and even then you can only tell that it's playing music if you're 12 inches or closer, so that's not an issue at all. I recommend this product

    Nov 14,2019

  • Bluetooth? Yes. Bone conduction? NO.
    They look nice and sound pretty solid, but...
    By no means can these be bone conduction. They’re not even all that solid. I dropped one on the counter and one on the floor. After putting the one that fell on the floor back together I’ve realized just how cheaply made they are. Nothing else I’ve ever owned was nearly as cheaply made. At least they sound good.

    Dec 09,2019

  • Nikos
    TWS Bluetooth earphone.
    Good sound quality, easy to pair and use. True wireless. Both earphones work perfectly. Recommended product.

    May 30,2019