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  • Freddy Edgar Martinez Vargas
    Buena calidad y muy práctica.
    Estaba en busca de una mochila que me sirviera para el trabajo, llevar algunas cosas y que no fuera muy grande. Esta mochila fue una buena elección ya que tiene el tamaño adecuado para poner todas tus cosas como llaves, billetera, algun almuerzo, una bebida, herramientas y demas, ya que cuenta con 3 bolsas separadas a las que les caben muy bien las cosas que quieras meter.
    La calidad de la tela es buena, cuenta con una buena costura, no se le ven hilos sueltos.
    Me gusta que se puede acomodar el cordón en el lado que mas te guste, aunque del lado derecho es algo incómodo pues la mochila se gira hacia adelante.
    Es genial para cuándo quieres sacar algo sin quitartela, solo la giras y las bolsas quedan perfectamente frente a ti para que puedas abrirlas sin ningún problema.
    Además te protege contra el agua, al menos las dos bolsas mas grandes, a la pequeña si le entra algo de agua, pero en la segunda metí mi celular durante la lluvia y no le ocurrió nada malo.

    Sep 17,2018

    Olá a todos nunca vir nada igual com esse preço. Bolsa de Peito HUWAI JIANFENG 13L, é surpreendente sua resistência para transportar, aprova de água, penso considerando e qualidade de construção, por ter interface para conexão de dispositivos e diversos compartimentos que suporta diversos objetos, facilitar a vida sem falar na cor forte e reluzente, está satisfeito ok obrigado, recomendo a todos.

    Hello everyone never see anything like it with this price. HUWAI JIANFENG 13L Chest Bag, surprisingly resistant to carry, waterproof, considering dressing and build quality, by having interface for connecting devices and various compartments that supports various objects, make life easier without talking in the bright and strong color. , are you satisfied ok thanks, I recommend to all.

    Aug 26,2019

  • Maxim
    Внешне выглядит хорошо, даже отлично. Пошито добротно и если не заглядывать во внутрь, то было бы супер. НО как открыл так чуть не упал от резкого маслянистого запаха. Как будто в нем хранили авто запчасти в масле. Осмотрев рюкзак становиться ясно что воняет подкладка которая вшита во внутреннюю его часть и вынуть ее невозможно. Пробывал проветрить вывернув рюкзак на изнанку на лоджии, но не неделя не две не пока помогают. И самое главное. Внутри по одному карману в каждом отсеке - это очень не удобно. Да есть разъем под usb с проводом, но куда девать power bank - специального кормана под него нет. НЕ УДОБНО И НЕ КОМФОРТНО ОЧЕНЬ !!!

    Вообщем визуальное исполнение на 5 , а функционал на 2.

    Oct 04,2018

  • Jessie .A.
    I have been looking for a bag to use daily for work and when I stumbled upon this one ... it caught my attention because of all the compartments that it has and also to me it looks fashionably simple, within that compartment you are able to store some keys on the top left side, maybe two pens on the right side, once inside you are able to store some pretty good stuff, Still inside this compartment you have two additional compartments ; one of them is like a mesh net pocket with a zipper open and close, On the opposite side is another small pocket that's embedded

    Oct 13,2018

  • Jonathan Panzarella
    I've purchased a size medium and the color that I went with was the coffee color because I was going for that casual look, I bought this bag so that I won't have to carry around a bigger bag, Another reason why is so that I won't lose anything that I own and I won't have to walk around with such heavy pockets, I like it because of all the pockets that make the bag itself quite spacious, I definitely like how you can adjust the straps on the bag so that it is comfortable to where you would like it, I suggest you to buy the large size

    Oct 01,2018

  • Barbara L. Goldston
    it is a great travel bag to carry along with a carry-on, It is the perfect size, and easy to deal with in an airplane seat for the stuff you want to keep handy and not leave in the carry-on stowed away above, The main compartment will hold a light sweatshirt or similar if folded tight, Besides the main compartment there are numerous zippered pockets of varying sizes, The thing that makes it such a good bag for me is the size, Just an incredibly convenient bag for many uses

    Dec 06,2018

  • Klim
    Chest Bag
    Очень хороший рюкзачек.Качество достойное.Ношу на работу.Довольно вместительный.Обычно кладу контейнер с едой размером 150х150х80,планшет 8",очки в своей коробке,бейсболку и кучу шлешек с поуербанком.Всё замечательным образом вмещается.В основном отсеке есть карман под планшет и маленький кармашек для USB кабеля.В среднем также есть кармашек.Вообщем покупкой доволен.Былобы не плохо если бы сделали модель чуть побольше.Чтобы можно было еще поместить дождевик или легкую куртку.А так своих денег стоит.Рекомендую!

    Sep 08,2018

  • Nicholas Lender
    This bag is well made and very versatile, It is a unisex design that would appeal to both men and women, The strap is adjustable so that you can wear it as a regular shoulder bag or as a cross body bag, It is made with high quality materials and closes with a magnetic clasp which keeps it closed nicely, The bag itself is made from canvas but it is much softer than the canvas materials I've had in the past

    Jul 10,2018

  • Carl B Martin
    I purchased this purse for a trip and was very pleased with the amount of stuff I was able to fit in it, The canvas material feels sturdy and I think it will last a long time, I love all of the different pockets because I can easily store a lot of different sized items without them getting mixed together, Needed a wide strap bag to avoid aggravating shoulder problems

    Sep 04,2018

  • L. Raymond Massucco
    I LOVE THIS BAG !!! Its comfortable, Nice design, I search around for a nice small bag where I can carry my cell phone, They all fit and I am happy with the bag that I order, I got the medium one and it is the perfect size to carry around, This bag is the perfect size to carry things to school and many more, If you want to carry a laptop get the large one to carry more stuff

    Nov 17,2018