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  • Aldo Cintra
    Recomendo demais!
    Esse chegou rápido, pouco menos de um mês. Bem embalado e sem taxa.
    Produto muito bom, funciona como deveria, veda bem e protege seu celular, não só de água, mas de areia, mão com gordura de comida, etc. Uso sempre quando vou à praia ou piscina.
    Gostei da cor, fumê. Mas tem pra todos os gostos.
    Não encontrei nenhum problema. Produto barato, prático e bom.

    Aug 06,2018

  • Royzzz
    l'am so excited for this item...
    A few days ago I ordered this item and it arrived relatively quickly. As for the item is very nice, useful and quality. This item should be owned by every person who likes swimming, water, sea for taking pictures. Mostly satisfied with this item and hope it will serve me. My recommendation to everyone to buy and see the beauty of this product.

    Aug 19,2019

  • Riste
    Waterproof bag for phones
    Very good item to make photos in water, I have tested many times in a sea water more than 3 hours in the water, there is no single drop of water so far. I've ordered many of them and some of them came different style and color, overall I am very satisfied with my orders.

    Oct 10,2019

  • Abdel
    about this item
    1- In order to encourage customers to experience the product, evaluate the seller who has kept his promise and thank him for his services, and continue in the same manner.
    2- The product is of high quality, a wrist strap is durable and suitable for my hands, attractive color, easy to use.
    3-I am satisfied with the service overall.

    Oct 16,2018

  • Ex3m0
    Economica e di qualità
    Buon prodotto, anche se non lo immergerei mai in acqua, lo uso solo per gli spuzzi.
    C'è scritto di metterlo 5 minuti a bagno con dentro un fazzoletto di carta per verificarne l'impermeabilità.
    Nelle foto della descrizione c'è un cinghietto per fissarlo al braccio ma non c'è realmente e nemmeno il passante per fissarlo.

    Nov 19,2018

  • Water Proof Bag for Mobile
    Water Proof Bag for Mobile
    Very good quality relating to the price
    Great item. enough quality for the price. . Good design. Interesting item. I will buy it again Great seller. Very good product, according to the announcement. I recommend 100%!

    Oct 26,2018

  • Владзик
    Waterproof Phone Pouch Universal Underwater Smartphone Cover Case - Black
    Хороший герметичный чехол-пакет, пластик крепления не самый лучший) но не протекает и не пропускает сильные запахи. Рекомендую к приобретению!

    Aug 04,2019

  • ax
    Bolsa Impermeável
    resiste a água evita umidade. muito útil, barata e fácil de usar
    resiste a água evita umidade. muito útil, barata e fácil de usar
    resiste a água evita umidade. muito útil, barata e fácil de usar
    resiste a água evita umidade. muito útil, barata e fácil de usar
    veio amaçada

    Aug 08,2018

    Water proof pouch
    Very good choice. Fast delivery. Good quality. As was described. The pouch close very well. You can see very clear your mobile in it and work it as if it's out of it. I recommend it!

    Aug 13,2019

  • Joao
    very nice waterproof bag
    Cheaper product. Less than one dollar.
    Easy to use.
    Very good waterproof bag. I tested and the waterproofbag kept the cellphone dry.
    i Totally recommend this product.

    Aug 15,2018