SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera
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SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera

- BIANCO EU SPINA 192342802

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Caratteristiche principali:
● Sensore CMOS da 1/4 pollici, risoluzione 720P HD.
● Le lampadine incorporate di 6pcs grandi LED si illuminano.
● Supporta la scheda 32G TF per la registrazione e la riproduzione.
● Funzione di visione notturna di sostegno, distanza fino a 20m.
● Tecnologia P2P, la telecamera è remota dai telefoni.
● La tecnologia a basso tasso di velocità porta rapidamente la velocità di collegamento e l'esperienza di visualizzazione.
● Lunghezza cavo: 3m.



Marca: SV3C
Forma: Pistola Macchina fotografica
Caratteristica Tecnica: Infrarosso,Impermeabile
Tipi di Montaggio: Supporto a Parete
Prestazioni della Fotocamera IP: Rilevazione di movimento,Visione notturna


Wireless: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
Browser Web: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 sopra

Sistema e Info Hardware

Accesso Mobile: androide,iPhone OS
FOV: 120 gradi

Video Immagine Audio

Formato di Compressione Video: H.264
Sensore: CMOS
Dimensione del Sensore (pollici): 4 Gennaio
Frame Rate (FPS): 6 - 12fps
Risoluzione: 1280 x 720
Illuminazione Minima: 0.5Lux
S / N Razione: Oltre di 50dB
Sensibilità Infrarossi: sì

Visione Notturna

Infrarossi LED: 6pz
Distanza Infrarossi: 20m

Ambiente Fisico

Materiale Esterno: Metallo
Ambiente: Fuori Cassa
Impermeabile: sì
Umidità di Lavoro (%) RH: -10 - 85 pct

Dimensioni e Peso

Peso di Prodotto: 0.313 kg
Peso di Pacchetto: 0.550 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 6.50 x 18.20 x 6.50 cm / 2.56 x 7.17 x 2.56pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 20.00 x 11.00 x 10.00 cm / 7.87 x 4.33 x 3.94 pollici

Contenuto della Confezione

Materiale principale: 1 x IP Videocamera, 1 x Manuale Utente Inglese, 1 x Antenna, 1 x Caricabatteria, 1 x CD, 1 x Cavo LAN, 3 x Vite, 3 x Bullone di Espansione, 1 x Chiave Esagonale

SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera - Bianco EU Spina

SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera - Bianco EU Spina

SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera - Bianco EU Spina

SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera - Bianco EU Spina

SV3C SV - B01W - 720P HD Visione Notturna IP Videocamera - Bianco EU Spina

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  • Sheii&Dave
    For the price these cameras are very good, I have one mounted to view my front door and I don't always get an alert when someone is there, the mobile app leaves a lot to be desired but that seems to be a common theme no matter what brand so this isn't a unique complaint about Zmodo, one thing you must absolutely have especially if you are mounting these for outdoor use is a very strong wifi signal or the video feed will drop out frequently because the cameras will be offline, zmodo tech support is awful at best a lot of the glitches I exeperieced I had to figure out on my own

    Jun 02,2018

  • KevinMancy
    The camera was easy to install once I was able to provide a power source within range of the power supply, the alerts are slow as the motion of someone walking takes place before the image is transmitted and misses the cause, I did discover that the camera goes blind at night if a vehicle drives into the driveway and the lights hit the camera, the camera also goes blind if a nearby light such as a porch light comes on, I have ordered a second camera to be used with the knowledge developed from the first camera, for an inexpensive WiFi/wireless camera it does a fair job

    Mar 23,2018

  • A. Ramos
    I have always used axis cameras to ensure reliability and good image quality, I have one of these in my basement right now and it provides nice resolution and clarity, and I didn't even have to install the app on my android phone to set it up which is a big plus for me since I always fear the apps will stop working in the future with newer phones and then I wont be able to set cameras up so it's always nice to have a standalone camera that does not depend on proprietary software to set it up

    Dec 10,2016

  • Mins
    Zmodo smart wireless security cameras - inexpensive quality little wifi cameras, installation key advice : the instructions were missing from my box so watch a youtube and be sure to load the correct zmodo app, the cameras are really great for the price, plugging it into the electric ; I have been able to use the wifi Zmodo cameras for more than security, For those suffering with weak wifi you will need to bump it up with your service provider and or pick up a wifi extender

    Aug 08,2017

  • TonyMac
    Picture quality is pretty good, we get moition alerts but the pictures show nothing on them so there is no way to know what or who set them off, customer service is pretty responsive when you ask a question so that's nice, the app is pretty glitchy but maybe in the future will be better ??? The reviews are half and half so it's hard to make a desicion you just have to try them and decide for yourself if they are worth keeping

    Jul 01,2018

  • ValerieHulon
    I bought these so I could monitor my front door and driveway on my old smartphone next to my computer, the time sync and setup are easy and the free features without the subscription are decent, is that the motion sensing isn't consistent, if someone is walking towards my front door, i'm not too upset about it because I'm seeing a live view on my phone at all times, pretty worth it for live monitoring on smart phone

    Oct 18,2018

  • J. Lowrey
    There's some bad reviews on here but listen, the picture is great for what you're using them for, you can capture a very good image of anyone doing what they shouldn't be doing around your house, the app is a little shaky at times but it's getting better, you need a strong WiFi signal and fast internet, with that and a good connection I am thoroughly pleased with this brand

    Jul 29,2017

  • sam denny
    The price was the lowest I have seen for that quality, they are going to be used elsewhere so I set one up for trial and it had a great picture, my son is a project manager for a large construction company and he purchased four for his construction site and saved a great deal of money by not requiring a man to monitor the site for rain water removal

    Sep 15,2018

  • Straph
    These cameras are the best, all the cameras feel solid, the picture quality is very good in the daytime, although any additional light such as a headlight washes out the image, customer Service is excellent and all the photos that you wish to keep are downloadable, these are the first cameras I've dealt with

    Sep 30,2016

  • Jennifer Chi
    I purchased this camera for a quick, I can also look at the live feed and view my front door from a hundred miles away - I have the option of recording anything the camera is seeing by pressing a button on my phone for later review or providing to authorities, but until then this little camera will do the trick

    Sep 08,2018

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