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  • Gary
    Decent quality and value
    These LED strips are of pretty good quality, and work perfectly well.A few minor issues that might annoy some buyers:They were shipped in a simple padded bag, causing the reels to be mostly smashed by the time I got them. Fine for me as the end user, but if you are reselling them you might want to ask the seller to box them upThe adhesive was not sticky at all and the strips fell off whatever surface I stuck them too within a minute. I ended up having to remove the soft gummy adhesive and apply the strips with proper adhesive tape.The color matching between strips is very good, I purchased 3x 10m packs, that's 6 x 5m reels and they all match colors excellently.Don't try to run a continuous 10m with 2x 5m lengths connected directly together, you need to power them from the middle with the included double adapter so the maximum length from the controller is only 5m.Using the included controller, when a custom color is set (which you will want to do to tune in a proper white color to match your other lighting) they can not be dimmed. Only the preset colors can be dimmed. If you need a dim custom color you need to set that as is it's own custom color.Since I plan on replacing the controller with an ESP8266 based board for WiFi control, this doesn't affect me at all.Overall, I'm pretty happy with these for the money and may buy more in the future.

    Mar 27,2019

  • Tiago
    good quality and all os working good

    Jul 31,2018

  • Panayiotis michaelides
    Excellent.... money worth

    Nov 09,2018