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  • Omar Alejandro Pérez
    Es realmente fuerte este servomotor.
    Esta compacto y aun así mantiene su fuerza, es incluso mas pequeño que los servos de 1.6kg. Habituales.
    Los engranajes de metal evitan que se desgaste pronto.
    Viene con muchos cabezales que se le pueden colocar al sevo.
    Necesita una resistencia de 100 ohms en el cable de datos para funcionar, de lo contrario se quema.
    Todo bien!

    May 20,2018

  • Servo Motor
    Servo Motor
    Este servo es muy bueno tiene una buena respuerta con el arduino y se mueve a muy buena velocidad, al parecer como tiene su mecanismo de metal no pierde mucho la movilidad como los servos convecionales, lo recomindo bastante para proyectos pequeños y que requieran algo de fuerza.

    Aug 26,2018

  • Paul
    Micro Digital Servo
    Взял на заказ другу. Как себя проявит, покажет время.
    Подойдет под многие модели 1/18 масштаба.
    Размеры реальные 23.2x12.0x24.8mm
    не известно

    Jan 04,2018

  • Trevor
    Hopefully will be powerful enough for what I have in mind. Wonderfully petite enabling discreet placement and operation without distracting from the experience being enjoyed by all who observe the final product!

    Jun 30,2018

  • DaveM
    Works well
    I bought three of these as they are so cheap and they all seem to work very well. If they are as they say 'all metal gears' then they are good value.

    Mar 12,2019


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    We are happy to hear that you enjoy shopping with us at Gearbest.com.

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    Many thanks!

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    May 30,2019

  • aszti
    Good servo with real metal gears
    It does the job, for 5$ it's a bargain. I use it for WPL RC cars it's a bit smaller than the originals but good enough.

    Aug 17,2019

  • Riaan
    Was able to print me some housing for connecting to flip open blinds works good no issues had to mod it for full rotation

    Mar 13,2019

  • Šteblaj Dominik
    great servos
    powerful servos
    metal gear for longer lifespan
    overall good product
    they need a lot of power so my arduino couldn't handle them
    you must power them with outside source like 9v battery or something like that

    Jul 23,2018

  • J.
    pros - Awesomeness they work great if and when I need more I will order some for sure.

    cons - none

    Jan 16,2019

  • Richard
    JX PDI-1109MG Metal Gear Digital Servo
    Good quality well made and affordable. Fits my 1/18 Rc truck

    Dec 30,2018