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  • Rafaella Carton
    My reviews-Huawei AF15 handheld selfie stick
    absolutely a great handheld selfie stick! we love it so much and it helped us a lot in a distant portrait shot. it has all the features as described on gearbest. Pros:- mini bluetooth remote controller, easy to control ( it's the best feature for me :-)- handheld as a self stick, standing as a tripod ( unbeatable functions, perfect for take photographs during a trip, I didn't want to ask a passer-by to take photos for us, it's a bit embarrassed... :-)- 360 degrees adjustment, your phone rotates at any angle ( emm..it works well...but I will find the best angle from adjusting the tripod so it's not that necessary :-)- collapsible, easy to carry - holds the phone steadily, catch good shots, no shaking in the wind, no blur ( u never know how annoying it could be when u got a holder dancing with the wind...thanks god...it's not the one...:-)you can't believe it!!! but I still have to say, this thing has no cons!!! Well-made quality, Huawei is a really really good brand. Highly recommend this AF15 wireless selfie stick!!

    Mar 17,2019

  • John
    Perfect quality product
    Definitely I love this device. Excellent shipping, good packaging, swift delivery. seller highly recommended . if there is anything high than 5 stars, I would have awarded GB more than five stars... Huawei AF15 stick is probably as perfect as Xiaomi stick, if not better... I have bought it for a half of the price in a special promotion, so huuuuuuge satisfaction and recommended. Thank you Gearbest.

    Jun 30,2019

  • Gilbert
    Best Selfie Stick by Far!
    This selfie stick is worked well right out of box, Easy to use and intuitive. It is awesome, durable and very well made. I love the fact that it has a little remote, that it extends, and video looks nice and stable when walking with it. I used it to take some selfies with me an my horse, dogs, and family. Great product at an amazing price! I'd highly recommend it.

    Feb 20,2019

  • Alexey RG
    Великолепный трипод
    Заказал 4 шт. по акции. До этого заказывал в рознице по цене существенно выше. Отличная штука 2 в 1, но в основном выбирал его как штатив с пультом через блютуз кнопку для спуска камеры. Отличные материалы корпуса и само исполнение, очень компактен. Фирменная наклейка с индификационным номером. Рекомендую!!!

    Jul 06,2019

  • Nikki
    Great for the price.
    Great selfie stick. First, this selfie stick is light and small so it fits well in my purse. Also the legs are stable enough to hold my phone to take pictures. Super easy to set up and use. I have no complaints. Great item, easy to use. Sync with phone was really easy and took no time at all. I love it!

    Feb 06,2019

  • Alexey
    Штатив трипод монопод Huawei Honor AF15
    Качество материалов отличноеКачество изготовления отличноеКомпактный размерАвтономностьФункционалСовременный стильный дизайн Цена под акцию

    Jul 12,2019

  • Менгой
    трипод Huawei
    Заказал трипод Huawei. Нормально дошло. Только упаковали в пакет. Упаковка немного помялась. В остальном хороший качественный продукт. Huawei рулит, но блицвульф лучше.

    Jul 05,2019

  • Менгой
    Huawei рулит
    Нормально дошло. Только упаковали в пакет. Упаковка немного помялась. В остальном хороший качественный продукт. Huawei рулит, но блицвульф лучше.

    Jul 05,2019

  • класс
    Штатив Хуавей
    отличные штативы Huawei(no Honor)пришли быстро, но долго отправлядт

    Jul 02,2019