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  • Raimondas
    Useful, smart, silent thing
    Perfect Vacuum cleaner robot. You can leave it cleaning, when you go to the work. The quality of cleaning is good. In areas with no carpet it is perfect. Low height allows cleaning under the furniture. Long spinning side brushes can clean all the corners. We have 5 rooms in our house. The robot can clean them all in random order. It rides from one room to another multiple times in auto mode. Robot can find the way to the load station, when low on battery. The emptying of the trash bin is really simple. It takes just a few seconds. Also you can take out the main brush with ease for cleaning.
    There were additional brushes in the packaging (rubber main brush and 2 side brushes).
    We haven't use the invisible wall yet. Nice to have feature, but not so much useful imho. Maybe if we had stairs...
    Great price/performance ratio.
    Once I found it stuck in the low space corner between furniture. It doesn't clean area 51 :) (I mean half of meter both sides near the wall left and right of the load station).

    Oct 10,2017

  • Nikita
    I am really happy I bought it :)
    I bought it in promo, it took some time to arrive but finally it is here :D
    I have one medium sized dog that is shedding so much. With regular use house looks REALLY good :)
    In the package I could find rubber brush and standard one. Rubber one is always clean, but has less effectiveness to take fur from the carpets - there standard brush is great, but of course you need to clean it after few times :)
    Dust container is filled after every vacuuming, at least in a half. So I feel that my house is cleand quite well!
    I had only one problem that ilife didn;t want to vacuum dark spots on my carpets, but I don;t have stairs so I have covered sensors and now it is perfect ;)
    With one charge I can clean almost whole house (54 square meters), I have a complicated design, with a lot of tihght places and it finds it all :)

    Sep 08,2018

  • Mihai
    iLife A6
    I own the device for one year now. Some of characteristics:

    Autonomy: I never measured and I didn’t feel the need. I’m starting it while on house or when I’m leaving, run smoothly and always find charging base ( two exceptions in one year, once stuck with a sock one with a cable and automatically stopped). It has anti cliff sensors for stairs and infrared barrier.
    Cleaning: very satisfied (I used on the hard floors only but it comes with a rotary brush for carpets)
    Consumables: I didn’t buy additional, it comes with two filters HEPA. Something else not needed.
    Scheduling: remote that’s allows daily schedule only (same schedule every day) this is the only minus.

    Jan 21,2019

  • Alex
    Smart Vacuum
    This little vacuum robot is absolutely excellent. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have it on a timer so that it starts every day at 7pm. It normally goes for around 2,5 hours which is more than enough time to clean our apartment (around 100m) after which point it goes back on its own to charge.
    It cleans VERY well and always manages to pick up dust which you cant even see and the HEPA filter works great too, especially if you have animals.
    I've had this now for around 6 months and i have no issues what so ever.
    I especially love the 'invisible wall' functionality, great for preventing it from going into certain places.
    These are very minor issues but worth noting:
    - Its silent compared to other vacuums out there, but you wont be able to sleep whilst this is working unless you close the door of your bedroom.
    - Be sure to remove ANY lying cables or this will get tangled very quickly.
    - if you unplug the docking station from the mains, it looses its date/time settings so you have to reprogram, although it literally takes a second to do.

    Jan 15,2018

  • art200
    ILIFE A6
    The ILIFE A6 vacuum cleaner is a modern device. Great looks, good parameters and an innovative rubber brush are a good combination. ILIFE A6 is simply great. Long operating time, improved driving algorithm in relation to older models and faster operation further improves its performance evaluation. Of course, controlled on the remote control. An additional advantage is the relatively low price compared to the competition. I would recommend.
    piano black body very much collects dust.

    Mar 18,2018

  • Riva cesare
    Prodotto eccezzionale
    Aspira perfettamente ogni superficie compresi i tappeti dove dà il meglio di sé, l'ho provato anche sul materasso ed anche qui ha aspirato egregiamente.
    La carica completa dura circa quattro ore e torna quasi sempre alla base di ricarica.
    Non si attorciglia con i fili, pulisce ovunque sia sotto i mobili ed i divani sia sotto le sedie.
    I baffetti laterali arrivano nei punti più critici e riescono a togliere la polvere anche da sotto gli zoccolini.
    Il muro virtuale funziona egregiamente così come il sensore anti caduta.
    E' incredibile constatare la quantità di polvere che riesce ad aspirare anche quando non sembra essercene.

    Aug 31,2017

  • Graymoon
    Great comparison between quality and price, with every day usage for 1h (40sq) dust bin is full. No problems with carpets, it can move on without any help to and from carpet. Great features: self docking, virtual wall, 2 kinds of brushes.
    Also looks very good

    Świetne połączenie ceny i jakości, codzienne używanie przez 1 godzinę (40m2), pojemnik pełny. Nie ma problemów z dywanami, sam wjeżdża i zjeżdża bardzo sprawnie. Fajne dodatki: stacja dokująca w której sam się ładuje, wirtualna ściana, 2 rodzaje szczotek w zestawie.
    Wygląda naprawdę dobrze
    It is not cleaning area very close to docking station (not touching docking station during cleaning)

    Nie sprząta w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie stacji dokującej

    Mar 13,2018

  • Eren Jaeger
    The Best
    I was previously had the basic Il iLife model and so I wanted to upgrade to something more elaborate. A6 is an elegant powerful vaccum robot that is able to cover all my needs for an almost 75 m2 house.

    Its easy to program it for automatic everyday use at a constant hour and the best part is that it returns in the initial position - for charging - by itself. I use it on tiles and does a pretty fine job. I would suggest A6 over the other vaccus because it has much power nice baterry, quickness and low noise operation...and most importantly for the way it looks! ELEGANT

    Dec 06,2018

  • Nicola
    ILIFE A6
    Dopo più di un mese di utilizzo posso dire che questo robot è ottimo!
    La durata della batteria è incredibile, oltre le 4 ore!
    Pulisce bene ed è facile da smontare. Certo va tenuto con cura, ogni due/tre cicli di pulizia è bene smontare le varie parti del robot e darci una pulita, ma si fa molto presto.
    Abbastanza silenzioso, cmq non da fastidio.
    Fa concorrenza ai marchi più blasonati e costa molto meno!
    Nella confezione ci sono tutte le spazzole di ricambio e le batterie incluse!
    Il "paraurti" di plastica davanti è rumoroso quando si appoggia ai mobili, ma niente di grave.
    La vaschetta raccogli sporco non è grandissima.

    Sep 22,2017

  • Giulio
    Good cheap Product
    The product does what is supposed to do.
    It's a cheap Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with no ambient mapping, so it run randomly across the room until the battery is low. in that moment it goes on cleaning and tries, always randomly, to go back to the charging station.
    If you want you can schedule the auto play once a day, that's very useful to make it running when you aren't at home.
    It doesn't perform an accurate cleaning but it's a good product if you need to keep an ambient superficially cleaned.
    It doesn't clean the area close to his charging platform.

    Apr 11,2018