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  • Arkady Bakulin
    Все дошло замечательно! Надежная упаковка, все аккуратно!
    Флешка работает изумительно хорошо. Подключил к iPad mini, сразу предложила установить программу с AppStore. После установки появился интерфейс, в котором все понятно, хоть и на английском.
    Никаких претензий к флешке нет. Файлы перемещаются и копируются в обе стороны достаточно быстро

    May 22,2017

    16GB i-Flash Drive HD U Disk
    Low price.Excellent low price product. Excellent manufacturing quality and excellent packaging. Very interesting for being plug ang play because it automatically searches for the best APP in APPLE STORE.
    Nothing to complain about. 25/5000
    Nothing to worry about.

    Apr 22,2017

  • Francisco Pastor
    Cumple lo que promete
    Es un muy buen gadget para expandir un poco la memoria de mi ipad air

    Es fácil de manejar y cuando conectas al ipad te pide descargar la app correspondiente

    Lee los formatos tanto de vídeo como de foto

    Puedes hacer Backup de información a la usb

    Dec 30,2016

  • Sklobi
    Update FIRMWARE!!!
    Once you update this product works perfectly fine. iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 6. Very happy now.
    No instructions.
    Had to figure out firmware update on my own. Almost returned.

    Jul 29,2016

  • Saira Ali
    Flash Device HD
    The product is Very user friendly and i can carry it all the times with me.
    Not that i know of.

    Jun 14,2016

  • Susanne
    High Speed 32GB i - Flash drive for iphone
    Getting the load of pictures from my iPhone to the flash drive saving my speed and sluggishness from so much on my phone
    Need to carry drive in order to show pictures to family or friends

    Nov 10,2016

  • Yeny
    Like always it is a pleasure to buy with you. the experience is unique,

    Apr 07,2017

  • Murat
    Fast shipping and trouble to discuss the product in other shop. Thanks Gearbest

    May 05,2016

  • Peter
    Works fine!
    Good quality and very useful! Works fine and allow me to do backups.
    In Ipad may have some gap leading a disconnection.

    Aug 03,2017

  • Alessandro
    I-flash drive 16gb
    Prodotto eccellente, ottimi materiali e facilità di utilizzo. Veloce nei trasferimenti e compatibile 100% con IOS. Spedizione veloce e tracciata
    Nessun problema

    Oct 21,2016