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You may come to the city for many years, still not familiar with the city, often fell distress by not find the road You may driving at least twice a day , but fordriving , a lot of beauty scenery can not take into account ... ... You may be a car driver, always encounter some drivers who do not comply with traffic regulations ... ... You may know that it is dangerous to answer the phone when driving, but for work .... Why the car as a transport which composition of thousands of parts can not make us feel the intelligence and security? when driving it may encounter congestion daily, and will worry of traffic accident I'm the same with the car owns, want to offer a colorful life for the car and also improve the security 12 years ago,we chose the automotive electronics as our research direction, and strive to build colorful intelligent life for the car. In 2013 we created the Junsun brand, and Junsun always stand in the perspective of the customer to offer the humanized design products, to identify with the customer, to improve the user Experience. Although the road ahead may not be flat, but we have not changed from the beginning.

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  • Excellent video, audio and build quality. I am really satisfied with the product.
  • A very useful device for cars GPS functions and loop recording is great Reverse camera is very clear Prevent your car from damageExcellent product for car
  • Первые впечатления - неплохой аппарат за такие деньги. По сути, это планшет с камерой и gps. Навигацию поставил Навител, так как родная китайская мне не понравилась, SD карту "видит" 64 Gb
  • Good Car GPS Navigator. I found it useful and helpful.
  • Good quality screen resolution and contrast. Good value for money.